Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Full Moon Over Boonsboro

Early morning with a haze about a couple weeks ago.
The lights are Boonsboro 2 miles away. Taken out of the window of my porch
Click on the picture and see it clearer. It was foggy.
This is the first Kids quilt I finished this month. Sorry I had the Orca Bay on the board so took it over it
the picture over it. This is a pretty lavender-pink for a girl. Click on it.

This is the last one I made. The print is Hockey so a boys. Kendra, our leader will quilt these two.

Orca Bay !!!

Picture is gone so will have to wait until next time. Hope to have the outer border on then
Posted by PicasaThen finally I got this sewed up, the inner border on. Now to get the outer boarder which is pieced , finished.  I made this all out of my  stash. Using the same colors that Bonnie had used in hers.

Sorry I have been absent. Just trying to get this quilt top finished. Then to get back to the Thimbleberries quilt that I had bought the kit in Kansas City this past fall. I had folded it and put it away.

This has been the strangest winter. Really no winter yet. Had a little snow and some below 32 weather but then back to 40 and 50. Not that I'm complaining. In a couple weeks I am going to a Workshop with Bonnie Hunter. Again with strip piecing a pattern from her first book. I am going to use Hubbies plaid shirts . So it will be his quilt. Better than going to the second hand store and buying them. But will need to get something a little brighter, like red for the border. He didn't like red but ---

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Orca Bay

 This is the picture that I had in the last post that disappeared.
Posted by PicasaThese blocks aren't arranged that great but hopefully with another week I can get to it again and try to get it put together. I have the first two rows sewn together so just have to finish making the last two rows of Ohio blocks and get all the red strings squared away and then can put it all together. Course there is the outer border.I have a few of the blocks done but have a lot more. Always got to do a few to see what they are going to look like.

This has been so much fun but a great design Bonnie has come up with.

I didn't say Happy New Year to all of you. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully won't be so long again till I have something more to show you. I have been busy and lazy. 

Schnibbly's revisited and Orca Bay

The first Schnibble's that Sinta of the Pink Pinchusion said was this Houes by Carrie of course. So I put aside my work on the mystery to get this done this weekend. Looks like I went overboard on counting making the houses so ended up with three  rows instead of two but we can always put our own idea in the pattern. I didn't like the red borders as it made it too dark so figured the houses needed some grass and this Thimbleberries fabric worked good. The border is also Thimbleberries. You will have to click on it to really see the colors. I call this Santa Cruz, 1950. From all the different bright colors on the houses. I used two different charm packs and some extras I had laying around.
Then I have to show you Penny's new sleeping olace. She is on top of the basket that I have quilt tops rolled up in. It's on the hearth and therefore up a little higher. She got in there at Christmas when DD was here to be able to watch us all. When she isn't in the chair that is where she is. Click to enlarge.

Orca Bay - This was my  first design when fooling around with the blocks. Couldn't figure out what she was going to do with the small blue strings.
Then  she came out with her design. I have the first two rows finished and the rest put on the board but not all the Ohio Stars done or all the red strings and that set all squared up so-----

Picture  disapeared.
This shows what I have put up so far. I didn't get a picture of the board as it is now as I put another tablecloth on top to have a board to put the houses up on.

Posted by PicasaFirgured  I   ought to show a little about Christmas as it has been so long since I posted. Such a mess two girls can make. Anglea was getting into her last box from her Mother and what a surprise. She got a wet suitl She wanted one when she was still in school as she had some diving classes and loved it. Just hope now she gets an internship on the Bay so she can get some more training.
We were minus one as Dan decided he would rather go to Florida with his friends than to Mamaws house for Christmas. So it goes with almost 18 year olds. He graduates in May.