Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Fooling you. This is George--

A new Schnibble and the quilt for the Le Petite for this month, Of course you all know my husbands name was George and I have a son and grandson with that name. So just had to make this quilt.

Wanted to get it finished before I left for my trip. It was made with. OOPS can't find the strips from the charms. Will have to wait to get this one quilted. Thanks for stopping.

Completed Quilts. finally

Surprise, finally back. I have been busy. This is one of the Kids Quilts that I have made. I took a bag of about 6 back to the leader that were all bound and washed. Also had bound a large quilt that someone had sent her. She had quilted it and I said I would bind it. She hopes to raffle it off at a flea market type thing the Town has to get money for fabric and batting. She did finally get a big box from one of the companies.

This is the back of one of the Schnibbles I made a few months ago. Will have to look up the name. The fabric I used was a gift and I used the 2 set of charms and then used the blue for the background and the print was this great stripe. So figured I would use it for the backing. It also shows up the quilting better. I machine quilted it.

Here is the front of Brocante. I had showed this back in April but now it is finished. These Minis are so much fun, but I am getting a lot of them.

It seems like this summer I have had a lot of friends and family who are pregnant. There are 3 boys coming in Aug. and a girl. I didn't have any suitable pinks so got this selection at my local quilt shop. For some reason I decided I wanted to make a tumbling blocks pattern but the only pattern I could find was a paper pieced one. I wanted the whole blocks. I found the pattern in an old book I had on Amish quilts. Ever made this quilt? Well it isn't easy. Has all those Y seams. But did manage to do it all on the machine.

Here is the results. The baby shower was Sunday and she was very pleased. If you click on the picture you might be able to see the prints.

Right now I am getting packed for a 14 day cruise - trip to Alaska. We fly out on Sunday to Seattle and then on to Fairbanks and travel down to Denali and then to Mt. McKinley, traveling by train and bus down to Anchorage where we will get the ship and cruise down along the glaciers to Vancouver. So hope to have some pictures to show when I get home.

I need to get Penny to the vet to get her nails clipped but this morning she did not want to get into her cage. So am going to try again this afternoon. She is quicker than I am. My neighbor is coming twice a day to feed her while I am gone. So will check in later. Hope you come back to check the July Schnibbles I've finished for the Le Petite quilt show at the end of the month. So be sure to look for that. Thanks for stopping.