Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Think Summer and Other things

Now does this look like spring or summer? I took it the other day when it got up to 92 Not the end of May yet. Yikes what will summer be like. We usually get that weather in July and August. This is what I see out my porch window. The .poor tree has lost limbs and is so old but never fails to have the prettiest blossoms a round . My neighbor has one on the other side along the woods which is pretty also, She is getting her yard looking like a nursery but hasn't gotten out much yet. Either too wet or too hot
Here's the newer one on the north of the house As you can see the AC unit and the garage door. It was planted b y the former owner and we see the blossoms from the living room window. Just the top.

Again I've been a little lazy getting something else written. Hubby is coming along good and I imagine might be coming home soon. Whether I'm ready or not. I see my spine doctor tomorrow morning early so will see what else he has in mind that I can do.

I have started going to Water aerobics which is great. But does mean driving to Hagerstown 3 times a week. One day, Wed. I go anyway. So two extra times. I think I can get a lot more out of it than Curves now. So much easier to exercise what needs to be done with no pain. It hasn't come back as bad as it was but is certainly not gone.

Quilting, gee haven't done too much. Have done some in the basement on the Chex mix. Need to head down there some more. I have been getting a lot done on the Sunbonnet quilt, Have two pictures to show and I know if you click on them you certainly will see the quilting. Just remember the blue markings will be Spritzed off. These are so much fun to do. I can do one of the plain blocks in a good long evening of TV. With the Orioles playing at night . It's easy but when Hubby comes home he will take back his TV and doesn't like the baseball games But I do watch some of the game shows with him and he likes Survivor also.
For Kathy's information I have 8 blocks done so maybe in a few months it will be done. One thing I have been doing is resting a lot. and reading. Have finished the first book of the series that I've been reading of Nora Roberts. Now the last one, called Inner Harbor is out so have that on hold for me and also the new Elm Creek book I think called the Lost Quilter. It also is out so have a hold on it. One of the Liberians was the first to read it. She said she put her hold on it as soon as it was on the list. So read it real fast and said it was excellent.

I've found I have really enjoyed reading. Takes time away from quilting but then it also gives me time to sit and ease my back. So will see what happens when Hubby comes. home.
Have been having some trouble with the AC unit. Now it's only about 3 years old. This being the third year for it. One thing about being in a small community and dealing with the local business's. Last night as I was watering the perennial garden the compressor kept coming off and on in a lot of quick intervals. Did not sound like it should have been doing that. I called and left a message and that I wouldn't be home until this afternoon. About an hour after I got home the gal called and said the repair guy was coming. Well. It did it for him and he put in a booster starter and it started fine. Till I went out and laid in the sun and it started again. Called back and he is here now. Then he came in and looked at the Thermometer and said maybe it needed new batteries. Since I didn't know it had batteries. Guess everything does these days.

Do hope everyone is having a nice start to summer but how about a little Spring. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

it's Over and I feel good

Since you all knew I was to have the shot in my back yesterday, I thought I better give you the news, good or bad. But so far so good. Took several minutes this morning when I got up to realize I could walk upright. No pain at all. I have had a little tingling now and then in my one leg but it goes away. Can take that

So this morning I went to Curves since I missed yesterday. Then stopped at the Library to be sure I had a book to read for tomorrow while I wait for hubby to get his new pacemaker. I've started to read Nora Roberts trilogy about the Eastern shore and the Chesapeake. When I went to get the first one they didn't have it so ordered it from another library. But I needed something to read. I have been doing a lot of that while resting. The second one is called Rising Tide and is so good I am afraid I will finish it before tomorrow afternoon.So ended up getting the third one called Chesapeake Blue. Will go back and read the first one last. It is called Sea Swept in case anyone would like to read them. Having been to the area several times it is really interesting.
I came home and decided to get out and rake some more leaves. I have a big tarp I put them in and then drag it down to where we dump them at the end of the property. Two loads is all I can take any more. Getting old.
I laid in the sun and read and tried to sleep. Decided to go into the basement where it was cool and finish pining the Pineapple blossom quilt, pictures in the last post I think. Ended up finishing that and started to quilt it. Got the blocks mostly stitched in the ditch. I'm not to good at free motion unless I have lines to follow so most of the inside will be in the ditch. Got a good bit done and decided it was time to read again. Well at least read the online mail and while at it figured I would catch you all up on ME. Doing good so far. Guess time will tell. Now on to that book.

Thanks for stopping and reading my chatter. Maybe some pictures the next time. I noticed I'm getting pretty close to 200 posts so will have to do something. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Finally Done

This is the quilt I have been hand quilting, it seems like forever but checking back I must have started it in September as that's when I finished the Feed Sack quilt. I have this laying on and over the tables in the basement as I can get a good shot of it.. These blocks were made probably in 05 when the group had a monthly star swap. We would pick the star block and then if you wanted to make some you sent them in and they were swapped out. I love these trees. Used them also in the small runner I made for the kitchen over the washer-dryer for Christmas - winter. The setting I must have seen someplace. It's Called the Christmas quilt not only because it is red and green but the green sashing fabric is part of the Christmas collection for a couple years ago. It has holly leaves and flowers. This is a closeup of the corner block and you can see the quilting. I drew holly leaves and berries in the beige outside part of the block. Then the border is a template I bought in Mn. with wavy feathers and stars. Didn't really know what to quilt in the triangle outside border so just did in the ditch and an inch on either side to fill in. I have used the red for the binding and will get that sewed on when I get tired of quilting on the Sunbonnet quilt.

