Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Done

With a couple things. First here is a closeup of my Carolina Christmas, Bonnie's last mystery. But I'm calling it Poinsetta Christmas. I set mine differently than Bonnie had. See the center Pointsetta blocks.
See here is the complete quilt. I put the poinsetta blocks all around the border. This is on my regular size bed and is pulled down over the quilt chest so show the border. I machine quilted it, mostly in the ditch on my Juki. The borders I used the free motion templates that you fastened on with tape on either side. Sure helps this gal that is not up on free motion.
The other day I was looking through my old little black binder I have used for receipes through out my married life. Found a cookie receipe cut out of the paper that just looked like I should make them. They are called LEMON WHIPPERSNAPPERS . So simple using a box of Lemon cake mix, 2 eggs and Cool whip. and powdered sugar.

The picture doesn't look like the picture on the receipe. But they taste pretty good. I left the last batch in too long and they got a little dark and crisp.

The thing is , I haven't made any cookies for years. Just felt like it.
I want to make some Snickerdoodles also. Maybe tomorrow since we have snow outside and I don't have to go any place.

Got caught in the snow today. They said maybe a dusting. So I went on in to Swimming and then had my  hair appointment after. By the time I came out there was close to an inch and still snowing. I do not like to drive in the snow. But my  car did fine. The main roads at least had a clear lane but when I got to the turn into my road which winds up onto the mountain and has a big curve going up. It started to slide, I let up on the gas and turned the wheel and it sort of took over, going very slow and I tried to keep the wheel turned like I should and finally I was up to my house and turned into the carport and I was never happier to get home. I do not like to drive in the snow.

So I came home and started to sew on these string blocks which is the last clue # 3 I believe.
I finished them, Here is all 60 of them . Anxious now to find out how she is having us use them.

Well, Bring on the next one  Bonnie,. Sure hope you have it in Vegas to post it in the morning.

I wasn't to hep  on doing strings but once I got going on them, cut lots of sizes of strips , It was really fun. I used old printed paper from my printer. It was heavier than phone book paper but I didn't have a phone book large enough. Yes, one came the other day. It worked fine, it's what I have used for paper pieceing. It rips of easy.

Thanks loads for visiting, Hope you are ready for Christmas. Just one more week. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What I Have done on Mystery

This is the last clue for the mystery. Not all of the complete sets but I have now finished all of them.

Then this is one of my sets. Just like Bonnie said. I have used my constant green bit the lights have been scrapy. I sure can't figure out how these blocks will be set together. Like others have said on Quiltville site, We have yet to use the red constant.  I have not finished my string blocks Here's a sampling of what I have frinished. As of this morning I have a little over 40 made so have about 15 left  make.
These have really been a lot of fun to make. I got out my stack of lights and cut different sizes of strips. So still have quite a stack of strings.

Now a couple weeks ago my daughter asked if I would like to keep her friends kitty. So after asking about how she might do in our house , She said she would be fine. No front claws and almost 8 years old and probably couldn't jump to the windows.

So this is a picture of Missy. She was good company for me and was very good , But not to lovey. I want a kitty that will sit on my lap and purr. Missy would purr and especially when I would eat, she would purr and want her snacks. Unfortunately DD came back this past weekend and took her home. Her owner had to find a new home and did get moved a week ago and it is one that would allow the cat. He wanted her back.

So I think maybe I need to go to the shelter and see if they have an older cat, trained and not one to try to jump in the windows. I have glass on the sills and don't want anything broken.

I finished another quilt but will show it next post. I do hope everyone of you that visits have a very good holiday. I will have most of my grandchildren will be with my daughter and I.
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