Monday, April 23, 2012

Pike'a Peak

 I did it, Here is what I wanted in the other blog.The scene  when I got up and went to quilt on the Whole Cloth quilt that my sister started for her youngest child. When she passed away my niece took  it back to Colorado with her to finish it for him. She is almost done but don't know if she will make it before the go to California in June. So this was such a pleasant place to sit and quilt with the sun coming in the eastern window. To bad about the house in the way . There is also another mountain on the othe side of that house.
I am at my sons now, high on Confer Mountain and we can see Pike's Peak out his kitchen window.I was sitting out in the sun about noon time. Sure felt good but couldn't stay very long.
 Here is the main thing I wanted to write about. This months Schinbbly. Now don't remember what she called it. I say Geese flying every way. Love the bright fabics. I probably won't get next months done as I am staying until the middle of May. Next week am flying out to Medford Oregon to visit with my oldest brother who turn 90 the 18th of May. Figured since I am fairly close I might as well.
This is my niece and her husband dicussing where to put their new house. They have bought 35 acres of prairie and he is going to build it. Has a saw mill down there with a lot of logs to cut. In the distant over Jim;s head you can barely see the cottage they are fixing up to move into at the end of the month.Those are some mighty nice big Pines lining the gulch. I spent a day last week out there with them.

I am here mainly to go to my Granddaughter's Collage graduation May 4. She plans on being a 5th grade teacher if she gets a choice, She has been living at home this semester doing her student teaching up here close to where she went to school.
Her brother also graduates from  High School but isn't going to paticiamat. He turns 18 next week.

I have brought my log cabin quilt to work on. Knowing I would be by myself during the day and would need something to do. It's coming but today fooling around on the laptop all afternoon. Deleteing picture and trying to upload to this new blogger. This laptop is working on it's last days. We went down to Best Buy yesterday to check out one my son saw on sale. They didn't have any ot but was able to order it hopefully to get here wwithin a couple days. So He can transfer all my stuff. This one is just too bid and heavy. It is 4 years old. That is my Mother;s Day and Birthday gift which is nice.

Now below is the same picture that was in the lastmblog. so just ignore it. I couldn';t figure out how to delete it. Thanks for waiting for me and hope it isn;t quite so long. Now maybe that I figured out how to get pictures in. I even got that pillow moved to the bottom.

Welcome to Colorado

 I don't like this new set up. Can't seerm to get the pictures in I want. Arrived in Denver on the 17th. A niece picked me up at the airport and took me to Colorado Springs where I stayed for 4 days. Sat. my son come down to get me and have been with him since then.It is so good to see my grandchildren.
Well I got this picture in but not the one I wanted. This is the pillow cover that my secret Pal on the Hollow sent me. That is called twilling. Hand done and beautiful  Thank you again Ellen.

I'm not sure I had shown this before. I know I had a couple blocks after the workshop with Bonnie. This is how much I have done now. My hubbies shirts. The border will be like the 9 patches. with a dark blue inner border.

I have the Schnibble for this month someplace if I can get it uploaded. This new blogger is no good
Tried to upload from Picasa but they don't do it any more. So this is it until I can figure this thing out.