Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A little of This and That

I put pictures in here the other day and just did not feel like posting., Shame on me. I know it has been over a week and some of you are wondering what has been going on. First I finally finished the binding on this quilt. Ended up taking it to the nursing home and doing the hand work while sitting and talking to Hubby. It worked great. He has had a really rough time. With Pneumonia, Congestive heart Failure and then several different urinary tract infections. Not sure if the Pneumonia is gone yet and still getting antibiotics for the infections but at least is getting up every day and soon , I hope , will start physical Therapy again. He must get walking before he is able to come home again and he does want to do that.

Our daughter was up Monday and Tuesday with Granddaughter number three from Colorado, She is here in the east for a month to help with her Aunt on her Mother's side get through the delivery of twins and then moving. So we had a nice visit with her. She just finished her first year in College in Greeley, ColoradoHere is this ground cover I got a couple months ago and has it spread but look at the little yellow flowers. It has gone down over the rock wall and looks so neat. The rest of the Perennials have finished blooming so are not so pretty. I have Three summer Lillies that are blooming now and one I wanted to get a picture of but a blossom only stays a bit during the day and then dies. So is hard to get. Here is what I have finished of the Double Delight. It is so neat coming together. But had to put it aside to get another quilt top together for a retreat I'm going to in Dayton Ohio, in late Aug. It can't be shown but thought I had it finished until Daughter came and said the border didn't work because the background was white where I used off white for the setting of most of the blocks.
So am going to make a trip to the White Swan Quilt Shop, tomorrow morning early. They are having a 4th of July sale for those brave souls that want to get up to the store by 6 AM. I hope to be there by 7 for the 25% off sale. Will take my coffee with me and hope to find something. She said an off white background with Navy or dark blue. Very specific so hard. I have in mind what I would like but that is bad. Maybe it will jump out at me. Stay tuned.

I have since finished machine quilting My "T" quilt I think I have shown before and just finished the binding, again taking it to the home. He has a big wardrobe with nothing in it, so leave it there until it is finished. Too big to drag back and forth.

Now he has to get strong so he can get home by the end of the month when our son is coming again. First for his 3oth High School class reunion and to stay a week. Sure is nice when he has miles to pay for these flights back and forth from Denver. He will also see his Mother-in-Law this time and maybe the new twins that are expected soon.

I at least have time to go to Physical Therapy for my back. Haven't said much about that. I do think it is doing some good along with the Water Aerobics but unfortunately they are over for the months of July and August. Start again in September through the winter. Will see about that and fitting it in with Hubby home, if he gets here. I know that getting a full nights sleep helps. But I still know I have back problems. Probably have to learn to live with it.

Do hope you hape you enjoyed catching up with all my doings and h0pe to be back sooner the next time. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Company and Quilting

My brother and Sister-in-law from Ohio came for a visit and to bring me some more little trees. I really don't have enough. These will take the place of some that have left us.This is the best one and first he planted right close to the one that fell over during the big storm we had last year. It is about a 3 ft. blue spruce. This is him doing some of the final work.

We had a good time, He also brought a couple more pines , a Oak tree, which he also planted. The red bud he didn't get done as he didn't know where I wanted it. Here a week later and it still isn't planted but hope to do it today.

They stayed till Friday and we went in every day to see DH. On Friday they were giving him a chest X-ray and come to find out he had pneumonia, Congestive heart failure and another infection. I hadn't notice his legs the last few days but his feet were swollen again. This isn't the first time this has happened. They were taking care of it and then yesterday he really swelled up. More pills to get rid of that fluid and now his coming home is questionable. Time will tell.

My daughter came up yesterday for overnight. She had a meeting of the group of her His School graduating class that are going on a cruise. She is stopping to see her Dad now.

At least I got some sewing done. It always helps to relax when you are stressed.

Here is all the completed 9 patches for Double Delight. I think now I can get on to putting those two bigger blocks together.
Here are the first few that I had done by the end of last week. Isn't that going to look neat? They are so easy now to put together. Right now I have a lot of the board covered. I know I won't have room for all of them. Need 5 of the fancy block across the top and six of them down. There will be a plain color for the setting blocks.

We have been having a whole lot of rain which means the grass and weeds are growing faster than I can get them pulled out. After leaving at 7 AM to get to swimming and getting home about 9, I am ready for a nap. So what do I do? Check my mail of course. Then today since I had plenty of time and it was raining and who wants to go out in the rain to plant trees. I figured it was time for blogging a bit. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully this next week will be better. At least I have a lot more blocks to get together. Also still need to square up a lot of 9 patches.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ramblings of an Old Women

I just realized it has been well over a week since I last posted. Really not that much to report on quilting wise. It takes a long time to make one of Bonnie's quilts with all the small pieces. I now have all the 3 patches made and have started to sew two of them together but am getting waylaid on other things I can't talk about or show you.

What I did want to do was update you on Hubby's progress. He was in the hospital for 5 days while they tried to get his kidneys back working properly. Dr. said they were down to almost 0 so it's no wonder he had gotten so weak. They gave him antibiotics and IV's all week then sent him back to Rehab on Sat. He is in a different section of the nursing home now so has to be taken up to the rehab but he has been surprised at how much strength he had. Usually 4 days in bed and he was down to nothing. But guess he really wants to come home. They have said possibly the 22 of this month.He just had his 80 birthday this past week so really is doing pretty good.
My dd and her two youngest were up for overnight. She wanted Angela to come see her Pap Pap before she goes back to college. Seems impossible that she will be a Junior already. They have gone home now but had a nice visit. Dan slept in the hospital bed which is his Pap Pap's now. He thought that was neat.

This will be a boring blog as I have no pictures to show and no good tales to talk about . Just wanted to let you know all was well.

Oh. I have started swimming in water aerobics. But this month it is at 7:30 in the morning. I get up early so really not a problem but it was chilly out yesterday and rainy all day. The pool is covered though and the water is heated . Really feels good. Thanks for stopping by.