Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh Little Tree, Oh Little Tree . . .

. . . . .Kim just made me go to Michael's on Wednesday and look what I ended up with. This cute little tree to put on top of this little chest that my good friend Patricia from Kentucky sent me for Christmas a few years back. It fits nicely on the windowsill of one of my windows. In one drawer I have a small collection of thimbles. and the other drawers just some other treasures.

This was the only place that I figured was good to put a little tree out here. The tiny ornaments that I got with the tree skirt exchange are on it along with a couple things I found along with the tree. They had a lot of decorations for these tiny trees.

The card on the window sill beside it is what came with the tree skirt also.
On the narrow wall between the windows I have several mini quilts that I have made.

Hopefully I can get another good picture of the final decorated tree.
This chest is 9 inches tall and the tree about 14 inches.

As you can see out the window over the weekend with all the wind blowing the leaves are almost all gone. Well they have settled along the front of the house so that the azalea's are covered. Protected now from the snows that will follow.

At least at night now we can see the lights of Boonsboro and far away the rest of the valley.

I am almost finished with my log cabin blocks so as soon as I can get another 7 blocks made for the last row I will get a picture. Have the 8 completed rows sewn in strips so am on the way. Then will come the two different borders which will also be strips and then small squares on the very outside.

Back to piecing and other necessary things to do in my household. Need to get to the library this afternoon for more paperback westerns for my husband to read. This is his entertainment besides watching the oldies on TV and Animal Planet. His favorite.

At least I'm not sending you off to play games like Kim. Personally I like the solitaire on Ace Games. This I can get easily on my MSNTV2.

Everyone have a great day this last day of November.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Look what I got

Yesterday I heard a tap on the door and went to see who was there. No one but opening the door and looking down I saw this package and then out on the road with my mail Lady's red car, and with a wave, just like Santa, she left. Well, I had to go out and get the rest of the mail

I knew what it was and looked to see who it was from. Goodie, Jackie way up in Calgary, Canada. She was my secret Hollow sister for the season.

I know Kim has mentioned working on hers and I also said a little about making some ornaments and the coasters. They were for mine.

I had to get this opened and this is what I saw.

The card was in an envelope of course. It is so cute, a Jim Shore but the rest was just like this. All this silver - gold paper squished in around it.

See we were to make a minature tree skirt. Just what I needed for the little artificial tree that I put up now, or will a little later.

There was this triangular box which I presumed might be chocolates. Yes, Hedgehogs, So good.

But there was also three packages wrapped in FQ. Different blues, TB of course. She knows I like blue.

This shows the skirt all opened up with the three packages. wrapped with a big white ribbon.

Isn't this adorable. The ruffle like ruching around the outside is so different. She did a marvelous job. I love it Jackie. and she said she was a little intimidated when she got my name. I certainly don't know why.

I must say a little about Jackie. She , her hubby and sister, who lives in Toronto where at the Thimbleberries retreat two years ago when I went so I have met her. She and I are the senior members of this group but I think I have her by about 10 years.

Opening up the little packages I found three tiny Jim Shore ornaments. So cute.

This isn't a very good picture. But these are the Rooster, a book, and a bird ornaments. Also shows the quilting Jackie did.

This was such a fun swap. We try to do something like this each year. Great remembrances of our true friends.

Winter has really come to Western Maryland. Down in the 20's last night. Was 30 degrees when I went to Curves this morning. The wind has taken almost all the leaves off. Just keep on blowing them away.

This morning at 6 when I came out it was like daylight. The full moon shinning in my window. Beautiful start to a wonderful day.

Now back to quilting on my Snowman runner as it's a Christmas gift. I like to have things done early.

I sure wouldn't get up and go shopping at 4 in the morning like a whole lot of people did yesterday.

Also not into decorating like some other people I know. Getting too old.

Hope everyone has a great weekend to finish off this holiday.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving All

My family has all left and I am tired. But what a wonderful time we had. The two Grandkids home from College were so nice to talk to. My oldest Grandson will graduate in the Spring and is planning to continue his job of cooking at a local country club where he has worked since high school. He has worked himself up to be chief cook and really likes this. We all said he should have gone to Culinary School but he says he knows more about cooking than the fellow who works there that graduated from one.

