Sunday, January 27, 2008

Buzz Saw Block Swap

Since Kairle, over at Happy Valley, showed what she was working on yesterday, I thought I would show you what I've done the last couple days.
These are my Buzz Saw blocks. This is the Friendship swap which the Quilters Hollow does once a year. I know I don't need another bunch of blocks but, I like making blocks.

I have the red set all done That consists of 12 blocks with 4 of these little ones making up a block. They are fun to make but when sewing all those strips together it does get a little boring.

I've finished for the day. Have about 2 sets of the green all cut and ready to sew the strips but I've had enough for today.

Besides it's almost dinner time and I'll have to get the chicken out of the oven soon.

The fun with this swap is we'll get back a big variety of blocks and then we can set them any way we want.

Since I've finished most of my projects for the month, I need to find the second quilt I made. The first of the Double Wedding Rings. But it's put away and I need to dig it out to take a picture. So stay tuned.

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Marcie said...

So that's what Kairle was up to! I wondered why hers were all the same color. What a fun swap. I think that would be a fun quilt to make. You sure get a lot accomplished!