Sunday, September 28, 2008

We've Been Invaded

by STINK BUGS. Those horrible things I told you about last year. They hadn't been around all summer so why now?

Yesterday as I sat here typing and reading my mail about a dozen were crawling all around the screen on my door.

Go out the kitchen door and a couple drop off. They seem to want the heat and catch on the door frames.

They crawl and sit and when you try to pick them up, they will fly away. Sometimes they even land on your head. Make quite a bussing sound when flying.

A little about these monsters. They are about the size of a dime. Have a hard brown shell and if you stamp on them or try to kill them they stink -stink -stink, I usually try to l pick them up and throw them out the door but with them all over the door frame more come in than I'm throwing out. They will eventually die. They do no harm that I can see. Don't bite. So right now I'm leaving them alone.

Just went into town to get some medicine for my hubby and opening the car door there were at least a dozen around the door frame. You would think that the door closing would smash them but it doesn't.

If anyone would like these things I'll gladly give them up.

Now on to watch the Redskins and Cowboys beat each other. Of course I'm a Redskins fan and this is our big rivalry.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rose Star Quilt

Finally after about a whole year I finished this hand pieced, hand quilted quilt. It was many years in the piecing so you can imagine how good it feels.

I have shown this a couple times but never in it's entirety. The first picture was taken on my wall so you can see how big it is. The wall is 7 ft. high and 6 ft. wide.

Then here is a closeup of a couple squares and the white centers which is what took me so long.

Since I only quilted the flowers 1/4 in. away from the seam I wanted something a little different for that large open space. It just didn't suit a template. Too many seams. so decided to use Echo Quilting. This is what the Hawaiians do on their applique quilts. Well, I had no idea how long it would take to do one of those blocks. I think I used close to 4 lengths of thread at least a yard long. Sometimes took me two different sittings to get one of those finished.

To go back a little, I saw this quilt made up at the Feed Sack convention one year they had it the same time as the Lancaster show and because I had been collecting feed sacks for several years I thought it fun to stop in. The lady who designed and made this quilt was there and showed that it was in the Tradtional Quiltworks Magazine, March 1996 issue, in full color and the instructions. I got that magazine and decided I had to make it.

Was a great project to do in the car as we traveled which we were doing then. Especially back and forth to Colorado. My husband always did the driving and with a collection of fabrics and all the necessary things I carried it along. Was surprising how fast they went together.

Now I decided it needed to be on MY bed so here are two pictures of it on my antique bed.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This and That and Another

Yes, I have finished another small quilt. Remember the pretty package that Kim had sent to me for my birthday? Two packages of charms and a gift certificate from Fat Quarter shop?

Then she also sent me copies of a couple of the Schnibbles patterns. I wanted to do the Lil Red but it didn't have enough lights so ended up with the Novantique pattern.

I also ordered one of the rolls of 2 1/2" strips so I would have some length for borders.

This is what it turned into.

I used 4 different reds for the inner border and then what was left and some blues for the binding. Sort of like the effect.

I used a scrap piece of the old poly batting so it is really puffy.

I machine quilted it in a couple days. Some free motion in the larger blue setting triangles.

So thank you again Kim for the lovely birthday gift. This is all in Wildflower Serenade by Kansas Troubles.

Then the this and that. Today was my day out. It really started out nice. My friend, sort of second daughter, picked me up at the beauty parlor and we went to lunch. She had some shopping she wanted to do, I just wanted to hang out. So out to the Mall we went. After going through Old Navy and she bought a couple things we went down to Macy's and she found some racks of sale things. It was cool today so I had worn a light weight LL Bean Jacket and saw a shirt I wanted to try on so hung my purse and jacket on the end of the rack and slipped it over my head. Too tight so off it went and I picked up my purse and we went on. Guess you know where this is going.

Being I'm up in age and sometimes I can't remember things too well, on the way home, which is 20 miles from the Mall, I happened to think about my jacket. When I got to the Pharmacy I called my friend Roben and was sure I had taken it off in the resturant and left it on the seat. I asked if she would stop by and pick it up.

Well when I got home, after going to the Post Office and the Library, Roben had called and had stopped at the resturant and it was not there. I was reading my emails and it dawned on me where that jacket was. I called Roben again to see if she would be near Mall. Nope she had a track meet to go to. Her youngest was in. I tried calling Macy's. Have you ever tried calling a large store like that? Got switched from one place to another and no one answered the phone. Finally gave up.

So because that jacket means a lot to me I drove back into the Mall to get it. Yep, there it was still hanging on the end of the rack just like I left it. There was not many people around and you know you can't find a clerk to help you. I just took my jacket and off I went.

One thing at least, I stopped at one of the service stations that has great fried chicken and took supper home. Nothing like getting out of cooking.

