Friday, January 29, 2010

How about a Puzzle?

See how the puzzle shows up in this picture. Didn't do that on purpose but sure looks good. It is all finished now so if DD gets up here this weekend like she plains she can take it home with her. It was her design and a good one. Thia is just another view at a different angle but you can at least see it. Hopefully you can see how I quilted it. A little different for me but still the straight lines
Except for the border, Click on it and I'm sur you will be able to see.
I finally got my first lot of fabric, patterns etc for this years Thimbleberries Club. I don't have a local club any more so am getting it online and was beginning to be jealous of the gals in California and Kansas City as they had had their first meeting and got the first month pattern. Well I got 4 months patterns and have made the first two already.
See the Houses and trees over the Schnibles quilt. I like to put them on the wall and look at them , especially now when I didn't have anything big going on.
I'm working on the next one that is a different tree altogether. At least she has used different ones than I have know since I was going to Thimbleberries Clubs.
So I have been keeping busy. At least it's better than spending so much time at the hospital. Hubby is doing really good in Rehab. I think he is surprising himself. Usually when he is in bed for 3 -4 days he looses all his strength and has to start all over. In this one week. He is getting in and out of bed pretty much by himself and has been walking some. Well walking across the room is something for someone that uses a walker to get around a little. We just hope that he keeps those infections gone.
I mentioned DD coming up this weekend. Well maybe Sat. night after playing games at Herndon, a suburb of DC close to Dulles airport. and then planning on coming up and spending the night and Sunday. Unless the storm coming puts a stop to those plans. Since she lives in Southern Maryland and there is where the storm is going they say so she might not even get out on Sat. We are suppose to get a little depending on where it goes. This time it is Virginia that is really going to get it, of course after all those Southern states that it is coming though now.
So guess I will go back to sewing, or maybe reading. This is what my friend Kim says.
Oh, by the way she really hasn't been feeling good. Lets hope that she gets her computer fixed and up running this weekend. At least she has written a little from work. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

He's Back and It's Finshed

I have finished the Schnibbles, Dulcinea, that Kim sent me for Christmas. I showed it to you before I quilted it. Was trying to fined a different way of taking a picture of it to let you see how I quilted it. This is on my island and taken a little closer than on the wall. I had something else on the wall so couldn't use it yesterday.So just used what was handy. It's backed with a blue plaid that I used for the binding.

I haven't finished binding the Puzzle but will get a picture of it when completed. Been working on something else that can't be shown now.

At least this past week end was a little better. Hubby finally got out of the hospital and back in the Rehab. Now to start all over. This is the longest that he has had to be in the hospital. Really bad infection. But gone now and hopefully he can get back and some day get home again.

It's been a long haul but with my quilting and all my online friends and DD coming when she can, I am doing fine. Water aerobics takes up three mornings a week. Except yesterday when I got there they said someone didn't do their job Sunday evening of turning up the heat and the pool was too cold for swimming. So came back home where I found that a good friend needed a ride to the garage to pick up her truck. So tried to do a good deed and had a nice long talk with her and made a date to have lunch on Wednesday after I get my hair done.

So , thank you for stopping by .

Oh, forgot about this photo. I have the wall empty so figured I'd get another one. On the drap wall it really doesn't show up so well.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday Night Sew - In

I'm afraid I didn't get much sewing done last night. I did get this Schnibbles sewn together this past week, between going to the hospital and keeping up with Hubby and all.

This was the pattern that Kim sent me for Christmas with the 2 charms and some white for background and a cute large check for the backing. I might use it for the binding also. I hope you can click on the picture and get a better view of the fabrics. It is very light but great for the Spring. As soon as I finish quilting the Puzzle I will get this quilted.
I don't have a lot of time today as my daughter and grandson are here. She has now gone to the hospital to spend a couple hours with her Dad. Dan is as usual sitting on the couch with laptop and his phone and his music in his ears. He's just happy that he has WiFi here. So this is what I sewed up last night while waiting for them to come. It's the block called Fall Fancy from Quilter's Cache. It is one that we are making every month for a quilt to be finished for our retreat. It's KT fabrics.

As I said before Hubby is still in the hospital in isolation. Have no idea how soon he will be going back to the nursing home. They are doing some PT, with him which is good.
I'm just enjoying the wonderful warm weather we are having and waiting for the rain that is coming tonight and tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Finished

I have been a little busy the last few days. My Hubby took a turn for the worse and has ended up in the CCU with serious infections. Got into the blood stream this time and his blood pressure went way down so I've spent some time in the ER and then the hospital.
But fortunately I had the binding on the baby quilt so got it finished while sitting in the ER all day Saturday. They wanted to get him stabilized before taking him upstairs.
It's all quilted and hope you can see what I did. Tried some free motion in the plain blocks with the ABC's and a few flowers. I hope that Maggie likes it. Sure she will.

