Monday, October 8, 2012

An Explanation

The last blog was created at Picasa and then it left before I could get anything written.
I know it has been a long time since I posted. Just haven't tried to get pictures uploaded so forgot about it. This afternoon I had a few pictures I wanted to show and found the way to do it and guess I didn't so it right. When I came into blogger I see that the one I started with the pictures had been published. So this is what the pictures are.
The first picture is the compeleted top that I had brought from my nieces in Colorado. Someone had given it to her to finish and she doesn't have the time. So I brought it home to finish. The colors are really better than the picture shows. I had never made a bargello quilt so I wanted to finish it. Hard to tell when it will get quilted.

The second picture is of my great-niece and her family from California. I was surprised with a short visit from them,. They are traveling the US mainly focusing on things for the kids. She home schools them. They are picking out  beanie babies for each.

The next pictures show the quilt I am quilting now on the Juki. It is blocks swapped with my online Thimbleberries group and I can't remember the name of the block. Wanted mainly to show Kim. The closeup shows how I am quilting the blocks. When I finish them I will change to free motion the pattern I have marked on the alternate blocks. Can't work on this to long at a time as it is hard on the arms moving the quilt around.

I have been doing alright. Busy the next couple weeks with two quilt retreats. This Thur, will fly out to Kansas City for a retreat with the TB group which has branched out into Civil War and Kansas Troubles. All simalar fabrics. But we have been going for well over 10 years.
Then the following week is the Annapolis fall retreat at West River. This is mainly why I rejoned the Annapolis guild. They have one in the Spring and Fall. I missed the spring one while I was in Colorado visiting my son.

I really haven't even been visiting my regular blogs. Haven't gotten a good list on this laptop. Just me not knowing how to do it or remember how. The problems of being old.
Thanks for visiting and I hope to do better. Fall is really coming now. The leaves are falling and the dogwood trees are all red. That;s the best color we get.


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