Saturday, November 22, 2008

Marcie's Christmas Sparkler

Yes, I have finished my version of Marcie's Sparkler quilt. Have used a variety of Christmas prints. Most of the new line of TB but then some are from a jelly roll that Kim had sent me and then for the border I dug down deep in a drawer where I had some Christmas fabrics and found this one.

I wanted this to put on top of an old spool cabinet we have in the living room. Thanks Marcie for the cute free design.

My trip to the chiropractor on Friday went well. I'm just getting old. Nothing serious, Just those lower vertebra giving out and giving me some tingling in the legs, aches and pains in my thighs after I get up from sitting for awhile. But he says a few treatments should help.

He put the electrodes to my lower back for about 20 minutes. Says it helps to stimulate the nerves. That's a big problem in my body since the nerves in my feet are pretty much shot. It's called neuropathy and is usually something that diabetics get later on. But I'm not.

So will have some treatments and report back. Next week I go Mon. and Wed. but found out that the Monday appointment is for the same time my hubby has to see his urologist so that will have to be changed.

I'm thinking about getting something made for my College granddaughters for Christmas so that is the next thing in line to do. If I can find some of the material from their quilts.

Winter has really settled in here. Been below freezing for a couple days but sunny. Hope it is nice where you are. Thanks for stopping by the porch.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And So It Goes

My daughter was up over the weekend and telling her about my aches and pains, she said I should see a chiropractor. She had the same type of aches and migraines, found a chiropractor in Annapolis that worked her over and the migraines disappeared and so did her aches.

So Mom has to do what daughter says now. It's turn the tables when we get this age.

I had to go to a funeral Monday morning and when I got home my husband said he had found a doctor that I could see in the morning and I should call and talk to her. He'd just looked in the phone book and called a couple asking if they took Medicare patients. This one did so I called. Went in for a consultation. Sure was different than any doctor's office I've been in. The receptionist came in and he dictated to her what he wanted to be written down.

He said it was not muscular but the lower disk problem and would want X-Rays to see just what was going on before doing anything.

So off I went across the street to the Diagnostic Imaging for X-Rays of my lower back. So will see. I have another appointment on Friday. Stay tuned.

Later found out that my friend Roben had gone to this Doctor and he said right away what her problem was. Treated her and she was pleased. So nice to know someone else who had gone to him.

But I did finally finished the binding on my Orange Crush mystery quilt that Bonnie had a few months ago. I had sent it to Florida so my friend Patty could quilt it. She did a terrific job with an all-over design.

Now my daughter has asked for it, as they have three cats that like to sleep with her and she doesn't want them on her good quilts. Can't blame her and the cat hair sure won't hurt this quilt. Besides some of the fabric I used was hers. Like the orange. The backing is what was left of the orange and blue dot.

Hubby is doing as good as can be expected. We have had some very cold weather. Was below freezing last night. Did warm up today with the sun shinning but they are still calling for some snow, maybe. Had flurries the other day. Don't need snow yet. I have running to do on Thursday and Friday. Every day this week. Haven't even had much time to read any blogs.

Thanks for visiting and hope you can leave a comment. I like to know when you visit.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rantings of an Old Lady

I had an email yesterday from my younger brother in Ohio. He said he'd checked out my blog and nothing different. So D. this is for you.

Only have a couple not so good pictures to show you. What I am preparing to get ready to machine quilt next.

I took these when I was marking this quilt top on my island. It makes a perfect place, although not as big as it could be. Just the right height.

This is the Chexx Mixx blocks that the Hollow swapped a couple years ago. I did a double batch so had lots of blocks to work with. I made a shower curtain out of some the rest of them after setting this top. I got the idea from one that Tazzie showed. Since I am a blue person and had lots of TB blues it came together easy. It's all marked now and just waiting for time to get the backing pressed and to pin it.

The things I'm working on right now I can't show or talk about as it is for our secret sister for the holiday swap.

The reason I'm saying I'm an old lady is I am but have been feeling more like it every day. I can sit in my lounge chair for a couple hours and quilt and when I get up I can hardly walk. Aches and pains in my muscles. Dr. said it was the sacroiliac and I should start walking again. Gee, Dr. if you would like to come and take care of hubby in the morning then I could go walk for the 45 min. I used to walk before he ever woke up.

Then Hubby was looking for a chiropractor for me to go to. Nope don't need that. But maybe a good massage would help. What do you think, Ladies? There is one that comes into the beauty parlor on appointments, Shes even a quilter, big strong gal, I bet she could really make or break. Have to check into that.

Well, this morning after watching Sunday Morning with Hubby and the doctor on Fox, I decided it was nice enough outside to take a walk. It's chilly, definite winter in the air, leaves have fallen down steady now for a few days. Nice walk out though the woods, up and down so if you walk at a good steady pace it is a good workout. For days when you don't go to Curves.

Hubby is doing fairly well although his feet and legs are swelling again. I just don't think his heart is strong enough to do all the work that it should. But as long as he gets up and walks a little each day and lets me sleep; well once a night I've had to get up and help. At least I can go back to sleep.

Gee, it's a football Sunday and none that I want to watch. Redskins have the week off. Have to get reset for next week at home with the Cowboy's. A must win.

Oh, I got my Orange Crush quilt back from the friend who quilted it for me on her long arm. It looks great, Now have to get the binding on and sewn down. Then I will get a picture. Thanks, Patty for the quilting. It's such a busy quilt it needed a good overall quilting job. Love those Bonnie mysteries.

So glad you stopped by and will try to have something more sooner this week.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Did You Turn Your Clock Back?

I didn't!!!

Very funny. I got to sleep till 7 am this morning. Very unusual. Hubby called and asked why do those 2 clocks have different times. He didn't want to call me until he was sure.

Hmm. He has a clock I set in front of the TV and then the clock on the cable box which sets itself. It dawned on me that for the first time we hadn't turned our clocks back. Hubby always went though the house early turning them the way they were suppose to be. But yesterday he hadn't felt good so had forgot all about it. At least to remind me.

But getting up when it was actually daylight and OH what a golden light there was across the woods. Just had to get my camera and get some pictures.

First this one right straight out that I see from where I am sitting. That red tree is my large old dogwood tree and then with the golden tree in the distance.

Turning to the north the woods behind on the right and the golden Oak tree, Oh if they would just stay like this but in about a week I bet they will be gone.

Then looking across the road and up the mountain where the picture I had on a week ago taken last year. It is all in color now.

The last one is taken of the front yard. This is what happens to the leaves. covering the azalea plants already and a good protection from the winter.

Now here is what I've finally finished--my Buzz Saw quilt. I machine quilted it and tried a bit of free motion on the middle of the blocks but had put a design in to follow on the dark ones. Sort of winged it for the light blocks. These are blocks that the Yahoo group I am in swapped last year for our yearly Friendship swap. All Thimbleberry of course.

Ah, sweet smells coming from the oven. Am trying the apple cake that Kim had on her blog about a week ago. She had made it and taken to the office one day. Almost done. Hubby had be wanting some coffee cake so hope this hits the spot with him.

Thanks for stopping in.