Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sunday Desert

Did you see this in the Sunday Parade magazine? It really caught my eye  and when my Daughter came up this past weekend she looked at it and said that a friend had made it and was really good. It is a flourless cake. Yes, Just choc, 4 eggs, 1 cup of sugar and 3/4 c. of butter. The eggs are separated and the whites beaten to peaks. This is the hardest part.
I didn't have the semi sweet Chocolates and she offered to go to the grocery store to  get some.So I made it. We did one mistake though. It said to cook for 40 min. at 300 degrees which we did but-- missed seeing to check for doneness with a straw. OOPS
Well this is what it turned out like. The top is crusty and you turn it over and the top should be a little soft but not as soft as ours.  After we put it in the fridge it hardend up and is really good.We enjoyed it
.I am a sucker for sunsets and this was Sunday evening. It really was redder than the picture shows but the sky was so blue. This evening was even prettier but didn't take it. Today we had about 65 degrees outside and it was beautiful. Spring is here, maybe almost until the weather report for a few days from now. After all it is still February.

I even raked some leaves up in the front yard. Saw that the bulbs were starting to come up and raked the leaves off them. Don't want them 6 inches deep. I didn't get any leaves raked in the fall so there are a lot out there.
Then decided it was too nice to go in so got my  book and went down in the yard to my rocker and read for about an hour. It was so peaceful and the sun was coming in just enough to keep it warm.

On the quilty side I have finished my Sweet Spot Schnibbles for the Mini this month. I thought I had kept the label of the charms but now can't find it. This was fun to make. I had all the blocks made and up on the board and my daughter arranged them for me. So this is it.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Penny Is Mine

First off is the quilt top I finally finished. The blocks were meant for a retreat our group was going to in Ohio this past year , so is called Road to Ohio ,but it had to be canceled . I had to finish the quilt anyway. It is all Kansas Toubles fabrics and the sawtooth border is made mostly from charms I received from Carol , of Carols Crafts in a giveaway a year or so ago.
I have also pieced the backing from a lot of scraps. Hoping to get it machine quilted in the following months.
Finally Penny has found a resting place in the living room. This is a drop leaf table that I have in front of the picture window with a spool cabinet. I used to keep glass on it and also had little glass toothpicks on the window sill. But knowing cats like to look out the window I moved them and all the glass so she could get up there via the chair.
A couple days ago I saw her get up here and looking out the window. Walked around the back and laid down like this on the other side of the spool cabinet. I didn't have my camera on me then. So Yesterday I did and took this.
Then the special thing this morning when I woke up, here she was up around my head purring. I had been trying to get her to come and sleep with me but she hadn't gotten up on the bed when I was around. So I think she has finally accepted me as her friend.

This is anouther mystery that our Hollow friends did right after Christmas. It is a Thimbleberries pattern for several years ago that the gal half sized. All Thimbelberries fabrics of course.
If you click on the picture you can see that the zig-zag is flying geese. Tiny.

I am working now on the new Schnibble's Sweet Spot for the Pink Cushion Monthly Mini's. I have all the blocks made, just need to square most of them up and sew together.
Minis are fun to do and don't take so long.

We still have some snow and it has been very cold the last few days but they say 50 for Sunday and the first of next week. I know you friends out in the midwest are sure getting it again.
Thanks for stopping by and will talk to you again in a few days.
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Kid's Quilts

I had a picture here of Penny and while I was writing last night all of a sudden it and some of the letters left. So I left to come back today to see if the picture might be here. Nope , So just imagine a picture of a black and while cat sitting on a chair.  
A couple weeks ago I went to a Kids Quilt meeting to sew and get to know some of the other women. It was fun and this quilt with the pinwheels is the one she was doing that day. Since this group all started by some women wanting to learn to sew so the lady that started it said she would teach them , IF they made some quilts for the kids. So each month she designs a quilt and cuts all the fabrics and she then teaches them the new things for this pattern. So the Pinwheel was the first for them. I had a little trouble after trying to finish it. Her border and the blue that is the sashing wasn't enough. I finally decided to put the yellow cornerstones in the middle and then the blue worked. That fabric has Disney Characters.

Well another picture left. I have never had this happen before on here but it was a picture of another quilt made with bricks.  Have two  of them finished and have decided to let her quilt them when I found out how she does it on her long arm. Loading three at the same time and quilting across them all at the same time.
Now I had to show you our last snow storm. This wasn't near as bad as the mid-west or north but the trees were loaded with snow. No that is not Penny  looking out the window. I took this out one of my porch windows and that's just some of the stuff I have on the window sill.

I have some other quilts that are finished to show you but since I can only load 4 at a time I will put them on the next blog. Hopefully not very long. Thanks for stopping.