Monday, January 7, 2008


I decided I really wanted a final picture of this runner I made for Briana.. So I ripped open the priority envelope and took one. Thank goodness the Post Office has a good supply of these envelopes. See how the dark blue binding really helps to finish this off..
Now it is on it's way along with the Cover Story quilt for Simile, to Snowy Colorado. That project completed.

Now today I finished quilting the next one and have the binding on so as soon as I get it whipped in place I'll get a picture. Not the best job of quilting but it is very hard for this old time hand quilter to get used to doing it on the machine.

The other day I decided I wanted to try Happy Zombie's Jingle Jolly Runner but with gold stars instead of the black. I had been given a package of the TB Christmas charms and thought this would be a nice runner for an old desk we have. Here's the results
Now I just have them sewn together but the stars do not show up. I will quilt this anyway and bind it in red as that is the one fabric from this line I have enough of. It's the right size. But I wanted to show it so someone else didn't make that mistake. We all do it,. don't we?

This has been like a Spring day here in Maryland today. Got up to 70 degrees. Had a good rain the other day but that storm that is moving east from the west coast will probably bring up more rain and colder weather the end of this week.

I do want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. to my little girl. She's 49 today. Where has the time gone.


Marcie said...

Your runners are great Eileen! I just wanted you to know that I am giving you an award on my blog, so come and visit!

Kairle said...

The blue runner looks great, Eileen. Thanks for ripping open the package so that we could see how it turned out!

I think the gold stars a more subtle than the black ones, but they still show up. I think it will look great when it's finished!

atet said...

That blue and white table runner is beautiful -- and I agree with Kairle about the gold starts. It's subtle, but it will look lovely with the quilting!

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday, Ro! I'm shocked! Where did time go? ;)