Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Note from my Daughter and my Quilt

When I got home last week, I saw this hanging on my little quilt I had put together before going to retreat. It's made from leftover HST . If you look close at the bottom row you will see what she was telling me. Yep " Mom did you notice the mistake"?
Sure I did, just hadn't taken the time to rip and redo. It has been done now. At least she looked at my wall to see what I was working on.
Now Here is the missing pictures. I hadn't looked at all the folders. Really need to learn more about how this thing works.
This is my gift. If you click on the picture you probably can see the fabrics and even some of the writing. Each member made a block consisting of two 9 patches and two square in square which the center was to be beige and written on. Some had really nice sayings. Others just their name and state. It is all Thimbleberries fabrics and I love it. I have taken some closeups so you can see up close some of the names and writings.Another one Then I love the backing and look at this neat label. One of the girls made it on her embroidery machine. That will last foreverIsn't this daisy fabric wonderful. Such a great group of gals on this Internet list. We have more fun and will show more that we did in the future.
This coming week will be a busy one for us. Tomorrow he sees our regular doctor. Tuesday I get my day out. Had to change my hair appointment to Tuesday and Hubby has to have a procedure with the Urologist on Wed. morning. Then Thursday if he is still doing OK he will get those teeth out that were scheduled about 6 months ago and canceled when he had to go into the nursing home. So Hoping in between to get some sewing done.
I did finish up the top of a neat runner. Just using up scraps again. Will get a picture soon. I would like to get this quilted before taking a picture. But will see.
See you soon

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm Back

I'm home and have been for almost a week but it has been a hectic week with doctor's appointments etc. Had a wonderful time. Flight was good although crowded both ways. I wouldn't have thought there would be so many people going to Dayton, Ohio from Baltimore. But it turned out it was a final leg for many coming from the west coast.

I have a number of pictures to show you but for some reason I can't get to them or don't know how. They aren't in the folder that they should be. Just haven't learned enough about this computer I guess.

I was very surprised with a quilt made for me by the members of our little Hollow group. Those pictures I will have to get to you another time, I hope.
We arrived on Friday and after stopping at the members quilt shop we arrived at the Bergamo retreat grounds and many were already there. A whole weekend without TV, Internet or radio, A quite Catholic retreat, and good food.
The project for Friday night was this mystery quilt. I got the blocks done. This is them on my wall. They need to be squared up and sewn together in this formation. So more about that later. As I get it together.The big thing for Saturday was a Buggy Barn design. We could pick from many. Most did some Halloween things. I had a Layer Cake of Moda's Neptune they are 8 in. so had to modifier the pattern as it is 12 in. So this is the first 10 that I got finished once I got home. The rest are still on the 12 in. cutting board I had taken with me. Can;t get them messed up. I have a plan, sort of to set these together so will have to wait and see. This is a closeup of the one I thought would show up the best. Lots of little pieces for this one.

When I got home close to 9 PM on Sunday night, I think my DD was really ready to get home. She had school the next day and had to get caught up with her sleep.
Hubby is doing fairly well. He broke a tooth off Thurs. night before I left and had just had him to the dentist. He needs 3 teeth pulled now. DD ended up taking him back on Friday as the broken tooth had a sharp point. It was an eye tooth and held a fairly new plate so that is gone. Don't know what might follow. He is set to have the 3 pulled this coming week.
At least we have plenty of Home Care coming several times a week so he is being well taken cared of. Me, I shall be glad when the Water Aerobics starts Sept. 9Th.

Hopefully I can figure out later how to get the pictures of the gift quilt out to show you. It was such a surprise.

Oh, One of the girls brought me a big bag of scraps. Since I like them so much. I ended up having to have a package mailed home so I could bring my quilt home in my suitcase.. Hope it won't be so long before my next post. Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

And The Winner Is--

Drum Roll---- the winner of the 30's scraps is Candace number 28 which is what number Hubby choose out of 30. So Candace please email me your snail mail and I will get this out the first of the week. Thank Yon all for visiting my blog.
The weekend was fun at our house. DD came up with her roommate who has opened her home to her and her kids when they are around . She needed help and my DD needed a new home near the old one to keep tabs on the youngest still at home who is 15. M. has 4 cats and DD is a cat lover so she also wanted to bring the most lovable one up for her Dad to have a little fun with. He would so love to have a little cat or dog but with his condition and having to get around with a walker or wheel chair ,we are afraid that it would not be a good situation. So this is Ginger. She did make herself at home but would not stay on Hubby's lap for petting. We decided she was a ladies cat. Not used to men in the house although Dan the youngest plays with her a lot when he is there.
Ginger was rolling on the floor and on her back which is what I was trying to get but as soon as the camera clicked she rolled over like this. She was a stray that wondered in and knew that this house liked cats and soft hearted M. fed her and soon let her in the house. She was just a kitten.

I couldn't resist taking this picture although there was not enough light and I was to far away for the flash to work. This is how Dan and M. spent most of Friday night and Saturday. Both with their laptops and enjoying the day. DD was also in the chair by me with her laptop. Such is the world of this generation. I took the chance to get a little hand quilting done.
Am getting close to the end of the Sunbonnet Sue quilt. Have the side setting triangles to quilt and the border. The center is down. I am taking it with me this coming weekend to our Hollow retreat in Dayton Ohio. The gal who owns this quilt will be there and thought I would give her a chance to see what I have done so far and also the rest of the ladies. Give me a chance to work on it also.
Hubby is coming along pretty good so far. I am looking forward to the little vacation. DD will come up Thursday night after working at the school to get her room ready, and stay with her Dad. She probably has more patience with him than I do.
Till the next time and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pay Back Giveaway

In going through boxes to find what I could empty to put away my Kansas Troubles "scraps" I came across a large zip-lock full of scraps from making this and a couple other 30's repros swaps. I think this was the first one and one of the first online swaps I was in. Clear back in 2002. Just one of the many tops that needs to be quilted. This one I would like to hand quilt but-- will I have time?

