Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh what a Beautiful Day

So this is what my perennial garden looks like when I got home from Texas . Had a great time with a great lady. She hadn't told me we were going to be stopping at a friends house below Fort Worth and do some cooking.

Yep she is the one that writes cook books mainly so far for those that have Celaic Disease. They can't eat anything with wheat in it so she tests receipes using other flours like rice, potato and baking powder for a few.

So now she is working on a book for Mircrowave baking.

Here is the mainly quilty thing that I finished on the trip. I had shown this before but not since I quilted it and then did the binding on the trip. Had to wash is as some coffee spilled on it but did not hurt it. It is all Thimbleberries fabrics.

These pictures got in at the wrong place again. But this is the final product of the muffin done in the microwave for about 2 minutes.

Here is Roben mixing and recording on her laptop what she is doing. Then mixes this in the measuring cup. Yes, she uses one egg and the rest of the ingridents and beats it up and puts it in the little pyrex bowl for baking.

She also baked some chocolate cake. After several tries with the different flours she decided that was good. I thought I had a picture of them but I think that was when my batteries decided to go bad.

We  had stayed in this little town the night before and did get out in the afternoon to get a little lunch and do a little shopping. Have you ever heard of an eighth measuring spoon? I hadn't but with these little cakes you need one. When this book comes out next year I will tell you about it. I want to try this myself. Would be nice to be able to bake a small cake for just me and not have so much left to have to eat.

I did go into one quilt shop but was not impressed.

We left there about six and had a 3 hour drive to Austin and needed to find a hotel.  about in the middle of where her wedding was and where My grand nephew lived. That took some time as the first couple we stopped at were full for the weekend. OPPS what was going on. Yep, Graduation at the University.

Finally got one at the Hilton Garden Suites. A King size bed which was OK and a very nice room. The best thing of this trip was we both had laptops and was able to get online at every hotel we stayed at . So were able to keep in touch. I had hoped to post to the blog but was usually so tired that I couldn't think straight.

When we got there I was looking for my nephews phone number. I had their address but had left the card at home. So set out to try and get it. Found their name online but no number. I called my brother in Ohio and the number they gave me was disconneted. So Roben thought about Facebook. Finally , yes, lots of my relatives have a facebook page and set out to get the number. Seems nobody was online that night but finally in the morning my nephews sister-in-law  had it for me. Of course I got a lot more too. So Facebook is good for something.

Had a wonderful day with them and Anne took me to downtown Austin and showed me the sights. What a fun day and of course temperatures at around 90. We only had one day of rain on the way down. Beautiful coming home. But was I tired. 

Thanks for dropping in and listening to my tale. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

On The Road Again

Yes, we went through the great Smokey Mountains to Nashville but the interstate goes right through the center of town but NO we did not stop.

Left Matyland about 9 AM and after the necessary stops for gas and drive through at McDonalds for lunch we finally found a nice little town with a number of Motels and food.
Went to Ruby Tuesday's for supper but wasn't impressed. Ended up with the salad bar. Tonight will have to find some good Southern Cooking.

So we are in Dickson, Tenn. half way between Nashville and Memphis. So in a little while we will be On the Road Again. Going to a little town beyond Dallas where Roben has a friend that wants to see some of her new recipes she's working up for a new Microwave cook book., She specializes in receipes for those with Celiac Disease.

So will see what today brings. Maybe tomorrow I will get some pictures of Deep in the Heart of Texas.  Have great days everyone.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time Marches On

Yes, time has marched on and it has again been a busy week. At least now I have my Social Security done.

Remember that I had said that DD and I went shopping last week?  I bought material to make drapes for Hubby's former bedroom. The room just needed to be changed.

This is what it looks like now. Got those neat Battenberg valences and this floral fabric at Wal-Mart believe it or not.
There is a small window in the front that I have now got these Battenberg curtains for all of them. 5 windows across the front of the hoiuse.

This is a shot of the bed and quilt that I was getting the orange flowers to match. It is mostly applique and all different pieced blocks in the outside border.
The Appiqued quilt folded on the cedar chest is an Antique One that I bought a number of years ago. Don't know who made it but it is perfect.

