Saturday, February 14, 2009

That Valentine That Lasts Forever

This is what came in the mail yesterday from our daughter. What a lovely way to start off the Valentine weekend. She is the best. Getting her life back in order and having a great time watching over the girls at collage and the younger Freshman in High School.

Then yesterday evening a friend was leaving and said did you know you had a package out here? Nope lets bring it in. When I saw the box I knew my Hubby had done what he said he was going to do. He'd asked for his credit card. Seen another advertisement on TV.
He'd asked me if I wanted a bear. I hadn't paid much attention to him or the ad. They sure get to him through. This is the neatest box. See the hole. It says "air hole". Guess all bears need air. If you have seen these ads these bears are really worth it. All American made in Vermont. They have made full use of the packaging.
This is the back and I think they has every one who works there, name on here. One the side it says " Someone who cares about you has sent you a bear-gram from Vermont. You can do the same by visiting us on the web at
The bottom say If you can read this either you're upside down or the box is and the bear is getting a headache. He finally said to open it.And this is what I saw. A BANDIT bearing candy
I asked why he got a bandit? Because he liked it so is this for him or me or he said if I didn't like it he'd give it to our daughter. No way is it leaving this house. He will have a big time with it. Now when something is missing , the Bandit will have taken it instead of the squirrels.
He has this little package of a bear embossed on a piece of chocolate. Then in his bag which has the two hearts at the end of the string are some candy hearts. All made in Vermont.
He is so soft and they say you can Wash them in the washer but they like to hang dry by their ears.
This I think will be his resting place, on the end of the drop leaf table in front of the window watching you know who. Hubby says he wakes him up when he falls asleep. Nothing like being in your second childhood.
What did you get from your special one for Valentines Day.?


Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth

Bad luck day. Well last night was. The electricity went out a little after five. Thank goodness I had already gotten the soup warmed for supper. The whole day had been terribly windy and lots of trees, lines down all over so being in the woods we weren't surprised. But fortunately we have a large generator that came with the house. What a blessing. It was off until after 2 AM. Since hubby has a lift chair and if we didn't have electricity he couldn't get into or out of his chair. Felt so bad for all the neighbors with no lights but we asked a couple of them to come over for the evening. We have it hooked up so the lights and TV in the living room work. The fridge and water pump and the microwave and by luck the plug on the other side of the wall is where my Internet and TV are so have it here on the porch also . No sewing machine through.
At least we didn't have any trees come down.

So by bedtime I just left the nightlight and TV on in the living room for hubby when the lights came back on and turned the generator off. Went to bed. Woke at 2 for some reason, Not by hubby calling and came out with the flashlight to see the time. Heard a couple trucks on the road and they were turning around. Our electric line runs directly from the sub-station and up along the mountain. About 10 homes on it so it doesn't get high priority to get fixed. But they were looking and it wasn't more than a few minuets and it came on.

Now to the good stuff. Yesterday I also got the border sewed on my Snowflake quilt. Used the leftover pieces and made 4 patches and had enough to go all the way around.

What do you think? I really like it. Just frames those blocks. Now I'm not Kim and will not be quilting this tomorrow. Have to many in front of this .But will make a nice table topper. Someday will finish it.

I had a comment the other day from Donna, no reply, asking about Roben Ryberg, Donna, she happens to be a very good friend of ours and the only places she goes to talk about her books and recipes are the conventions. I know she goes to Houston in the summer and then to Richmond area sometime. But if you would email me privately at : I can write back to you. Yes, I have had Queen Bess since I got married. My sister gave me a starter set and through the years have added to it. Used it for 60 years now.

Well, tomorrow is Valentines Day and do hope your Valentine is very good to you. Come back and visit again.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This will be the INN place for Romantics

Just after I made the last blog post there was a front page article about the INN BoonsBoro. Some information that I had wanted to give before but the paper got thrown away. It says that Nora Roberts granddaughter is going to test out one of the rooms, With her parents of course. She is 6 years old and wants to stay in the Princess Pride room as she is very fond of princesses.

The 8 guest rooms include the penthouse and 7 themed rooms. Named for literary couples. They include Nick and Nora Charles of the Thin Man, Jane and Rochester from Jane Eyre, Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, Marguerite and Percy from the Scarlet Pimpernel,
Titania and Oberon from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Westley and Buttercup from the Princess Bride, and Roberts own characters, Eve and Roarke from her "In Death" novels written under J. D. Robb.

The Inn built in the late 1700's was previously know as the Boone Hotel, and once the Eagle Hotel . Information can be found on their web site

It has been so much fun watching the Restoration of this great landmark in the center of this little town. I've lived here for 40 years now and for years nothing new was added. We didn't have new developments until the last ten years when people started to come over the mountain and found that land and property was cheaper and it was just an hour away from government offices. But guess this is the way it is all over the country. Lets just hope that with this slight depression that things don't get too bad. We have a wonder community.

Now this has nothing to do with sewing. Well, I haven't been sewing much lately either but have my hubby home and feeling much better and my daughter was up for the weekend and she stayed in the living room with her Dad and I went to bed and closed the door and had two wonderful uninterrupted nights of sleep. What a wonderful daughter. Thanks You so much Rolinda. She's a jewel. Then I have to mention our sort of adopted daughter Roben, great friend who drove me to Baltimore for two days and waited all day Friday for them to get him ready to come home. She loves to come and talk to my Hubby. She misses her Father. Thanks Roben.
Course she did enjoy driving my new car.
Now back to the routine of Doctor's visits. This week he has to get the final visit with the eye doctor about his cataract surgery. I have to get to my Chiropractor which I missed on Friday. So always something. no more pictures. Just Have a good week. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The unvailing of INN BOONS BORO

Finally the front is finished. For about three weeks they had it covered with tarp as they got the porch and steps and sidewalk stones all laid while it was cold. The other day it all came down. Guess it had better as the opening date is getting very close. I'll wait till spring to get pictures of the back patio. They do have some shrubs in.
This is a better view of it from directly across the street. If you click on the picture you probably can see the steps and railings. There are metal railings going down at the doors. I know the inside does not look finished yet but am sure it will be. What a wonderful addition to the center of our little town.
I have been really busy the past week or so. Hubby had to go back into the hospital and then back down to St.Joseph's in Baltimore for a cauterization and another stint was put in. He's doing fine now that he is home but just being gone is a hastle, except for getting a full nights sleep.
I have finished my "Chance of Flurries" well the blocks are all finished, not sewn together yet.

I think this is the way they will be sewn together. Need to think of a border then. Have an idea but haven't had time to sit and play or even sew the blocks together. Now with Hubby home maybe I will.

I'm waiting for my daughter to come for the weekend. I'm going to let her do a bit of the getting for her Dad. We have had some more snow the last few days also and cold. Suppose to be fairly nice this weekend. So hope you also have a good weekend, Until I can think of something else to tell you This is it. Thanks for visiting.