Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Quilting Porch

A place for my thoughts and what I have been doing. Hope to show more of my quilts.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mystery for 2013

Here it is a new year already. Where does the time go? I can sit here sewing on the blocks

 for the Celtic Solstice and before I know it the light is going and the sun is shinning in my eyes. Hard to sew that way and then Penny comes in and I know it is supper time. Mine has gotten to whatever time I want to stop and get something. I do have some of the blocks that I have done to show and some of the leaders and enders that Bonnie wanted us to do and is it fun to put them up on the board as I finish one and see the different ways you can make out of it. That will be the second quilt to come out of making this mystery, which I really like again this year. Here is a sample that I have done with the blocks
Here at the bottom of  these blocks are the first of the Celtic Solstice. I have another picture of them if  I can get it back.
Here it is and of course still some of the leaders enders blocks. I need to take them off so I can put up the blocks as I get them together. I know I don't have all the pieces cut yet or made up/ I will cut and make them as needed. I know I have a lot that still need squaring and have been doing them as needed. I do like my colors  and most are from my stash. I have bought several  orange fat quarters. I am making the large one as all the kids now have queen or king size beds. Most of my older ones are really to small for them.
Today while looking through the photos I came across a really cute one of Penny and don't think I have shown it before. Hope I can find it now.
This isn't the one I wanted but saw it and thought it also was cute. While I was quilting my sons log cabin quilt she would jump up in the hoop when she figured I had quilted long enough. I'm sure I had shown that in one of the last posts. It was really the last good quilt I have finished. Hand quilted. I have another one in the hoop but have been doing other things
This Christmas my son came in for about 10 days and my daughter got a timeshare at Duck, NC on the upper part of the outer banks and we spent the week together. No kids, they all had something else to do like work. We did have our Christmas on Friday before when Angela and her boy friend came up and made dinner for us. So at least she got to see her Uncle for awhile.
We had two really nice days on the beach although it was a little windy. Then two days of rain but I had taken some pieces to sew and some to cut so keep busy most of the time with visiting and seeing more of the outer banks than I had last year.
The last week we have been in the deep freeze like the rest of the country and haven't gone out much. Even skipped my swim class on Tuesday when it was so bitter cold. It is now coming out of it ,thank goodness and hoping for some nice days but I know that winter is not over.
Now that I see how blogger is working now I hope to get back with more pictures of my mystery quilt in progress. 
Thanks for sticking with me and come back again.  Eileen