Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Has Spung

 The wild cherry tree at the back of our property is in full bloom. It is old as you can see from the trunk of that tree. But the cherries are good. Even the deer like them
 Now this is the view out of the living room window. It's on the north and this is just a little window beside the fireplace and I can see it from my chair. Really has a lot of blooms this year.

The old one at the back of the house is just starting. It lost some of it's limbs this year so won't be as pretty as other years.
 This is what I have been doing this past week. A new design that our leader came up with. Cute  animal figures on this one.
  Then I can't forget to show our months Schnibble. I made this a couple months ago and have just started to quilt it. So this is the bare form. Been a long time since I made any houses. This was made out of scrapes of Thimbleberries.

I finally got back in the pool today and OH it felt so good. Been out for a month. Don''t know why, but today they had an open house , hoping to get some new people. We did get about three I think for either our arthritic class or the harder areobic class.
The class starts on the 3rd of April and goes to the end of May. Course I will miss a month in the middle as I am going to spend it with my son in Colorado and a niece and family in Colorado Springs. Also plan on going out to see my older brother in Oregon for a couple days while I am in Co. He will turn 90 the middle of May. But a very spry 90.

So back to the String blocks for hubbys quilt.  Thanks for stopping by.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Is Here

I know I have been away for a long time but now I tried to get some pictures uploaded from Picasa but it wouldn't work. So will try a different way. Sorry  this is sideways. You can still see all the applique. Some of those flowers were stuffed.
This is one of the quilts from the Lancaster Show that I went to last week. Have a lot more so will see.The border of that quilt. This is the quality of quilts in this show. The log arm work is out of this world. Not what the average person does.
This is the Pride of Baltimore. Another Baltimore Album quilt. The hand quilting is wonderful. Maybe you can see it by clicking on it.
This is the center  block. The ship Pride of Baltimore. Applique and the hand quilting.

I see they have a new way of doing this so maybe I can post some more of them. I have been making string blocks with my Hubby's shirts as I have showed in other blogs. Have maybe half of them made. But been trying to get some other things done. Like basting my Log Cabin quilt to be hand quilted. I plan on spending some time in Colorado this spring with my son and a Niece so wanted something to do. It might be the last quilt I get hand quilted.
Then I have also been trying to get some Kids quilts made each month. Maybe two or three. Seems each time I take some tops she has a couple of mine to get bound. Kendra Grove is our leader and has a long arm and quilts them. Does a fantastic job getting new places to put them. I also have fabric of my own to make some IF I get around to it. Trying to keep up with machine quilting my Schnibbles that I make each month.

Spring is really coming. Have had crocus and daffodil's that are over and now Narcissus in bloom. The dogwood will possibly be out this weekend if the rain doesn't delay them. Had a couple pictures of my spring flowers but with this new way of uploading I couldn't find them. Live and learn, if I can remember. Thanks for stopping by.