Sunday, October 25, 2009

A View Of My World

Yesterday we had quite a wind, rain storm and after it was over I just had to take my camera and get some new shots. My how a couple days changed the looks of things around here. Leaves coming down like snow and now the yard is covered. This is the view out the back which I normally don't take as there isn't any thing exceptional. But today the color is so vivid and notice the one little tree in the foreground with green leaves yet. That is a very old wild cherry and the neighbors were going to cut it down because of the top being dead. But when it bloomed and the cherries arrived and were so good, Rusty, the gentleman, said no way would he cut it down. Now he has to beat the deer to the fruit. The deer won this past spring.
This is the view out the carport right at the front of the house. It must be a red Oak as it has gotten so gorgeous but half the leaves are now on the ground as in this next picture. This is the drive in the early morning. By the end of the day they had blown away. Only a path down the road where the cars had gone was empty of leaves. This is the same way the snow gets.
Of course the front yard is covered and will have to be raked. It won't blow on down the hill with the house blocking the way. The three huge oaks in the front yard still have most of their leaves. But I love fall.
Now to show you what I have been doing the last few days, in my spare time.
A little explanation first.
After coming back from retreat I had a large plastic bag with strips cut. Had the directions for cutting that I had printed off the website. Suppose to have been a mystery quilt.
Well the one they did I really wasn't that crazy about so continued to make the butterflies. So asked about what these strips were for as I had to use them. The pattern didn't call for 4 1/2 in and 2 1/2 in strips. Then the gal in charge said they had changed their minds and that was to be using the Carrie Nation block on Quilter's Cache. So going in to look at it I really like it so this is what I'm doing
Four patches and lots of them
Large Green ones and small red ones. But even those cutting instructions were wrong. The large ones were for 3 1/2 in squares , strips and the smaller for 2 inch strips.
This is one set of two sets of strips cut and sewn into 4 patches. Easy and a good pick up for a short time. The worst thing is the squaring up of those 3 1/2 red and beige 4 patches. This is Thimbleberries fabrics.
This is the block sewn together. and this is the design as of now. Really neat. Sort of like the barn raising in log cabin.
So I need to continue and get more blocks sewn together. Not sure how big the amount of strips I have cut will do and I think I cut it all up. So stay tuned.
Things have been OK around here this week. DH has been a little weaker for the last couple days but that's the way it goes. He sees the doctor this coming Friday so I imagine more blood work. The last the Nurse took was fine. As long as the kidneys and Potassium is fine he should be also. course the blood sugar comes in there also. To morrow is back to the swimming excesses.
Hope your part of the world is going well also.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Dorman

Just have to wish my brother a very Happy Birthday today, I know he reads my blog to keep up with things. He's seven years older than I and very special to me as is his wife of over 60 years now . They have 4 children and 10 grandchildren , including 2 sets of twins. Have lost count of how many great grandchildren.

Just want to say, Have a Happy Day. love. lilsis

Monday, October 19, 2009

First Mystery Blocks

This was the view out my carport yesterday morning
Fall has come with cool weather and lots of rain. It rained pretty much for two days and the temperatures down last night in the 30's I saw frost in the valley's going in to swim this morning, This one I took out the window of the porch and the flash went off, so the spot. Hope you can see the colors on the trees in the distance.

Now here is a picture of the first blocks for the Jelly Bean Mystery quilt.
Unusual to have three blocks, So what kind of a design is this going to end up being. I love mysteries. Have to wait till the next months instructions now.
So be Cont----

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Look What The MailLady left me Yesterday

