Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Penny is Smart

I have my June quilt finished but want some input with it. This is the way the pattern was. Finished with the plain border. This is Recess by Schnibble. One of two that was given for this month for La Petite.

This is what I had thought about when starting this project. I have used double charms from the latest Thimbleberries fabrics. Had ordered this blue because I liked it. Then not to sure it needed the extra border. Does it distract?

I have not sewn the blue on yet but I think the longer I have it up on the board the better I like it. Sinta you may use which ever one you like.

I had a visit by my daughter this past weekend and since school is finally out she stayed though Monday. Sunday evening I had eaten my Activa yogurt and since Penny had shown a liking to this I have let her lick the package. She started this a few weeks ago and Sunday night she did it while my daughter was here and I quickly showed her my camera and knowing I could take a movie she took this.

Now hope it looks better than the way this picture came up. That is not good of me and my hand, really shows my age, but look what Penny does. I think she is so smart.You can make it larger.

We have been having a tipical spring, summer is here now with 80-9os. Thank goodness for AC so I don't mind it till I go outside. I even got some local friends to come and mow all my weeds. Looks nice now. I can do the touch up now with my weed whacker.

This Recess was fun to make. Easy cutting the strips off the double charms. Just had to cut about 2 inches off the end. Think I will have to sew those pieces together and do something with them.

Just waiting now for the time to start packing for my cruise. We have a meeting on the 29th and then will find out the itinerary and just what we need to take. Going to Fairbanks and then down to Ankorage and get the ship and cruise down along the coast to Vancover. Fly home from there. I'm sure I will have more about this later. If I can continue to upload pictures so I can find them with blogger.

Thanks for stopping and seeing what my Penny can do. Does your cat do this?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Trying Again to Post

Ah, Finally I have gotten a few pictures uploaded. It's been a while since I have posted because of getting my pictures into the right place. I have been busy and last week end spent it at the Annapolis Quilt show that my daughter and I used to always help and took care of the Country Store. So I rejoined, mainly to get to go to their retreats. They have two. One in the Spring , which happened to be the same weekend as my Granddaughters graduation in Florida. Of course I had to go to that. Then one thing I could do was help with the show. I have a widow friend that lives in one of the retirement homes and I called to ask if she was going to be home and would like some company. Then one in the fall.
This is one of the many wonderful quilts. It is typical Balitmore Album quilt and is hand appliqued and quilted. There was another one almost as beautiful which had been machine quilted and looked like hand
This is one that I put in called Rose Star. It is completely hand made of all feed sacks, including the backing. I don't know if you can see the quilting if you click to make it larger. The white pieces are completely solid with quilting

Look at this one. Machine quilted but great work. Sorry I didn't get the whole quilt but guess I wasn't back far enough.
This is one of the last little quilts I made out of half square triangles that were cut off the ends of others when making our friendship quilt. I sewed them together before cutting, like Bonnie Hunter has suggested doing. This picture has also been cut off. It has the sawtooth all the way around. It is all Thimbleberries and I machine quilted it. The hearts in the solid blocks was a template that I transferred and sewed free motion.

I have been busy making baby quilts. Three this summer, two boys and a girl. Should make another boys. Besides I have 5 of the kids quilts all finished with the bindings done. Have a meeting next week at the leaders home to work so will take these to her. I did find some kids prints at the quilt show to make some more.

But now I have been busy with doctor appointments. Just this week have seen two eye Doctors. My Retina specialist that I see twice a year to keep check on my Macular and then the other to see about a change to my glasses or get this cataract off. They could get some change in my glasses so will get them and wait until next year maybe to see about the surgery.

Then it will be time to concentrate on packing for my Alaskan Cruise. Can't wait. Poor Penny will not like it when I leave her again. After I am gone for a couple days, I can't sit down in my chair without her climbing into my lap. Doesn't work very good when I have the laptop on my lap. But at least she is now MY cat.

We have had some really nice weather but no rain until last night I guess there was quite a storm but I didn't hear it. Good to be a heavy sleeper. Suppose to get more tomorrow. My daughter will be up for the weekend . Hasn't had time for over a month. She is out of school and now has big plans for the summer also. Hope a little with me.

This is it for today. Maybe I can get some more of these pictures in now. Looks like blogger has changed a little again but hope this will be OK. Am busy getting this months little quilt made for the Pink Pinchuson. I'm suing Thimbleberries this time. Thanks for stopping by.