Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Around Town

Yesterday, I had to go down to the Post Office and the Library so decided to take my camera and get an update on the Hotel which is being renovated. I had shown you pictures in an earlier blog and told the history about this old hotel

So they have that one side which is half stone and half brick, all wrapped in this blue plastic and I believe they are cleaning the stone and brick. They did that on the front last week. Probably will replace the rotted window frames also.

From there I went about 2 blocks towards Keedysville to see the new Library

This was taken from the road. It is on land that was a farm that the city bought to increase the size of the park, which is behind the building or will be when this part is developed.
Isn't this a gorgeous building. ? Been sitting there like this since Christmas when they were suppose to move in. Someone really goofed. They had the carpet laid before the inside was finished and when they went to finish it , the carpet was in the wrong places. Soo. They have had to wait for the factory to run this pattern again. They are saying February. Sure looks like you could go right in.

I drove up around it , Should have gotten a closer view. See all the parking signs are up trees planted, grass growing looks great and stands empty.

This will be a great place for this little town.

Now we are on a snow watch for tomorrow. I have been waiting for a big one that I could get some good snow pictures to show.

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atet said...

What a beautiful library -- and what a BIG goof. Here's hoping the new building is up and running soon!

Kairle said...

It sure will be wonderful once things are straightened out and the library is up and running. Thanks for the little tour of your area.