Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday Night Sew In

This is a little block, picture I made from a baggie full of scraps. My stylised Christmas Tree.
Now to the blocks for my version of Virginia Bound. I think I will have to rename it Maryland Bound as that is where Hubby was from and I went to as a young bride. I am using his shirts as he left us almost 2 years ago after too many years  of hurting too much.

So this is what I finished yesterday. The last three pieces to complete these four blocks. Have 16 complete blocks to go.

Now this is what my sewing table looks like. I have a Featherweight in it's table and an extension table. This is in front of my porch windows. Next is a big board on top of two sets of plastic drawers for storage of fabric and next to that is a 6ft. table for cutting. Makes a nice quilting porch. Of course at the end my TV etc.

Nice mess but workable. I have all the strips in this bin and the lid.

This is the Schnibbly quilt for this month. I used fabric from a plate of Patisserie which Carrie Nelson sent as a prize a couple of months ago. This is called I,S,T,H. Miss Rosies Name.

Posted by PicasaThe black amd setting fabrics are Thimbleberries. The red just out of my stash. I really like this little quilt. Thanks Carrie.

Maybe I have got through this post without loosing a picture. I still had a cute picture of Penny but maybe another post.
They have been calling for snow here with this big storm coming from Texas but now think it is going out the coast. What a crazy winter we have had. Hope to get out sometime today and rake some leaves. Can do a little at a time. So hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Friday Night Sew In

I just have to show you the completed Orca Bay quilt on the bed. Of course it still has to be quilted. But that will come later.This shows the border which I really like.
As you  see I have joined in with the Friday Night Sew In. Kim talked me into it. So if you want to join in go to Hand Made by Heidi to sign up Starts on the 17th.
Here's one of the things I will be working on. My Strings with my hubby's shirts that I started at the Workshop last week with Bonnie Hunter. It is fun but the stuff takes up a lot of room so put it up for this week as I needed to sew something else I needed to sew up. But tomorrow night I will be making at least one of these blocks.Need three to complete these 4 blocks
This is my Schnibble which is this months little quilt to make. for the Pink Cushion quilt show the last day of the month. This needs to be sewn together and the picture is sideways. Well the last picture left so that will come later.

See you at the sew in.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Orca Bay and Workshop with Bonnie

This is the finished Thimbleberries quilt I got in Kansas City last year while at retreat. I loved the blue fabric so figured I would like the quilt  which I do very much.

Then below is the finished Orca Bay mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter gave after Thanksgiving, It has lots of fabrics but what fun waiting to see what comes out. She is so fascinating to watch her mind work with strips. So fun to be in a workshop and then listen to her when she stands before at least a 100 quilters at the Annapolis Guild on Monday night.
Well you now know that I attended a Workshop for Virginia Bound. A quilt shown in her first book. When my Daughter had looked through the book which I had gotten from Bonnie when it came out, she had really liked it with the shirtings. We had decided to cut up my husbands cotton shirts as this is what he wore during the summer.
This is a picture I got when she started the workshop and had us gather around her to show how she made the template to mark off the kite shape to mark on the paper  so we could sew strips. Then this is a couple of the blocks that I made. It won't have the variety of prints that she has as my husband was very consertative, so no bright colors. We decided we had to use a couple reds, sorry George.
This is really fun and a little harder as most of his shirts are permapress so has acrylic . Just have to be careful with hot iron.
Posted by PicasaThis is how they go together and will need 20,blocks and then a nine patch border with stars in the corner. This will be my main sewing project for the next few months.

I will be going to Colorado to visit my son for almost a month in April. My last granddaughter will be graduating from Collage the first part of May. She is the only one so far that is going to be a teacher. Right now is doing her pactice teaching in elementary school up close to where she was raised so is living at home this semester.
Sorry I have been so long blogging but this machine gets to me sometimes. I plan on taking it along to Colorado so will try and keep in touch. Thanks for stopping by.