Monday, August 30, 2010

Night Time on a cruise

Thought it was about time to show you what we found on our beds each night when we came back from dinner and the big show. I showed the first nights already so this is the next night. I presume it is and elephant. All made from rolled up towels and wash cloths. So  cute. Makes me wish I was back there.
Here's the next nights. Our pooch with his cute pointed ears.
Then the very best one which we just kept hanging. That is our monkey. He is hanging from the cover of the indirect lighting around the cabin.
Then last but not least the walrus , looks so sad that it is our last night. But then hoping for another cruise down the road.

This at least is the last of the pictures that I have now in blogs to be written. I will start anew when I am able to get back on my laptop. I see now what I did wrong on the one that I have this symbol of Picasa enlarged. It will stay here showing that the pictures were put from there. I think I clicked on it and it enlarged instead of going away. Live and learn.Posted by Picasa

Jelly Roll # 12

This is the last block in the Jelly Roll quilt in. So I have put them all on the board and decided how I am going to set them but still have to get some material for the center blocks.

I'm going to put them on point and there is a larger print with a light beige background that I want. One of my friends is Kansas City said she could get me the yard I need at her local shop. So that is in the workings.

Now for the next few day's I'm going to be worked on by a Neurosurgeon who will repair my back. I have two bad vertebrae or disks that are making my legs go numb and my back hurt. So am ready to report to the hospital in the morning. He says a day or two in the hospital and all should  be well. They really can do wonders anymore . Suppose to get me up as soon as possible and get me walking. Hope so. I have one more blog to post with some pictures so will do that also and then can start anew. As I do have a finished quilt to show you. Thanks for stopping by.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Good Day

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Joe 4, Ashley, My daughter, Angela and Dan
This was taken the day we had the Memorial for George. It was the first time all four of my daughters children had been together for a year and a half. She used to be tall. Seems the kids are all outgrowing her.

Joe is a chef  at an exclusive restaurant at Shady Side on the Chesapeake Bay. Ashley is in her 5th year at Art school in Philadelphia. Angela is starting her Senior year at the University of Western Florida in Pensacola. So we will have two graduating next year. Dan is a Sophomore. Mighty good family.

My niece has gone and this week I am trying to get caught up on a few things. Doing the binding on the quilt I have finally finished hand quilting Will get a picture as soon as it is finished. Finished up my 4th Kids Quilt. But need to get it quilted. Have been trying to get things finished up.

I went to the Neurosurgeon this morning and he told me what he could do. Didn't sound to bad and he said it should help the pain and the numbness I get when standing. So I haven't gotten the dates yet but do need to see the PT tomorrow to find out the does and don'ts.

Otherwise it has been sort of boring around here, Except it was rather cool today.  Got down in the 60s and felt good. Swimming will start again the middle of Sept. Don't know how long I will be able to go but signed up anyway. It is being held at a different pool and we won't have the extra swim time as before but at least it is a heated pool in an assisted living complex.

Hope you all have been having a good summer. Thanks for stopping by.

That big symbol of Picasa I can not get rid of.  Sorry The names are suppose to be under the picture.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brother and Sister-In-Law

Meet my brother and his wife of 61 years. This was taken at the camp my son and I went to a week  ago in Ohio. I have just been too busy with company to get another blog written and in my experimenting with Picasa I got 4 pictures into 4 separate blogs. Dear friend Kim sent me a link to Picasa which had some instructions. Remember I had asked for help.

It said you could upload 4 pictures at a time. But I  couldn't figure out how to do this. No buttons anyplace that I could see to hold them once they  were selected.

Well, I have my niece is here this week from Colorado Springs . She is a Mack user but finally this evening we got it figured out. Yep, there is a little blue button to the left of all the other buttons at the bottom that you click on to hold the selection. Then do it one by one until 4. Then click on the blogger button and it takes you to sign in to blogger. When You go in there are all four pictures.

But Now I need to write blogs with these other pictures and get them out of the way without deleting them completely. So this is the first.

An update on my brother. I had told you he was diagnosed with lung cancer and had started on Chemo. Had two treatments I believe and the other day had chest pains bad enough that he wanted to go to the hospital and sure enough he had a mild heart attach. Ended up getting a stint put in but is home and feeling fine. Now the Doctor says no more Chemo. So hopefully he will get stronger and have a few more years with us. Sure glad I got to see him and all his wonderful family.

My  niece and I have been quilting and talking. and having a good time. I finally finished the quilt I have been hand quilting for almost a year. Now have another one in the hoop and ready to start.

Yesterday she helped me to get my Carolina Christmas quilt I made from Bonnie Hunters mystery  this winter. Ran out of pins so had to go to the Quilt ShopPosted by Picasaof course today. Will finish it up tomorrow. It is queen size and I will machine quilt it.

