Friday, January 11, 2008

Pint Sized Thimbleberries Club

I have finally finished my second project for the month. This is the Thimbleberries 2007 club quilt only I made it half size or as some say Pint Size.It's 33x46.

I did change some of the blocks. Didn't like the big setting blocks she used. I just made it my own.

Also machine quilted it Did some meandering if you can call it that. A first and it could be better but you have to learn. It will be hung in the basement along with the miniature quilts.

Now on to the next one which is the mystery quilt that Kairle gave us after Christmas. It is pictured in the Jan. 1 post. I have marked it for quilting and it is almost all pinned. I plan on going down to the basement where my Juki is setting on the two large 8 foot tables for quilting. I shall watch my soap, Days Of Our Lives, down there. Been watching that show since it started many years ago.

Hope the rest of you are coming along on your projects to complete for January. Thanks for coming.


Tazzie said...

Wow Eileen, your quilt looks really cute. I like it in the half size, not so unwieldy as the original size. The fabrics are really pretty aren't they?

pudge's girl said...

How inspired. My big issue with some of Lynette's designs is clunky they look in those giant sizes although they do finish a quilt quickly. But your design is wonderful. Good for you. Mary

Kim said...

Eileen, I think this mini is so fun and I like what you added to make it your own.