Saturday, December 29, 2007

One down and one to go

Boy am I behind, This week has gone so fast and It has been so much fun. Before the family came on Wed. I finished up quilting this baby quilt for my Great, great niece in Colorado. It is one of the Cover Story printed tops that Thimbleberry came out with this fall. I just thought it would make a cute gift and could be used or hung. I know her grandmother is making her a quilt but it might be awhile till it is done.
I've had it quilted but the sections around the stars and above the soldiers needed some meandering and I hadn't gotten to do that yet. Scared really. I'm new to machine quilting. So finally went for it. Isn't the best but will be OK. So this is for Samile.

This next is a runner in progress. These are the leftover blocks from the quilt my great niece, Samile's Mother Briana made and I quilted it for her this summer. She had sent everything with it. I used some of the extra blocks for pillowcases for her but thought these would make a neat runner for her dresser. Then what to do. This is what I came up with. remembering how neat the braid looked that Kim made.
Then I didn't know whether to put on another border or not. Here's the rest of the binding laid around it.
It's about 3 inches wide and I think distracts to much. So think I'll just bind it with that. Pin and quilt as it is. What do you all think? Any suggestions?

Tomorrow I hope to talk a little about our Christmas. Have pictures
of my whole family. The first that they have all been here together and might be the last time. So see you tomorrow.


dot said...

I personally like the border. It just seems to complete the piece for me.

Kathie said...

I like the border too, the blue is just so pretty.
I would cut it down just a bit though....
what a great way to use the leftover blocks.
I love the braid border...perfect!
I still have to try that on one of my quilts.

pudge's girl said...

Once again, what a lucky family you have. That baby quilt, too cute and not your typical one. And the runner, that braided border makes it. As to the second border, how wide does that make it, dresses are usually not very deep. I think I would use the blue for binding also.