Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Roll Roll Cotton Boil

This is what it looks outside right now. Hard to tell how much we might get this evening. Had a couple inches this morning then it let up and started again about 3PM.
It's been a while since I wrote but I have been busy . Just wating to finish quilting a couple quilts. This is a Schnibble quilt whose name has gone from my mind. I just need to cut the binding for it.
This is the one that has taken me a while to get done. I am not sure if you can see the border stitching or not. It is a running feather and since I am not good at this type of thing free moiton, I used the paper pattern. The draw back is on this where so many stitches are done over each other and some paper stays in the stitches. I plan to wash this as soon as if get the binding on and hope the little pieces disapear.
These blocks were from a Friendship swap in my online group. Am glad to get it finished.

More so about this next quilt. Bonnie's Mystery. It was a bear. W0nder if Bonnie counted how many pieces are in it. Roll Roll Cotton Boil.

It is very large. The porch is 7 foot high and there is another foot on the floor. The thing that I've been working on this past week is that border. It is wonderful but--- Really sets the whole quilt off . Am very happy I made it.
Bonnie calls the pieces for the border Parallograms. 3 squares with triangles on each end. Then set so they are sewn with am straight edge. There are 39 of those on the side , a few less for the top and bottom. But the way she has you do the corner is perfect. Maybe you can see it better by clicking on the picture.

Now maybe I can get back to some of the Kid's quilts whose kits I have. Also been Helping my neighbor. She has a foot and leg in a cast and He needed to get to his job. He is a contractor and had men out working. Also was tired of his new job of taking care of her. So I have gone over for a couple hours at a time to relief him. Well today He told the men to stay home. It's a good thing. He did finally get out and cleaned his driveway and then mine but now they and the road are covered again.

So the best thing to do is stay in and sew. and play on the laptop. Thanks for visiting.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mon Ami & Penny

I'm finally getting around to showing my Mon Ami quilt for January for the Mini group. Will send it on to be shown in the Quilt show at the end of the month. It was fun to make using a Schnibble pattern

Then Penny is finally making herself at home. It was almost two weeks before she would stay in the living room very long. This is her stretched out on Geo's lift chair. She still won't sit on my lap unless I lift her and then she is ready to get down as soon as I let go of her.
This shows her stealing a little monkey that I keep on these baskets. This is the baby that goes with the Mama that McDoanld's gave with food. She grabbed hold of it in her mouth and back the hall she went. I found it on the floor in her bedroom. I put it back where it was and she hasn't touched it since.
I have been sewing other things besides the Mystery quilt. I am working on the border pieces of it now. I am going to really like it. This is a kid's Quilt I made on Monday. Sunday I went to my first meeting sew-in at the quilt shop and got some more kits. Also got one we worked on which is a Pinwheel but I haven't been able to figure out how she wanted it set together with the strips that came with it. So am waiting till I get together with her again.

We are suppose to get some more snow tonight but they seem to be making it smaller, guess it is leaving it all in the mid-west or want to load New York and Buffalo again.
Thank You for visiting even when I don't post very often. Just not enough news around here. You will get tired of reading about Penny's antics.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Introducing Penny

 Meet Penny as I caught her walking in the kitchen.
 This one below was the first and how shy she was sneaking around the corner of the hallway looking at me in the dining area.
She has gotten so she will sneak in the living room and today even curled up and made herself at home on the couch. So since she has only been here for a week .,This is good. Especially since we don't know what sort of life she had before I got her.
I even went off and left her overnight Sunday. Went to Annapolis to the retreat where I used to go for Quilting. But this was for a wonderful night for a Madrigal dinner and music presented by the Voices of Praise musical group of 40 from my daughters church. This is the group that both of my granddaughters were in. Was a great night with good company. I spent the night at my daughters then and came home this morning.
This is what I have done on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery that she finally finished up for us. I have the blocks all sewn in the diagonal strips but decided to work on my next months mini this time is a Schnibble's again, Mon Ami. or like I have been telling Kim, Bon Ami. I have over half of the blocks made. It needs to be done by the end of the month to get in on the quilt show.

This is a closeup. I have used similar colors that Bonnie did but used for those bright pieces, anything from bright orange, hand dyes to reds and marrons and anything in-between. The strip pieced blocks make an unusual alternate block. It gets a red, like the HST for a small inner border and then an unusual pieced outer boarder,

We are expecting more snow tomorrow so maybe I will be in and get more sewing done. Thanks for stopping by and meeting my Penny.
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HappyNew Year

I know I am late but better late than never.
This is the way it was at my house on the 26th. Which was our Christmas day. Had 3 grandchilderen. They stayed the night a it had snowed at their home below Washington. They had to pick up someone at BWI early on Tuesday morning so it worked out well.
I had another picture of the girls but not sure if it will show up. Been having a time figuring how to get into Picasa for the pictures from my Firefox now.
Angela the younger girl said that she uses Firefox and it was a lot better than Internet Explorer. So I downloaded it. It is quick but there have been problems. and since I am not a GEEK . It's hard.

Now starting on the 26th my group started a mystery quilt for the week. Not being able to sew on the 26th or much on the 27 but I did get it done, Which is what this picture is. Thimbleberries of course.
I have not ignored Bonnie's mystery and this week there is a lot to do. Putting together blocks takes time. This is what I have up on my board now. The one completed block in on the top row. Besides the strip blocks cut diagonally then sewn again to make the alternate blocks and setting trangles. Probably clicking on the picture you may be able to see it better.

It was a busy week. On Tuesday we went looking for a kitty for me to adopt. Many of the older ones were really bigger than I wanted. I did find one and will get her on Monday. DD stayed until Wed. but then came back on Saturday and on Sunday she had a High School class dinner to go to and then went home and back to school on Monday.

Then on Monday I went into the Vets and adopted a 2 1/2 year old cat which had been taken to the Vets in pretty bad condition. They had taken care of everything. Even had to pull a tooth.Poor thing . But she is very scared now and having explored the whole house she has found a spot to hide from me and only comes out when she wants to. So knowing cats do what they want will have to wait till I can get a picture out in the open. She is a Tuxedo , black and white spots. DD said like a penquin so we have named her Penny. I'm hoping it doesn;t take her too long to be lovey. She will rub my legs once in awhile. But doesn't want held.

So now back to working on the mystery quilt. Thanks for stopping by.
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