No the sunset did not come into my mailbox, but I just had to show you another one I took just the other day. The western sky was a blazeThis is what was in a badly damaged Flat Rate box yesterday. All the fabrics for a new Thimbleberries Mystery using the Jelly Bean line. I had seen this line while in Dayton on our retreat and really liked it so jumped at the chance to do this mystery. I just love Mysteries There are 15 diferent prints which include two georgous blues. Have the first blocks done now and will post those tomorrow. Don't know if it will be a month before the next one comes are not. This was a closeup of these fabrics. Here is a closeup of the papers that came with it. Shows all the prints with their numbers on the one sheet has the first set of instructions for the first 3 blocks. It just might be that if you click on the picture that you can see what it is.
This week has been alright health wise. Swimming has been great now that it is colder out the pool is steamy and water really warm. Makes for wanting to stay there.
I have the Butterfly quilt ready to sew down the black anntenes so that needs to go to the basement. I'm not so sure about doing this. Kim seems to think it's very easy. Ha.
Have some other blocks to get done and finally found out the pattern which was a mystery at the retreat. Come to find out they had changed their minds an here I had all the strips cut. But looking at the pattern on Quilter's Cache I really like it. It's called Carrie Nation and when put together makes a neat design. So will get going on it one of these days when I feel like stitching. That always seems to go fast. But getting them sandwiched and quilted is another thing.
Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow I'll show you the finished blocks.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Look At These Tree

This was taken out my porch window. This is what I look at when I'm not on the laptop or sewing. These woods are just starting to turn. The tree in the foreground is my Dogwood tree The roof is the shed of my neighbors. These are her woods to the west.
Not sure this will show up good or not. It looks pretty dark but sometime s with clicking on the picture it shows up good. The dogwood is just starting to turn red.
Then yesterday I had to go to the grocery store and thought about taking my camera and hoping for a red light at his intersection so I could snap a picture. This is the tree I mentioned in my last blog. Just kept getting redder and redder.
I was going to the store for this shot, then on the way home I had a red light for a bit but got this snapped a little early but you can tell the size.
This is the main street in town. Originally the first road to Washington. and Baltimore, Route 40. But now called Alternate 40 with the new one about 5 miles north which has been replaced with Interstate 70. The road to the East to Baltimore and Washington DC. 60- miles .
Not much else to talk about today. It's early as Hubby just can't seem to sleep or stay quite for 7 hours during the night. I have a lady coming at 9 so I can get to my swimming at 10 to 11 and then I need to head into town to the used book store for Hubby. He's been reading the Trailsmen series by Jon Sharpe and he's missing some numbers so I need to hunt them down. Try to trade in the ones he's read.
Hope to get a little sewing this afternoon. Oh, and we are finally getting some rain. Even heard some thunder about an hour ago. We really need it. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Has Arrived

I know this does not look like fall but this is how my perennial garden looks now. That light green runner is taking over. But the pretty dark pink flowers just keep blooming and blooming.
I'm afraid I have not kept it cleaned up but I at least got the old stacks off the lilies. I have been getting some sewing time in. Hubby is doing pretty good and letting me sleep the whole night although he figures 5 AM is time to get up.
I have been to the basement and got these two little wall hangings quilted and now am working on the Butterfly quilt. Have a couple more hours work on it and then the border. Although the butterfly template I have and wanted to use is to big. Guess I have to get something else.

Yes,. fall is coming to these mountains and I tried to find an old picture to show again but couldn't I have never gotten my pictures organized right and is folders so I know whats there. Just don't know how. Most of the leaves are still green. The dogwood are the bright red and the maples are turning. There is a beautiful tree downtown that I would love to get a picture of. Just forget to take my camera with me.
Guess you remember this Scrappy Stars. One I made out of leftover HST. I machine quilted it along with the one below.
This was my kit I got at the retreat. Everyone was to bring a complete kit of something. This is all Kansas Troubles fabrics. The pattern was from This and That and called Baskets of Blessings. Fun to make. Thanks Eileen C.
Sorry I have been so long in posting again. We've had a lot of Doctor's appointments and then going to Water Aerobics three times a week takes a lot of sewing time out of the day. But things are fine on the home front. Now to get some more quilting done. Almost finished the Sunbonnet quilt. thanks for stopping by.