Sunday, January 6, 2008

Projects to complete for January

I signed on with May Britt and her finishing up UFO's in January so thought I would list what I plan to get finished.

Well, I have one almost finished, except for finishing the binding. That's my Great Niece, Briana's runner. I showed it on Dec. 29 to get an opinion about the binding or border. I quilted it today and sewed the binding on. So that will be done soon.

Second project is an old one. Clear back in Sept. 29 post I showed my Pint Size Thimbleberries club quilt for the year. I've had it pinned and in the basement waiting to get the urge to quilt it. Started it today.

The third one is the newest and our Quilter's Hollow Mystery quilt which I expanded a bit . It's in Jan. 1 post. But was made in the week after Christmas. I have it marked and just need to get it pinned and quilted. Should be able to finish those by the end of the month.

I'm gradually getting the last border sewn together for the log cabin but it will be a while before I get this finished. Don't know if I can tackle quilting it or not. Sure don't want to ruin it.

Things have finally settled down here after the holidays. I even have a new van to drive for a week.

Last week I was bringing DH home from a Doctor's appointment and pulling up to a stop light when a red van pulled cross traffic right in front of me. Fortunately I was not going very fast or we would have really had a mess. I hit his front tire bending it in so much that he had to call a tow truck. He knew he was wrong and didn't want to call the cops. Gave me his name and insurance and said he would report it. It's a wonder that I didn't smash his right side door with his wife on the other side.

Had a badly scratched up bumper but that was about all. At least my DH hadn't seen him before I did and didn't holler as he always tells me when the car two cars ahead had his break lights on. He was very calm about it all and said on the way home, Guess it wasn't to bad as the air bags didn't go off. LOL

So Wed. I took my car into the body shop and they called Enterprise and I got the loaner. All at the expense of HIS insurance. I should get my car back on Wed. Hope I don't have to take DH any place as I doubt that he can get into this van. Boy, it's nice though. Such is life.

Now, Kim has put the links in for me and I need to report that I finished up the binding on that runner for my niece and FORGOT to take a picture. I was so anxious to get it packaged up with the cute Cover Story quilt and mail it tomorrow. So am not going to unpack it. Just have to take my word for it.

I'm in the process of machine quilting the next one. TB Pint size club quilt for 2007 so will probably have that done in the next few days. Thanks for stopping by.


Kathie said...

glad your ok and the accident was very minor.
good luck on your finishes!
I Love that other bloggers are encouraging each other to finish projects and use their stash before buying any more!
I love all the inspiration from blogs too!

pudge's girl said...

what an adventurous life you lead. You will have to post a picture of that new quilt. I will be watching from Colorado. Glad you both are well, Mary