Anyway I was looking though some of my old quilts and ran across this feedsack sampler that I had forgotten about. Thought you might like to see it.

The blocks were a swap where we sent a small square of fabric to be used in the block and it was to be feedsack. This was on a 30's group.
I love that I got the two sunbonnet Sue and Sam.

Here's a closeup of the center part with the Sunbonnets. As you see I do like blue.

I saw this in the grocery store the other day and thought I should have a red one also. It is loaded with blossoms and is just starting to open.. To our Canadian friends, Thank you for growing such lovely flowers. I think the last African violet I bought was grown in Canada.

Now here is the new lamp I bought yesterday. It is wonderful and in case you're wondering about the Dalmatian hanging from it. Well. all quilters either have a cat or a dog. This is mine. We would love a cat or dog but with DH not being stead on his feet any animal would be more of a threat that a friend.

Then I just turned around and took this picture of the rest of the porch. That's my keyboard on the little table and the TV is my monitor with the printer underneath. The wall there is really the outside of the house which is native stone. This was a screened in porch that we had enclosed. Then the window over the sink was so high short me couldn't see out of it, so our cabinetmaker knocked out the stone and made the window lower, it is just over the sink and then suggested we leave it open. Sometime men are really wonderful. He did everything I wanted and more. So this is my little world. At the other end is my design board. This space is about 27 x 6 feet wide. But so handy to the kitchen.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day with the family like I did. It was worth getting tired over.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas is Coming

Wanted to tell you about my little trip to town today. Had several things to do besides get beautiful.

I have a light which swivels and clamps on my ironing board. I'll get a picture later. It is really an architect's light with a round florescent and an incandescent bulb.
Well the florescent hasn't been working and I finally bought a new bulb which didn't even fit in the prongs. The next day the light came on. So figured it had to be in the socket.

So today I decided to stop at the Art store which is across the road from my beauty parlor. Sure nuff he had the very same thing but--

Now they have the Tru-lite - like the Ott light in round and it was wonderful. That with one of the new bulbs was perfect. But I still wanted to get it mounted on the wall right above the ironing board. He had a good suggestion which I will have to talk to my cabinet maker and see if he could make a little shelf like to clamp it to.

I went on and shopped at Wal-mart and took some quilting needles back to the QS. Don't ever get the large eyed needles by John James. They are awful. I have broke three already. Had bought two packs so exchanged one package for Henning which also say large eye but are much better.

After getting all my shopping done I decided I had to have that new lamp. It would be my Christmas present. So without telling my DH about it I surprised him with it.

I love it. I have three other Ott lights and they are the best. This sits right where I sit to read in the evening also and so have to have good light.

So now I am ready for Thanksgiving. All the work is for tomorrow. My DD and DSIL and 3 of the grandchildren will be up. and I have a couple jobs for the oldest. Shouldn't I make him work for his dinner?

Hope everyone has a wonderful family day.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Good Morning - Afternoon

I had a comment from pudge's girl and since I have no email addy can't thank her that way. So figured I'd just make another blog for today.

No pictures, Just a little talk.

That was just a nice comment, Glad someone reads my blog every morning although it doesn't always have something new on it . Got to visit Kim for that.

Glad you like the scenery from back here in Maryland on the west side of South Mountain. It has been such a beautiful fall - winter.

But I would really like to be out there in your part of the country. I have a sister in Aptos that has been moved into a Senior Assisted Living as she is starting to get pretty bad with the senior moments and has a 90 year old husband to watch. She just doesn't sound like she is happy. Says it isn't HOME. I talked to her yesterday and she seemed really good.

But it just isn't possible for me to take a trip with my husband needing me here.

I have to look forward to Thursday when the family will come for Turkey. My Grandsons say they like to come because the food is always good. That's nice.

Do hope you are all planning a nice family get together and be thankful for all.

I've been doing some machine quilting on the Cover Story printed piece I am going to give to my newest great- great niece Smile that lives in Colorado. Just need to finish the border and hem it. Thought it would be a nice wall hanging for the girls room. She has an older sister, Soquel. Will get a picture when it is finished.

Have a great day today watching Football. But I'm afraid our Team the Redskins might have another bad day down in Dallas against the Cowboy's..