What a day. Think I'd been better off staying at home.

Now on to getting another backing sewn together to have another quilt finished. I sent off my Orange Crush top and pieced backing today to the friend in Florida to quilt. Feels good getting these things finished.

Oh, and I finally finished quilting the Feed sack quilt and as soon as I get the binding all sewn down I will get a final picture for you.

Hope your day went better than mine. I hate wasting gas like today.

Monday, September 22, 2008

One Scrappy Quilt finished

Would you believe that I don't even remember when I made this top, Or why? When my friend Patty in Florida said she needed some quilts to practice her quilting on her new mid arm, I looked through my rolls of tops and found this one which I figured wouldn't be to hard or big to practice on. Told her to keep it for her guild's charities.

Well a couple days ago I get this package in the mail. Patty had finished quilting this quilt.

I love the pattern she used and I was so pleased I want her to quilt my Orange Crush in the same pattern.

She had forgotten about keeping it as it has been almost a couple years since I sent it to her. Life got in her way but now is having fun quilting on her new machine.

Here's a close up of the side. Can you see the design? I forget what she said about it but I like the different ways it moves and it is close enough to really look great.

Here's another close-up. Could this possibly be one of Bonnie's patterns from several years ago? I know the pattern but for me to make it so big it had to be something like a mystery quilt.

Terrible to get old and forgetful. Some things I just can't remember.

OH! today while watching the Redskins beat Arizona, I finally finished quilting that Feed Sack quilt. I think I've been working on that for the best part of a year. Now to cut some sugar sacks into binding and it will be finished. Really need to get it hanging up somewhere to get the effect of the quilting. So something else to get up on here soon.

We've been having such lovely fall like weather. Getting cool at night. Down in the low 50s' and up in the 70's in the daytime. Won't be long till the trees will be turning and leaves falling.

Hope it was a good day for you wherever you are. Thanks for stopping. Hope it won't be so long until I get another post up.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Plaids Revealed

Finally I've finished this top.These blocks have been in the piecing stage ever since I got back from the Kansas City retreat and I saw Julie's quilt on her bed.

Not sure what the name of this block is. Guess I have the pattern someplace but my mind is too forgetful to remember those things. I do know that there is 49 pieces to each block and I have 30 blocks. Yep, one left over which I think I shall put on the back for the label.

Most of the plaids are Thimbleberries. One of the members of my Yahoo group, Patty, maybe two years ago had this swap of plaid squares. and then she fixed them up into really neat order and sent them back with a star pattern. I never did anything with them until I saw this quilt. I did have to add some more plaids and some prints. The brown plaid border I ordered online for. I had also ordered a blue but it was just too bright so went with the red for the inner border. Here's a close up of half of the quilt.

I have the idea of finding a plaid flannel for the backing and using a very fine batting. Saw some plaid flannel shirting in Joann's yesterday and it was 60 in wide which would only require the yardage length.

Here's the other half of the quilt. believe it or not that is the same pattern in all those blocks. It's the color placement that make them look different.

The pieces is high because all those square in squares in the corners were squares sewn on and cut. No I didn't keep those cutoffs. Way to small. Those square in square blocks are only 2 inches square.

Think this might make a nice school quilt for my grandson's college quilt. But I have 4 years to get it quilted by machine.

Now on to something else. Like getting some of these tops quilted. Stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Exploding Stars

I don't usually name my quilts but this one just named itself. Yes, I finished the BOM paper pieced quit top only.

I had asked for help from all of you and got many good suggestions. The shooting stars outside border fabric I found at Thousand Bolts and love it. Just the thing for all these great blocks designed by Carol Doaks for the group.

If I had thought a little ahead and used all the same fabrics in these blocks they might have gone together better but except for the blue and yellow in the corner I think I have arranged them to be pleasing to the eye.

I took this close-up to show better the fabrics in the borders. That red check with the hearts came out of my DD's stash that I have in the basement. It had a date on the border of 1986. Back about the time when she was making dolls to sell. I liked the check. Then the yellow was suggested in one comment and it was a good one so went looking for a yellow with enough length. Found this. I remember buying it but not what for. It is rain drops.

Thought I would put it on hubby's bed to see how it covered it and did good. But you really can't get the gist of all the blocks. I had thought that this would be a good one to try something like a feather pattern in those large 12 inch quarter square triangles but I don't think that type of design goes with these stars. Guess something will show itself by the time I get around to quilting it.

Now on to finish the plaid quilt top. I got two plaids for the inner and outer borders and backing. Now that the board is empty, almost, I can put those blocks up and decide how to put them together. Why is it so much fun to just make blocks and put them together but not to get around to the long job of quilting each and everyone? Didn't used to be like that. I used to completely finish a quilt before starting another one. It's just all this new fangled stuff that is in our face wanting to be started. Guess they will be finished someday. Maybe one of the granddaughters will find a box of tops and think it's just the best thing to finish up Mamaw's quilts.

