Monday, October 8, 2012

An Explanation

The last blog was created at Picasa and then it left before I could get anything written.
I know it has been a long time since I posted. Just haven't tried to get pictures uploaded so forgot about it. This afternoon I had a few pictures I wanted to show and found the way to do it and guess I didn't so it right. When I came into blogger I see that the one I started with the pictures had been published. So this is what the pictures are.
The first picture is the compeleted top that I had brought from my nieces in Colorado. Someone had given it to her to finish and she doesn't have the time. So I brought it home to finish. The colors are really better than the picture shows. I had never made a bargello quilt so I wanted to finish it. Hard to tell when it will get quilted.

The second picture is of my great-niece and her family from California. I was surprised with a short visit from them,. They are traveling the US mainly focusing on things for the kids. She home schools them. They are picking out  beanie babies for each.

The next pictures show the quilt I am quilting now on the Juki. It is blocks swapped with my online Thimbleberries group and I can't remember the name of the block. Wanted mainly to show Kim. The closeup shows how I am quilting the blocks. When I finish them I will change to free motion the pattern I have marked on the alternate blocks. Can't work on this to long at a time as it is hard on the arms moving the quilt around.

I have been doing alright. Busy the next couple weeks with two quilt retreats. This Thur, will fly out to Kansas City for a retreat with the TB group which has branched out into Civil War and Kansas Troubles. All simalar fabrics. But we have been going for well over 10 years.
Then the following week is the Annapolis fall retreat at West River. This is mainly why I rejoned the Annapolis guild. They have one in the Spring and Fall. I missed the spring one while I was in Colorado visiting my son.

I really haven't even been visiting my regular blogs. Haven't gotten a good list on this laptop. Just me not knowing how to do it or remember how. The problems of being old.
Thanks for visiting and I hope to do better. Fall is really coming now. The leaves are falling and the dogwood trees are all red. That;s the best color we get.


This is a piece  
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Few Snip Its

 This is the last Schnibble that I did. When I got a snag in uploading the pictures into the blog I just gave up. That's why no blog for so long Sorry!

This one is called Fall Houses

I've given up on doing more Schnibblies right now although I did get 4-5 new
ones from Fat Quarter Shop. I just got so fed up with trying to upload the pictures from Picasa. Well while fooling around in there last night while not connected to the Internet I found the link to do it.
 This is just a snip it of what I have finished  of DHs quilt from his old plaid shirts. It.s a pattern from Bonnie Hunters and Quiltville. I took a class from her the first of the year. Now I am down to the last row of blocks to finish off  5 of the stars with 4 wide. Will have another picture later when I get it uploaded to Picasa.
 It seems the last two pictures I had uploaded didn't want to stay so will have to publish this and show them later. Just another Kids quilt and a pillow that a secret  pal made me. Am not sure whether or not I have shown it.

Since I wrote last, I took a long drive out to Ashland Ohio to see my other brother who is dealing with lung cancer.
It was the first time driving this by my self. Have made the trip many times with my husband. Since Ashland was where we met. in 1947.
Had 4 days to just sit and talk and remenance. Also spent a day with my sister's youngest daughter who left California many years ago to travel to Ashland to Collage. Like me and my brother she also found her mate and settled there. We had a great time.

Now I am back into a routine of swimming 3 times a week and also going to our new gym in Boonsboro, that Nora Roberts built behind the Hotel. Called FitInBoonsboro.
Am out on the circuit and walking the treadmill as many days of the week as I can. So am keeping busy. A good reason for not blogging much. Thanks for sticking with me.   
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doc and some other things

Here's Doc. the Schnibble for this month. I was hoping for better colors but the light was not good enough. It is made with two charms of batiks and the background is yardage I had gotten at the Lancaster show, not knowing what I would go with it. I was hoping to use it in my bathroom for more color but I think it is going to
be too big for the spot.  

Just had to get this shot of Penny on my log cabin quilt . Of course right on the hoop. She hadn't gotten in that chair since I have been home, until I put the quilt there.
Thought you should see what we had for two Sundays;s before graduation. Just beautiful. Funny part is as soon as the sun comes out it disappears rapidly.
Blogger doesn';t seem to want me to type up where the pictures  about are so a little explanation. That is Sara my granddaughter that graduated from Collage in Greeley, Co. The other is the closest we got for the graduation and it was HOT. She had turned her robe in by the time we met up with her.
Then the picture of the log cabin quilt I took with me to quilt. I got most of the center done. Here I have a cat to get in the way or wants on my lap. Thought that was a good spot to spread it out for a picture.
Now the Schnibbly quilt "DOC" is for the quilt show that the Pink Pincushion has on the first of the month. I wasn;'t sure I would get it done but I had the pattern so that is all I have done since coming home about 10 days ago.
Had a wonderful time but was nice to get home. Penny was sure glad.  Thanks for stopping.

