Monday, April 22, 2013

Easy Street finished

 Finally I have gotten back here. Was able to get this pictures uploaded from Picasa  so to catch you all up to my going ons.  I love Bonnie Hunters  mysteries this one is my favorite. I have the top ready to get it quilted and will probably get it machine quilted by the lady that does the Kids Quilt. She does a good job and then turns the money into the kids quit materials.  She has done the one that I did from my husbands shirts and the last mystery I did Had asked my daughter how I should border it and she said to finish the chain on the border so I made more of the blocks and this is the finished product.
 I was looking through my drawers to see what I had and found these blocks dated 1997. I had won them at the Bowie Guild before I quit it. We used to make a block a month and those that made one had their name into the pot. One of the ladies that had signed has since passed away. She was older than I so really wanted to get these into a quilt. Love the way it turned out.  It really needs to be hand quilted so might see about doing it next.

I am just finishing hand quilting the log cabin that I took to Colorado while visiting my son. Had to have something to do while he was at work. Love the way it is turned out and have had it signed up for the quilt show in June. Have just one side of the border to finsih and then the binding which I have made with scraps. A picture when it is finished.

 This is the last Kids Quilt top I have made. We had a meeting last Saturday and this is the kit I started. Had to bring it home to finish. Have also two more kits and one of which I made and plan to quilt myself. Love having this to do along  with trying to get some UFOs finished up. At least some of them

We are having a COLD spring. But at least have had enough warm to bring out the bulbs and he Dogwoods. Some of the little ones that we have protected after moving here are blooming. It's a good thing as the old one keeps loosing limbs during the winter and am afraid it is getting very old.

Hope some of you at least come back to read this. Will try to keep this going now since I have found the right buttons to get the pictures in. 
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