On another subject, since many of you might have been watching the weather the last week or so with the hurricanes moving across the islands and into the gulf and then Hanna just moved up the East coast. Yep, we got some of that rain. Over 3 inches last night and today. I had to go to the grocery store in it this afternoon. Course it sort of disrupted the "Boonsbough Days" which was to be today and tomorrow. I'm sure it will go on tomorrow as planned. They come from near and far for a day in the park to watch the historical things that go on and look at all the vendors and buy and buy, especially food. The Fire Company always has country ham sandwiches.

The yard sales started on Thursday in town and all along the pike from Hagerstown. I was really surprised at how many of the older homes on West Main Street yesterday morning were set up on the front lawns. Guess it was a good thing they started early since no one was out today. Normally I wouldn't have tried to go down though town on Sat. That crowd is just not my thing. It's been years since I went down and then it was Sunday afternoon when things were winding down. Usually a good time is had by all.

Just another little tidbit about my little town.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Starting the second year.

Quilt Mom, Anna from Alberta, Canada, was the winner of the little quilt and I had a very nice email from her. Doesn't have a blog of her own but likes to read them and get inspired like the rest of us. So Anna, thanks again for following Kim's advice and coming to my porch for a visit.

I have finally finished the Your Truly Round Robin made with the Carol Doaks blocks and instructions. I machine quilted it and am pleased.

I did mostly in the ditch or 1/4 in. straight stitching as I have not conquered the free motion. AS you can see those stitches in the open spots aren't as even but will do. I know once it has been washed they won't show as much either. The border of Fleur-de-lies aren't too even either but it's done.

Just to show you the closeup and corner.

Paper piecing is fun and you can get very good points but doing a large quilt with all paper pieced blocks is not for me.

I have the Block of the Month all put together but have not gotten to the basement where I have a big open table to trim it and cut the borders. Until then you will just have to wait to see it.

I do need to get another little Mini basted to have something to quilt here on the porch while I watch my soap in the afternoon or the baseball game in the evenings. Also another one to get to machine quilting.

Sort of a boring start to my second year. But Hubby is taking a lot of my time these days.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My hubby pick the name of ---

QUILT MOM Anna from western Canada'

So Anna email me your address and I shall get your little quilt mailed off to you.

Congratulations !!!

I want to thank everyone of you for visiting me here in Western Maryland this past year. I don't feel I have that much to say but I love to show my quilts off as well as some of the bright spots of the area where I live.

One of my friends that I have met though this wonderful new medium, asked for more about our Hotel. It is coming along real good. I've been waiting for them to get the porch on and the scaffolding down before I take some more pictures. It is sure changing the looks of our little town. Stay tuned.

More quilts to come. Maybe if all goes well I will have a second year anniversary giveaway.


Monday, September 1, 2008

More Sunbonnet Sues

I wanted to separate these from mine as they are different. Except the first one is the one I had asked my Mom to make for my daughter after she was born almost 50 years ago. But it is very similar to mine.

She made the blocks a little smaller and had more of them. I have taken two closeups of ones that I remember the fabrics from.

Both of these were made from My fabrics when I was in High School. Can't remember exactly what. But I'm sure the blue one was a skirt that I made.

Now this one you can see is much more modern. I made this for my second granddaughter, Angela. The blocks I bought in Ohio at an antique show. The blue border fabric I remember I bought at Wal-Mart when they first came to town and had this repro fabric. I'm sure the blocks were made in the 30's. I thought I had made one for Ashley also but couldn't find it. Maybe Daughter has it with her.

These two close-ups are of the lower corners and I have written on one.

Blocks bought in Ohio

Made in 1930

Eileen Schamel, 1993

The other one says

Made for my Granddaughter

Angela M. Collinson

by Mamaw

Hopefully she will treasure this as much as I treasure the one that my Mother made me. As you can see she has not had it to use. I think my daughter had it on the wall in their room but the room was small and with two growing girls wanting other things on the wall she put it away for safe keeping. So it is at my house.

I've been busy today sewing the BOM together and taking paper off those 12 in. blocks. I have gotten the right fabric. The outside border I had ordered from Thousand Bolts and it's perfect. Then I found a small red check in the basement for one border and at the suggestion of one in a comment I am also having a 1 1/2 finished yellow-gold border. Not sure yet if it will be on the inside or in-between the red and the blue outside.

Hope to get a picture in a couple days. Just need to get the strips cut and the whole quilt squared up.

I have gotten a lot of comments wanting my little mini quilt so will be drawing a name tomorrow. and posting. Good Luck to everyone.