Then this is a little piece I did a long time ago. You can tell from the fabrics. Just playing around and found some striped fabric to use for the border and then the dark binding is some leftover. Looks a little dark now that it's on. At least it is and old one done.
Now I finally started on the Schnibbles pattern that Kim sent me for Christmas. Have the pinwheels all done . Need to sew them together but figured I'd start putting the border together. It used two charm packages and with the border will use it all. It is very light and springy looking and will make a nice table topper. Like I need another one. But a nice gift. I just might use this pattern with some other charms sometimes. Or some scraps of TB laying around.
Picture of this will come later. Have no idea how long Hubby will be in the hospital but the longer he's there the longer he will be back in rehab and he was scheduled to come home on Wed. Won't do it now. So it goes in my life. At least I have all my blogger friends and my quilting to keep be busy. Till the next time, Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lets play in March

Kim, my friend at Kim's Quilting Adventure talked about a sew in that Carol and Amanda were having so of course I had to go and sign up also. Bingo for FQs of course we play that every month at the Hollow.

Hopefully Kim can put in the link for me as I'm illiterate when it comes to that technology. It's a Sat. March 13 and they have prizes and all. Will be fun as long as things are OK at home.

No pictures today, I am quilting the baby quilt now and have the puzzle quilt pinned also to get quilted.

So hopefully Kim can help. I have a Schnibbles pattern she sent me for Christmas with the charms and fabric for setting and backing so hope to get some other thing finished first.

Go check it out.

(Kim helped--click on Carol's name to get to her blog and check out the virtual retreat in March.)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quilt in a Day

Isn't this cute. Yes, I sewed it up in one day. It's a long story. To bad I don't have any greats coming along but--
Last week when DD came she brought some boxes of quilting stuff from her long time friend and collage roommate Maggie. She had been up the week before because she said she had something for her. Her Mother passed away about 6 months ago and she and her husband are moving into the old house that her Dad had built.
Well it seems that Maggie's Mom had said to give all her quilting things to Ro. So who does she bring it to? Sure with the request that I quilt the one top she had finished. That will be the next one I guess.
In looking through the stuff I came across these blocks of circus kids in these bright primary colors. I just happened to have a set of FQs of these colors so set about to make this quilt top. I want to get this quilted when I quilt my puzzle quilt. DD was here this evening and she said" gee that would be nice to give to Maggie for her first grandchild." She has two children, Neither married yet. So guess that is where it will go. I was surprised how fast those piano keys worked up. I sewed up strips and then cut the length.
It seems her Mom had a thing for Amish. She had this all quilted but not bound . So I have bound it also for Maggie if she wants it. There is another rail fence which needs to be bound also.
So I have been finishing up things. Even finally finished the Bette Bunny that I got from Kim last year. At least it is ready for Easter this year. I still have a small angel wall hanging that needs to be finished. It is an applique and I really am not fond of it.
We have been living in the far north. Roaring winds for two days and not above freezing. It was 11 outside this morning and 19 now. Burr
Tomorrow starts the new session for swimming. I sure hope they have that water really warm. Seems nuts to be going swimming in this kind of weather but won't be near as bad as those that took the Polar Plunge on New Years day in the Potomac.
Hubby is really doing much better. He is suppose to get an X-ray tomorrow to make sure his lungs are clear. So maybe he will come home later in the week.
How do you like my new digs. I wanted to change and Kim told me how but for some reason my system did not let me go to the source. So she sent me the link and I looked and she put it in. Wanted to get looking more springlike. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Want to wish everyone that has been coming by to see what my life is doing, A Very Happy New Year and hope that 2010 is much better than the last years.

I got up this morning to ice on the drive so have not gone to see Hubby yet. He called so knows what is going on. So I took the trees down and tried to put a little bit back to normal in the living room. Still have more to do but my back told me I needed to sit down for awhile. So where else but in front of the laptop?

Do you all remember way back a month or so ago when I talked about having these strips that I cut for a Mystery that never happened at the retreat? The gal in charge finally said she thought they were using this block at the Quilter's Cache, called Carrie Nation. I printed it off and proceeded to make the blocks Like these. It's Thimbleberries fabric of course and I made lots of these cute 4 patches in the two sizes and colors.
Then made into this big block. Neat but when I saw how these were to be put together I wasn't that thrilled. So I sent them aside and proceeded to Make Bonnie's Mystery which I showed the other day. After finally completing it and having a bare design wall, I got out these blocks again and put them on the wall. When my daughter was up this past Tuesday I said to make me a design to use these blocks up. So being the puzzle person that she is. Always has been This is the finish design. I sewed it together yesterday and since I have two different finishes to the corners and taking the picture as it should be you wouldn't be able to see both of the corners. So this is shown sideways. You just follow the Maze. So this is Rolinda's Puzzle. She even liked the fabric I had ordered for the borders. That is something.
So I start off the new year with a new quilt to get quilted by machine. I think I have some backing in the basement so will need to decide the batting and get it pinned.
Nothing new to report form Hubby. I imagine he will be coming home in the next week sometime. When they take new X-rays to see if the lungs are clear and he can get in and out of the car and be able to do what needs to be done at home. So More later.
I did want to say I thank all of my loyal readers from all over the world. You are all very special to me and I look forward to reading my mail everyday. I will try to post a little more often but have to come up with something to talk about. A Kim I am not. Until next time.