Saturday, March 27, 2010

Springtime and Flowers

To start with I wanted to show you what I did with this little quilt. I found some more HST so wanted to finish this out with all four borders. It sort of looked unfinished the other way. Hope to get it quilted soon.

Hubby has been home again from 4 days in the hospital and now is really doing very good. Still needs to get rid of more fluid and this will always be a problem. So I don't get as much sewing time in. But I did get something finished that I wanted to show and tell about.

When I first got a Web TV back in the late 90s I was on a couple different groups and did a lot of swapping blocks and Round Robins. Don't hear much of those any more in the blogs.
The biggest and best group I was on was Larrisa's, She was in Texas I believe. Did several with her and can't remember the date but probably was 2000 early. One of the fabric company's came out with all of the States flowers in fabric. Lushest colors. So it was suggested that we do a swap using these fabrics. Each one would pick a state they wanted to do. They were to get a stamp of the state that would fit on a 6 inch square, with the things that the state represented. if possible. So figuered this would be fun and what a quilt I would have. Of course I choose Maryland with the Black-eyed Susan. I also ordered a set of Fat Quarters of all the prints to help complete the quilt.

Finally, after at least 8 years I can say the quilt is done. It is a queen size so hard to photograph without a large bed to put it on so I made do with the tables in the basement. Can't get a full view but good enough probably if you click to enlarge.
I added to each block which is a color that goes well with the flower of each state and the center square was to be made into a square in square with the flower on the outside. I added a color as close to the center as I could get. Then added a strip of the flower fabric to two sides of each block. I thought it worked out pretty good. The only problem was I had one block to many . That is Hawaii and it is on the back.

Then I used all the prints in the piano keys border. Then came the back. How to use up those Fat quarters? Yes, I pieced and pieced and ended up with a wild backing. Even used up the piano keys I had left over.

The Hawaii block is in the right corner. I have a closeup of  this here.

I have finished quilting it this morning with free motion around all the states figures in the middle of the blocks. Had done the binding first and used a variety of the prints for it. I still have some of those fat quarters left.

Now I'm wondering if there are any bloggers out there that were in this list all those years ago and have ever completed this quilt. Be interesing to see how someone else finished it off. Any one seen one? 

This is my Spring Flowers to you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St.Patty's Day

Gee, and I don't have anything green to show. Just couldn't think of another heading. Since it is March 17 what else.

I have been a little slack on getting on with that mystery quilt I was making, but it is finished. Well the top is. See how those blocks went together. Really not like most Thimbleberries quilts with the colors but I really like it. Even my daughter liked it. In the picture it really shows the blues in it. If you click on it you can see the prints. They are all from the new Jelly Bean line. Even down to that black licorice. My favorite.

One of the reasons I havn't had time to blog for a few days, Hubby had to go back to the hospital on Sunday. His kidneys weren't working like they should and he was starting to retain fluid. Bad thing. So They have put him through a series of Dopamine IVs and has to be watched so has been in PCU . Is suppose to be moved up to another floor and get some PT. But he will be coming back home this time not to rehab. He has not lost his strengh so will be fine.

So with a free week I have been trying to get some things finished.
This is the second Schnibble's I've made with this pattern. It's the same as the blue and yellow one I made earlier. This was made with a plate of Moda Collection for a Cause. I liked the reds .

I have also joined up with the Jelly Roll challenge as you can see from the button on the side bar. Wanted to show you the first two blocks I have made.
This is the first one,
 I had gotten a jelly roll of Kansas Troubles Butterflies and will be using that for all the blocks along with a lot of different  white on whites that I have collected. This is the second one. She lists a pattern on the 1st and 15th of each month.

You can still join in if you want . Just click on the icon and it will take you to her blog.

This week has been so beautiful. We had rain the first of the week and then warm. 60's finally. Today I got out and raked up a bunch of of loose limbs, leaves, acorns etc from the front yard. Then had to check on the perennial bed at the back. Lots of dead leaves so got the rake and clean it up so now all those flowers hiding under ground can come up and bloom. There are daffodills which will probably bloom later in the week and the lilies are coming up also. Oh and the leaves for the Naked Ladies are coming up also. Can't wait for Spring to really get here.

I finally finished quilting a quilt from way back. Want to get binding made and on before I show it. It was one of the first good swaps I was in at least over 10 years ago.  So stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Is Here - I Hope

Spring is here. The very first wildflowers are in bloom. Course the leaves and branches need to be picked up.
The ground was just opened up from heavy snow here. Needs lots of raking to look better. 

This is the first crocus in my front yard.

Here are two more of the four blocks making up this quilt. The first one was in the previous post.
Now here is a partial setup so you can see just what is happening with these blocks.

One more block to finish this off and then it can be sewn up. There are two inner borders and a large outer border.

The week has been busy and not much time for sewing, Now I can't seem to get this to do what I want   it to do. I'm sure it is me and not this new Editor. If I knew how to use it .

This is where I wanted to go so now will see how it sets up.