My niece will fly home on Saturday and hopefully I can get another blog written. Thanks for visiting and Another picture next time. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quilt Along setting

This isn't the way I was going to start this blog but I am having problems with these pictures. Really with Picasso. I took the download of the Picasso system and I love it as you can do so much with the pictures and see them so much better. So someone who doesn't have the best eyes it is a help. The problem is when it comes to putting the pictures in the holding area on the blog so you can upload them where you want them. The browser won't take you to the Picasso pictures in your laptop. So I need help. I noticed at the bottom you could add them to your blog. Which I did and now I have 4 different blogs with pictures in them. Can anyone help me !, Oh, my question mark key is not working. I think I need to call Dell.

This is all the finished blocks for this quilt a long. I have started this evening to sew them into rows. But this past week has been busy.

My son was here until yesterday and on Friday he took me to Ohio to visit my brother and his family. They were having their yearly get together. So My son got to see his cousins for the first time over 30 years. That's what happens when you move across the country from your relations. It was fun and to see all the little ones. Their great grandchildren. and none of my grandchildren are even married yet. We were married in the same year.

On the way home though I got sick with the intestinal flue. Then Monday night my son got it but it is really going around here. I  had planned to make Chili for the gang when they came here after the game convention but DS made it. It was very good.

The grandchildren and DD came so we could put their Dad and grandfather in his final resting place at the cemetery. He had been on the hearth in his box. At least his ashes were. It was mainly family, A couple close friends that knew him well .

I am back to the regular routine now except of getting some tests done now so the doctor can see any changes since the last MRI and X-Rays. Tomorrow I go in for the nerve study test on my legs. Had this done several years ago when I developed this Neuropathy.

I have no more pictures as I can't get them in here so you have to put up with my talk. But this is it.  I did want to let you know how things were going. I have a niece from Colorado Springs coming on Sunday to visit for a week. She wanted to come for the Memorial Service but I figured we would have more time together if she waited to come later. She is the only one of my sisters girls that quilts when she has time. So we want to get some quilting in. and of course a lot of talking.

But if someone can help me with this Picasso thing please let me know or email me. Thanks for dropping by.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Carnival Pride

Here I am in front but a good ways away from this huge ship. This was taken in Nassau. We didn't get one of the paid trips so walked from the boat around and over to where the shops were.

I'm really getting ahead of myself. This isn't the picture I wanted but they are so small on my computer I can't really tell which one I want. I thought I had a picture in port before we left last Sunday the 25th of July. Leaving from the Port of Baltimore was so easy and fun. I took pictures the whole way out. Going under the Bay Bridge at sunset.Of course it wouldn't get into the right place. For those who aren't familiar with Maryland. This is the bridge that goes to the Eastern Shore. Our beaches and Ocean City.

It takes about 5 hours to get out of the Chesapeake Bay. A special pilot gets on at each port to guide the ship where it is suppose to go.

We sailed for 2 days with the first stop at Port Canaveral We got off and went to Cocoa Beach but didn't stay to long as it must have been in the 90s.

I was really surprised at how large the cabin was. This is ours. I had wanted a window but figured it would be a porthole but look a full size window. The heavy dark thing on the bed was put there so we could unpack suitcases on the bed and not get them dirty. Pretty smart heh?
Our Steward was so good. Any time we left the cabin he came in and cleaned it up. Especially the bathroom. Clean towels etc. At night while we were at dinner he would come in and turn back out beds and leave a little something.This was the first night.
The paper with the goings on for the next day. Always two mints.
Every night a new animal.

Here's a picture of us on the forward deck while watching the ship leave dock. Isn't my daughter a doll? We had a wonderful time. I let her sleep in the morning. Would get up and dressed and take my key and book and go clear up to the 9th deck where all the food was . Have my coffee and find a table by the window to watch the sea going by and sometime the sunrise. What a life.
Daughter would come up when she got up and then have breakfast and decide what we would do for the day. Mostly go out on the deck and lay in the sun or get in the hot tub and talk with everyone. That is one thing I found out. Everyone was so friendly. We talked to one couple from Quebec Canada. Another time at lunch in the dinning hall we sat with a couple and their 10 year old daughter from Belgium.  Did you know that Belgium waffles are really a desert? They never eat them for breakfast.

this was when we had gotten off last Sunday and were waiting for the firebnd to come and pick us up. 11 floors and that doesn't count the lower floors where the food is stored and prepared and the crew quarters are.
Just a pretty sunset picture and a buoy. This must have been going out of the Bay. I will have more another time.

Just wanted you all to know that I had a wonderful 80th Birthday. and yes, I got a small piece of fancy cake with a candle and the waiters sang Happy Birthday.

My son came and got me at my Daughters on Monday and will be here until the middle of next week. So have a week with each of them. How blessed I am.  Thanks for stopping by.