Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Back, Finally

Sorry  have been so long in blogging but I have had  very serious back surgery and I just couldn't get back to this right away. I have come a long way now and maybe I can get back in the groove, If I can get my pictures uploaded again.
Just wanted to show you first ,the last quilt I finished hand quilting.It is the end of all the star blocks we swapped a few years back. I really like these setting blocks of Courthouse Square. This is all Thimbleberries.

Now a little more about my surgery. I was surprised to get this going so quick. Then when they got in it was a lot worse than the Dr. expected. It involved all the lower vertebrae from 5 down. He ended up putting in a rod, screwing vertebrae together and putting in what they called 3 cages which were filled with  bones and would , we hope, meld in with the other bones.

I am still using a walker but can stand good and have taken a few steps. I just started what will be a month of more serious Physical Therapy. Hopefully will be able to drive in a couple weeks.

I have not felt like doing  anything. I spent one week in the hospital and the rehab as I had no one at home to take care of me. Then I had bladder problems and the day I was suppose to go home the Dr. noticed my blood count had gone down and gave me 2 pts. of blood. That made me feel much better. Now I just want to get out and sit in the sun but I can't get down  there. I need to get this mess of pictures in a place that I can upload them. I finished the last Kids Quilts and delivered it today. Had a picture if it and one of the Jelly Roll quilt on the board in the setting I'm using.

Enough and probably more than you wanted to know. Hopefully  will be back sooner than before.