Friday, October 25, 2013

Edit from the last one

I know it has been a long time since the last time I wrote something on here . I have had a hard getting in here. Seems the button I have on my laptop hasn't worked and it was the key to getting in here. Finally this morning while fooling around and trying to get in I did. Now will save it to my favorites.

I have finally finished my Easy Street completely. I had it machine quilted on a long arm. Just too many tiny pieces. It is now on my Hubbies bed. Since Bonnie is starting another mystery soon I want to be able to show the progress if I get a new camera or phone. That's what I want to get. Now will try to get a couple pictures from Picasa.

I must  continue this from the last post as this part was deleted some way. That is just blogger. As you see I finally figured out how to get pictures in and hope I will not forget. Will try not be more than a week before I post again so hope you will come back as I have more pictures to show you and some more to tell you .

See you again soon  and just one more picture. This is a finished wall hanging which I finished for my niece Roann that lives outside Colorado Springs on a Homestead that they are now building a home . Jim , her husband is doing most of it himself starting with the logs and making them into what needs to be made. They are coming along pretty good. She also has traded for three Llamas and wants to spin the wool. I want her to put this in her new rustic home. I have quilted it on the machine.
////////////////This is about it for now . Will be back soon.