Go Redskins.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

This and That Catching up

.Here's a much better picture out my window this morning. We've had lots of rain and heavy winds and I'm surprised the leaves haven't all left

The tree that is still green is an old wild cherry tree and still bares cherries but this past spring the deer got them before the owner could .

Wed. I went to my LQS for Thimbleberries club and really had a mix up. I got there early enough to look around and get some fabric cut and picked up a few other things. I know all the people and said to just leave my pile and I would get it all after club meeting.

Well, when I came up I looked for my pile and said where is it.The fellow who works there full time said "OH was that one yours? Another lady in the club had gotten some things also and had them right next to it and he had rung it all up to her and she had paid it and of course by then had just left. Darn.

The only thing that couldn't be replaced is a yard cut of beige in one of the Christmas collection and it was the end of the bolt. Well, guess if she finds she didn't want that stuff I guess she will bring it back. She lives over in W. Va. but does get to the meetings.

They cut me the other pieces that I wanted and I gathered up some more needles and a blue pen and a couple other things. Got to get it all when I'm there.

Here's the fabric I bought and the prize pattern I won. It's one of the Buggy Barn. This is her way of getting rid of patterns that aren't selling. I think.

Here's a picture of the coasters I made the last couple days for a Christmas gift. I used the Christmas fabrics for this one. The blue is the snowflake that is what the Snowmen were sewn onto. They are fun. Used some scrap batting and turned them. Stitched up the opening and quilted them a little

Then thinking of Christmas here's my Christmas Cactus in bloom. I bought this one last year.
Probably 30 years ago when my sister had a florist shop in Santa Cruz for Christmas she sent me this HUGE Cream colored Cactus. I had it for years. It was just too big for now though. I put them outside in the summer and they seem to thrive.

I saw red ones at Wal-Mart on Wed. and should have bought one. They are such small plants and get such huge flowers. The blossom only lasts about 3 days but this has loads of buds to come in time.

Don't know if it will still be blooming by Christmas or not.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Room With a View

Here's the view from my porch window showing the colorful trees that I look out on while sewing or playing on the web. Just had to get some sort of pictures on today.
I have mostly been making log cabin blocks and hand quilting on my Feed sack quilt but with Christmas coming I have to think about some little gifts.

So thought I would show you a couple of paper pieced tree ornaments that I have made. These are a Carol Doaks pattern given to members of her yahoo group. Easy and could be done in any colors. These of course are in Thimbleberries fabrics.

.Then since I'm so into doing log cabin blocks I want to make some of these coasters. These were given to me several years ago by a friend I met online in a quilting group. We went through three different ones, She was always suggesting me joining . She's the one that got me into the Quilter's Hollow and there I have stayed for at least 5 years. Made some great friends. Kim, Kairle and Patty you all know.

I have kept them spread all around the living room and one I keep right next to me on the ironing board for that occasional cup of coffee or hot chocolate. I asked Patricia for the pattern and she has sent me one set but before I use it I want to get more copies made as these are also paper pieced and I'd just use up the pattern. These are also made in Thimbleberries.

So tomorrow is my day out. Wednesday's I have a standing appointment with my hair dresser. That is after I work out at Curves. Then I will do some Christmas shopping and go the my local Quilt shop for the monthly Thimbleberries club meeting. good chance to see whats new.

I make sure i have my husbands lunch handy for him to get. He uses a walker so can't do a whole lot. But I think He likes the day all by himself also.

It won't be long till this view out my windows will be of bare trees. So the color lasting as long as it has is great.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Follow -up on going Green

I had a couple comments yesterday about the new type lights.

First the question was asked about what I was going to do with the old bulbs. They are going to the dump. I have plenty around here and since these new lights are suppose to last up to 7 years, might be as long as I'm around. Don't need the old ones. OK earlier I would never do this but times are changing.

Then the second comment was that she had bought one of these bulbs, probably when they first came out and it wouldn't fit in the lamp with the shade etc. So she took it back. She'd paid about $30 for it. That was several years ago. I didn't get any then either.

But I had seen these at Lowe's in packages of 6 for about $10.That seems pretty cheap to me. 6 bulbs. On the package they have a picture of this bulb next to the old bulbs. The same size around just a little longer. I will say the light is much softer. Check them out. I imagine Home Depot and any other hardware store has them now. I hadn't checked Wal-Mart.

No pictures today. I've finally gotten some more log cabin blocks done. Am half done the Sixth row.