Did want to show how I've quilted the setting blocks. I think it will show up. Kathy this is mainly for you. The next time I show a block it will be a set of 4.
I have three more blocks done now and just starting on the fourth a Sunbonnet. They are fun. Helps that I have the time now to quilt in the living room while watching the Orioles play. Hubby doesn't like baseball. The living room is his TV.
He's coming along slowly. Will get his pacemaker replaced on Monday. It's only been in for 14 years and has surprised most of the doctor's. No bit deal It is just under the skin. They hook it to the same leaders that go to the heart.
Then Friday I get my shot in my back, Sure hope it helps. I've really been taking it pretty easy, that's why so much quilting is getting done. They are saying that Hubby may Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Thought I would send you some Easter flowers. See how this patch of Primroses has increased. Have 4 colors in bloom now.

Saw some more new ones at the stand this afternoon but they were still in the greenhouse. Will stop next week after the Easter traffic is over and see about some more to fill in this little plot.

Here's a closeup of the red ones.

I also planted the 6 pots of purple creeping phlox among the naked ladies leaves so when they die off hopefully they will spread. Also want to get some other colors to put among them.

I have been doing a little sewing. finished this Pineapple Blossom quilt that is the Friendship block swap for our little online group. Now I want to get it quilted for a table topper for the kitchen table. It should just cover good with no complaints from Hubby about corners. I still need to find something for the backing. It is just too wide for a full width of fabric so either I use the wide fabric and cut or piece something else.
I also finally finished hand quilting my Christmas quilt. I'm sure I had showed a picture of this when I started it way back last year sometime.
Will get another picture of it soon. Need to cut binding for it and get that on but the next project to get started on is the Sunbonnet quilt I showed in my last blog.

We are having a downpour this morning. I need to get out to Curves when they open. Then see what to do. This will help all the flowers that are coming up.
Hubby is coming along. I know he is trying but now both his arms, wrist, hands are hurting. Don't know what the cause is now as he doesn't have gout anymore. They want him to see his Neurologist so guess that will come after he gets his new pacemaker next week. Hopefully that will help. I've been asked over to my friends home for Easter Dinner on Sunday so that will be a change.
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday . Thanks for stopping by

Friday, April 3, 2009

Look, some more Sunbonnets

I've been getting this quilt ready to hand quilt for a friend and thought some of you didn't know just how we basted for hand quilting. Much like the pinning I secure the backing, this time muslin, to the tables with tape. Then I have used the old fashioned Cotton batting you don't even see in the stories any more. I did unroll it and stretched it out the night before, Then stretched it on the backing and the top then even.. This worked fine as it was just the length of these 8 foot tables I have. Just had to hang over on one side the width of one block. Must tell you about these sunbonnet babies now. This friend approached me because she had heard I hand quilted. These sunbonnets had been made by her grandmother and she has put them on the muslin and buttonhole stitched around them all. Added the pink alternate blocks and border and asked if I would quilt it for her. She didn't know I was partial to Sunbonnet girls. So of course I said yes, after looking at it when she sent it. But I have to finish the quilt I was quilting.
I started about a week ago marking it on the island in the kitchen, Since it was just me , I could leave it and work a little at a time. I don't know if you will be able to see the markings or not. Maybe if you click on the pictures you can. I think that Kathy would like to see what I have planned for the quilting. Crosshatching in the white around the sunbonnets. and a pattern in the squaresAren't these sunbonnets deer? I'm getting anxious now to get started on it.I start basting with a long needle and thread in the middle and work out. Did through the middle of the alternate blocks going one way and though the sunbonnet blocks going the other, Then all around the edge. I take the basting stitches out when I start on a round of the hoop so I don't sew through them. This picture shows how after I got the other part all basted. and I don't baste heavy, The one way I didn't do this time was diagonally but the way I put it in the hoop I really don't need to. I finished up basting that last row this afternoon. I trimmed off that excess batting and it is ready to start quilting. in a couple weeks if I keep quilting as much as I have been.

I didn't start this off to just talk about the sunbonnet quilt but seemed to have done plenty talking about it. But guess I better say that I had my appointment this morning with the Spinal Doctor and I guess it is a common thing with the Sciatica. He said what he wanted to do first was try an injection of a cortisone into the left L5 and S1. So that is scheduled for the 17th. two weeks of this yet. He also wants some X-rays. Didn't like the MRI pictures.

Then a word about hubby, he is coming along nicely but now since our daughter set him straight about wanting to come home to soon because I have to get feeling better, He is settling down and working at getting those legs back . Has been taking some steps with the walker for the last few days. But it will be at least another 2 weeks at least. So thanks for stopping by and hope you learned a little about basting a quilt for hand quilting.