Hubby has been working on a project in the living room. Don't know what the outcome of it will be but it is keeping him busy and me running for stuff for him to use. 
We have also had a trip to the hospital to get a catherter changed and today to another Dr for a checkup.. Tomorrow we will go back and see his dentist and try to get  this new set of teeth fixed or replaced with ones that fit better.
Then I also am going swimmig on Mon. Wed. and Fri. mornings and that does take a lot of my time but well worth it. We have a lady come in to stay with him while I go. It gives me some relief from this caregiving job. But he has tried his best to do as much as possible for himself.

I do want to try and get this Jelly Bean Mystery quilt finished soon. Thanks for stopping by. Hope this is readable.              

Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Block Finished

The very first thing we had to do was make all these Half Squared triangles. Notice all the different colors and prints.

Here's the first block. Each one is different and you have to be very carefull as they each are a big piece to this puzzle.

Now this shows all three blocks to this set. Same block but different borders.
I must say the colors are really bright and I probably wouldn't have put them together myself. But fun to do something different.

I am happy to get a couple days now of no big running around, except I had to go grocery shopping  yesterday. Hubby wants things he hasn't had for way over three months so today I am trying something new. Sea scallops sauted with mushrooms, and red and green peppers. From what I have read some butter will do the trick. Also want to put some baked apples in the oven. We always had roast chicken and baked apples on Sunday. But now Hubby has had all the chicken he wants for awhile.

Back to my sewing although I might get my shoes on and go outside for abit. Looks like Spring is coming but my perennial garden will take a lot of cleaning up, after all the snow is gone.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's Jelly Roll Time

My very first block for the Jelly Roll Sampler. I got a Kansas Troubles Jelly roll to make my quilt. It's called Butterfly Garden so will be anxious to get it opened and see all the different prints.
This one I made using a strip I had from the batch of scraps I won from Carol about six months ago. I am using a variety of White on White fabrics that I have collected. Good way to finally use some of them

The first week with Hubby home has been a challenge. He really is doing very good until he wakes me up twice in one night. But I had him out to our regular doctor this afternoon and it was a very nice day to be out and about. Stopped at the local Chinese resturant for a take out supper which was very good and Hubby ate a lot for a change.

These are the set of blocks I have made with the Thimbleberry Jelly Bean Mystery quilt which I started the first of the year doing 3 blocks a month.
Now I have received the final set of instructions to finish the quilt.
Lots of cutting to do first and now with Hubby home I don't have a lot of time to spend in the porch. I thought I would take pictures in finishing this quilt for you

This is the second Schnibbles I have made. I used the plate of Collection for a Cure instead of a charm set. Very different from the blue and yellow one I made from the charms that Kim sent me for Christmas. I still need to sew the side pieces on and it will be done. Maybe this weekend I can get some sewing done. Will be back

Thanks for stopping by.  Will update as I get this mystery quilt going.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Ides O March

Where did Feburary go? The last few weeks have been so busy and then this snow. Hubby was in the hosptial for 10 days then back to rehab and now finally this past Saturday I brought him home.

Was looking for a picture to show which wasn't all that snow outside but this is what I have hanging in the window in the basement porch. The pot of geraniums which I have hanging outside in the summer. brought them in for the winter and never before have had them bloom like this.

I also found out they had a new type editor for blogger so changed to it and now maybe I can put a picture where I want it. Neat.
This is one of the projects I completed this past couple weeks. Using some charms I saw this setting which was from Kansas Troubles and it worked out perfect for the Island or in the middle of my table. These are Thimbleberries which is what I use most of the time.

I am also working on the TB club blocks. Have the first 3 months done. I am in a online club and she sends 3 months at a time to save money for both of us. I think I am really going to like this one.

Then I'm also working on another Schnibble's like the blue and yellow one . This one is using a Moda plate I had bought, the Collection for a cause. Will show a picture when I get it completed.

Kim has talked me into doing the Jelly Roll Sampler Sew in which is an ongoing block, 2 a month. So have ordered a jelly roll  from Fat Quarter Shoppe of Kansas Troubles. I have background fabric in that to use. I have the first pattern printed out so can get busy on that as soon as the Jelly roll arrives. Also have to learn how to grab the button and where to put it. Help, Kim.
Just another view of my house after the last one and this is my neighbor Rusty's tractor. He really did a great job.  Just see the mailbox and paper box. A good 2 feet on the roof.

Now hopefully Spring will be right around the corner.

So far things have been OK with Hubby being home. We had to go out today to get his pacemaker checked. He is still on the thinking of the nursing home. Wanted me to get him dressed in bed this morning like they always did there. He has to learn he is now at home. Should be getting an aide coming to give him a bath. Just something I don't care to do.

It was funny though last night after I was asleep about an hour he called. He was all wet with Mountain Dew. Had gone to sleep with a small bottle opened in his hand. Well of course it tipped and the whole bed and him had to be changed. At least I got to sleep until 6 when he woke me with his TV. Such is life. Not free to sit and sew or quilt any more. But at least he is doing much better. Sorry I have been so long. Maybe I will do better now that I know about this new editor.  Thanks for stopping by.