As you can see the border is made of piano keys. There are a lot of scraps in this bag. Now it's yours if your want to leave me a comment and be sure your name is on it if it is anonymous so I know who you are. I will pick a name on Sunday and post the winner and it shall be off to you. Might be some surprises in the bag also. I'm sure there must be some out there that like the 30's fabrics.

Hubby is doing pretty good so far. Just hope he continues. Right now we are getting a very much needed rain. Thanks for stopping.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

From Scraps to THIS

I first wanted to show you that the mushrooms have come back. This must have something to do with this old stump. I have planted Lavender on the inside and a coral bells at the end which hasn't done much because I think that some rodent has taken up resident underneath it.Dirt seems to disappear from a spot around the coral bells. Right now these have gotten quite large and look awful. Now on the the business at hand. Here is the bag that these Kansas Troubles scraps came to me in. I really didn't want put this in again but the pictures are so tiny I couldn't tell what it was. and don't see how to delete it.
But out of this bag came lots of strips, blocks squares etc. and I made this wall hanging as a remembrance of my winning. That house had to be put into something
I want to do a little explaining of what and how I did this. First the red and beige HST were in the scraps so just found a pleasing way to surround the house. Oh, I put the strip of green on the bottom. After all doesn't every house have to have some grass?
Then I used two different strips to put a small border around. The next border is made from a number of strips she had made of a mixture of fabrics into piano keys. I only had to add a couple strips to make it fit.
Next wider border was made of two different prints but similar to balance with the inner one.
That last border believe it or not was made from large 6 1/2 in flying geese. I cut them in half and made HST out of them for the one side and bottom. The other side with the lighter fabrics was made from large 6 1/2 in HST Cut into quarters and using the 3 1/2 in HST and using two of them to make the Quarter square triangles for the other two sides. Here I had to use a couple pieces of fabric to make them fit. And as you will notice I had to cut off a part of the upper right one. I thought back to our Mothers and how they used all the scraps even piecing pieces to get it made. A little glitch here and there didn't mean a thing.
I just had fun making this work for a bout two days. Oh the outside borders are different widths because that is what I had. This all came out of this bag of scraps and I have enough to make a couple more wall hangings or even throw.
Now to find a box that will fit somewhere on my porch to house what is left.
I'm thinking that maybe I'll have to giveaway some fabric strips from the 90's. More to come. Thank you again Carol for a couple days of fun..

And many more.

A Big Surprise At My Door

Thursday morning there was a knock at the door and when I went to see there was nobody. Well I looked down on the floor of the carport and this is what I saw. The mail lady does this. Brings it to the door and knocks and goes on her merry way. In case you are wondering what that is in front of the door. It is the new ramp my neighbor built so we could wheel hubby up into the house instead of him trying to step up. It works great.

I looked at this huge box and couldn't figure out who was sending me something. I hadn't ordered anything. Then looked at the name and it was Carol from Carol's Crafty Creations. This was the box of Kansas Troubles scraps that I won on her blog. I sure didn't expect that much.She must have decided she didn't like it anymore or didn't have a place to stash them so gave them away. I opened the box and the top was stuffed with papers. She didn't want it mess up this cute bag she had to share. It had pink handles and all. Cute.

Well I opened it up and started to take out the scraps?

See what I pulled out first. Stacks and stacks of charms and bigger pieces.Look at the stack of 6 1/2 in HST in different fabrics. I've made good use of them. Then in the background see the house. Used it also. Isn't this cute. I haven't had or bought any KT but the gals on the Hollow group have been talking about them and going to a KT club out in Kansas City of course. In fact the retreat I'm going to at the end of this month started out as going to the KT retreat but then it was canceled and ours took over but sort of moved to Dayton, Ohio as one of our members who has a quilt shop outside of Dayton. She found us a place and it took off. There are 20 coming and it includes a couple KT people so now I have some Kansas troubles fabric gals.

The past two days I have been playing with these scraps and have finished something which I shall show tomorrow. Thanks for stopping. It's so much fun to receive a giveaway.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Busy-Busy Week

First of all, Hubby is doing really good, once we got the right diuretic for him. His feet are looking more normal all the time and he seems to have more energy. Not that he's ready to get out and walk around the block.

But look I finally finished the Double Delight by Bonnie Hunter. I love it but don't know when it will get quilted. Why do we just love to piece these quilts when we don't have time to quilt them?

On Tuesday Hubbies friend came down and stayed with him so I could ride with my son and my grandson to Lancaster so Chris could spend the with week with my daughter and her three children, playing games. They all love to play all kinds and Dan has gotten quite good as he started when he was about 10, maybe younger

I was so glad to see Ashley , the artist ,as she had cut her hair. This is the three of them. Her hair is curly now too. It had been way down her back and the only one with fairly straight hair.
Course Dan, the one whose eyes you can't see has really curly hair. Isn't this a pair. Angela was sleeping so I didn't see her. They will all be going back to school soon. This is the first blossom to open on my campannela, or blue bells. It is really a rock garden plant. Has lots of buds.
This was taken a couple days later. Three blossoms open now.

I have a project I'm working on right now but that is for the next blog. With my son here helping , Hubby has been going through drawers and cleaning out so of course I have to help and get rid of the stuff. Have been keeping the shredder busy. Bills from way back, why do we save them.?
So back to my project. More later.