 I wanted to show you what I had put on the wall opposite the bed. It is one I made years ago with lots of small quilts. Been hanging in the basement with the other two that I made after from patterns from the same lady that lived in Gaithersburg. Took a class from her to get started on them.

I am going to be going on a little trip tomorrow. My good friend Roben has a wedding to go to in Austin Texas and asked if I would like to go along for company. She will not fly so will be going in  her new Toyoto. Which has a bulit in GPS so we will not get lost.
Beside I told her I had a Grand nephew and his family in Austin so while she is at the wedding i will visit with them and their two small children.
Have been through Texas a couple times but never to Austin. Once through Dalles Fort Worth and another years ago to Houston  as I also have my oldest nephew there and a niece.

I hope to take my  laptop along and will see if I have time to take some pictures to show you along the way. Gee. it seems like ages since I was across country in a car. That is the only way we traveled together as my husband never would fly. I have flown to California and Colorado several times.

So now to go get my hair done and visit the attorneys office. It is a dreay day out as was yesterday here on the east coast. Suppose to go through tomorrow. So hopefully we will travel through it and have some nice HOT weather for a change. 
Thanks for stopping and come back to see where I go.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Busy, Busy Week

Yes, I have had a very busy 2 weeks. My son stayed until Tues, and then my daughter came back up Tueday evening. She had to go home as her two girls were both coming home for the weekend and she also had to get plans made for her class for the week. Her Principle had said she could take all the time she wanted. I seems I can't move these pictures as I would like.Seems that it will do as it wants.  

This is my son before he left. we were taking pictures of the Rhoderdendron that are along the carport behind him.

The two quilts are both Schnibble's patterns. The orange and brown one I have shown before but it is now finished.  The other is one I have the top done called Tagalong. My friend Gran, the Embrodery Lady gave that pattern and another one to me when she visited.

This is also George. On Thursday my daughter and I went shopping . After visiting the Board of Education, My Hubby was a retired teacher. The credit union to change names the court house with what I thought were his wills., Not but copies. I had to find the originals. In the lock box thank goodness. Then a bank where his SS was deposited.
Finally to the mall.  I wanted some new sheets for his bed that was brought back up from the basement garage.  Well DD happened to spot this pillow giraffe and saw it was named George. She collects Giraffe's and has for years. But not one named George. This is a 50 plus lady and she begged me to buy it for her. I said "NO"  I  went on looking at shorts and she said I'm going to get that Giraffe. Well,. he is seen sitting in her Father's chair. I guess it is George's Chair. See her Father's name was George as is her brother's.

She stayed until Sunday afternoon when she had to go pick up Dan , her youngest whose birthday was also  this week, turned 16. A good friend had asked him over for the weekend and it really worked at well

See I have the binding on it now. Have it laying over the wheel chair,
I really like the way my Tagalong came out. Not a very good picture. Seems I cut the bottom off. I finished this up on Saturday morning while waiting for them to bring my husband home from the hospital. He seems really good and talkative to his son. They had a very good visit. Then just decided it was time to go. He looked so peaceful and the Hospice ladies were very good. Took care of everything.

Later in  the week my daughter said she had found a cruise for us to go on. She had said last year after retuning from the one she went on to clebrate turning 50 and her divorce. That she would love  to take me on one for my 80 birthday which is coming up in July. So  we leave on July 25, on the Carnival Pride for 6 days to the Bahamas. The best BD present I could ever have. What a darling daughter she is.

Do hope I can bring myself to try this again soon. I do have other things to tell you.  So until the next time. Be safe and Thanks to all the wonderful comments I got about my  hubby's passing.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

In Memmorian

My dear Hubby of 61 years passed away this afternoon after returning home from a two weeks stay at the hospital. Our Son had come in from Colorado last night so he saw his Dad and had a nice talk with him. Only 3 hours at home but he was home. Our Daughter came right up so I have them both with me for a couple days. Hospice took care of everything.

I want to thank everyone again for their prayers. Much appreciated.