We have had a touch of winter today. This morning when I went to Curves a little before 8 it was drizzling. When I came home and up on the mountain the drizzle changed to little white flakes. Didn't amount to anything but light rain most of the day. Dreary and good for sewing.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Trees on the Table--Done!

.Yes, this is all done, quilted and bound. I just laid it over the back of my chair hoping the quilting would show up a bit. Not the best but a good practice piece.

Now today I have helped with the going green. NBC has been having so much about helping the earth out. I stopped at Lowe's and bought 2 packages of 6 each of the new energy saving bulbs. They have them now that aren't as big and clunky. I have 4 different light fixtures. that take multiple bulbs.

Then I have two in the middle of the kitchen and eating area. 3 in the fixture over the sink in my bathroom. I had counted that I needed 12 bulbs. Nope this one over the table has 4.

So I put in the three top ones and the one in the middle is still the old type bulb. I have this light on and can see no difference in the amount of light.

They say on the box that each light will save $45 in electricity a year. So 45 x 12 = $540 I will save. Gee, think I can go buy more fabric?

Have you done your duty? I have one of the 3way bulbs in the lamp over my sewing machine. In fact all the lights on my porch are energy saving.

This is the one over my sink and the big open window looking into my porch and the trees are such beautiful colors right now.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bubble Fairy

This is my daughter the bubble fairy for a day at the Renaissance Festival a couple weeks ago outside Annapolis, She's taken over for a day since her two daughters who did it for the last two years If you've never been to one you should try to go some time. My son took me and the family to the one outside of Denver when I visited a few years ago.

My daughter was up for a couple days this weekend to attend her 30th high school class reunion. She really enjoyed herself and when checking her mail on Yahoo she had 7 pictures that a photographer had taken. He said he would send them to her. I tried to get the best one.

This gal is the Mother of 4. with 3 of them in college this year. The oldest will graduate in the Spring. The baby is 13. She is a teachers assistant in a Special Needs school , working on her Master's so she can get her own class. She didn't have a teaching certificate when graduating 26 years ago. How time flies.

I finished my Snow Neighbors runner. Didn't realize it was so long. This was the best place I could find to take the photo. My kitchen island.
Guess the table would have worked but I would have had to take everything off of it.
Now to find something for the backing and get it marked. I do want to hand quilt this as it's for my neighbor and she likes the hand quilting.

Then I also finished the binding on my first Christmas present. The flannel quilt for my Son's family

Thought I would drape it over my chair to give the cosy effect. It is so soft. I have the upper left corner folded back to show the backing of the TB Christmas line with pine trees. Reminds me of the Colorado mountains where they live.

Now on to make more log cabin blocks.

OH, My Daughter when she walked in and saw the log cabin blocks on the wall, Said she really liked it. How big was I going to make it.? When I said Queen size she said "Good, it will fit my new bed".

She's always wanted a log cabin for a home. I really wasn't thinking about her when making this. LOL
Wonder if I'll get it finished for her or if she will have to finish it?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

On going Projects

First I finally finished the Snowmen for the Snow Neighbors Runner. One of the kits from Thimbleberries.

I don't usually buy kits but at the TB club last month the QS had this on sale for half price. Couldn't pass that up. Thought it would be a good Christmas gift for my neighbor.
Course then I had to buy the book with the pattern.
Aren't they cute. There is two of these . One for each end of the runner. Now I have the rest of the fabrics cut and just need to sew them together. There is a large star in the middle. Really like this fabric from the Christmas Street collection.

Then next I wanted to show you how much I had done on the Kentucky Log cabin.

This is the first 4 rows. My porch is just a little over 6 feet wide and that is the width of my design board. The last blocks are pinned on the wallboard and taped to the stone of the side of the house. I'll have to start sewing these together to be sure I keep them in the right order.

Have five more rows to do. This next row has another set of houses, So they take a little longer. I've gotten so I can sew up one of these log cabins in about half an hour. That's when it's great to have my sewing area right off the kitchen. I can get supper and sew at the same time.

The thing that takes the time is cutting these strips and then into the lengths needed.

I've also finally finished machine quilting the flannel quilt I have for my Son and family for Christmas. Have got the binding half way finished . Will get a picture when it is finished. Thanks to Kim.