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Few Things Going On

The first thing was the graduation of Sara my third granddaughter to graduate from College. The main reason for this trip. That was last Saturday and then on Sunday guess what we had. 
Yes, snow and ended up with about 6 inches my son thought, It was beautiful and I watched it till I got bored, Had to get to my quilting. So this is what I brought with me to have something to do while my son was working.
This is the log cabin which I made from Judy Martins book on log cabins about 3 years ago. My daughter said it HAD to be hand quilted. I am quilting it down the middle of each strip. Starting in the middle and working out. Works out good and I don't have to keep cutting and threading needles.
Notice the light I have shinning on it. I got that the same day I got my new laptop, from Ikea. Another thing that Bonnie Hunter has shown for lighting up the sewing machine better.It has been a life savor here as my eyes need good light.
This shows a little better but not sure you can see the quilting. I had started quilting with the middle house block and going all around block by block. I am on the last row before the other houses show up. It is all Thimbleberries fabrics and my son said it would look better on his bed that the pastel one I gave them several years ago and I think it will. His drapes are dark red and this just looks more manly.
This was the next morning as the sun was coming up. Look how the Snow glistens off the trees. Now if you want to see Pikes Peak look to the right of the smaller pine tree and those clouds are covering the peak. Sure was beautiful.
When we went down to the Denver area it was 84 but by the time we got back up to Conifer it was 64,
Then today , Friday, it is again snowing probably not as much. They were saying in the high country that they might get a foot,  Just hope that Sunday, Mother's Day is nice as my Niece and her family are coming up for picnic. Might be an inside one though. But would be nice if the kids could go out and play on the trampoline. The one outside toy left here.
Then I will be leaving on a Jet plane back to good old Maryland and probably won't have a blog written before that. So glad you have stopped by to follow me on my travels. It has been wonderful. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Side Trip to Oregon

Last Monday evening I flew to Medford, Oregon where my oldest brother picked me up and we spent the night in a motel. It's over an hour to Tiller over winding narrow roads. Not something to do at 10 PM. My flight was delayed by an hour so really made it late. We went to bed. Since he is going to be 90 the 18th of this month.
Here he is working on my new laptop. He wanted to get the Yahoo messenger uploaded right.
He gets around the property on this. Took me for a ride around the house and up on the mountain and past the fruit trees in bloom. He owns to the top of the mountain. See the tall trees.
This is the top or as far as he goes. His water supply. The two tanks one for holding and the next for filtering. At the top of the mountain is a reservoir and he has pipe running down to the tanks and then more pipe running down to the house. Pretty good system. There are four neighbors that use that same reservoir.
This is the front of the house. They have been there for over 30 years when he retired from the Navy.
Yes this is me as he took me up the hill and back. Was a nice ride. Past where  they had a huge pine which was struck by lightening and fell across the bottom drive. There are logs still laying around waiting for a saw mill to come and cut them up. He is waiting for his son to come and live with them. But he has to recover from a motorcycle accident.
I was there through Thurs,. and it was another waiting game. It was rainy and foggy and planes were  backed up going to San Fransisco and mine was late coming in from Denver so again late home. Fortunately Sara my granddaughter was down in Denver getting her car tended to so she came to pick me up so my son could go home and eat and rest after a long day working.
Was so glad I went to see them. It had been at least 20 years since I saw my sister-in-law  and about 8 years since my brother had visited me.

Am having a nice restful time here at my sons. Had about 6 inches of snow on Sunday but today the sun was out bright and it has almost disappeared.They are calling for more this weekend. Springtime in the Rockies.

I go home next Tuesday and will be happy to see Penny. She is being well taken care of by my neighbor. I have been quilting on my log cabin. Want to get it finished as it will look nice on my Sons bed now with his newly remolded home. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Little more of Colorado

This is my Niece's two granddaughters and youngest grandson. At the end of the couch was Grandpa.
And the picture on the wall of cowboy's is one of his prints. He is a great photographer with a couple picture books published.

This was the evening I arrived and we were  celebrating two  birthdays. with a dinner. They are in the
midst of moving out to the prairie. I think I showed this picture before.But going back through my pictures I wasn't sure..
 This lower one shows the view they have looking towards Pike;s Peak and the mountains. Also a pile of trees that he is going to cut up for the house they will  build.

But before that they are fixing this little place up to live in. Still need water and electricity. They want to go solar. So lots of work yet to go.

This is just one view of the garden that she is leaving behind. They have sold their home of about 10 years and going to pioneer it. Good  Luck Roann. 
 Well there was a picture there but gone now. Just leave it to blogger.
I havc been having a great time at my sons. So far haven;'t been able to upload those pictures. Really spent two weeks just relaxing and reading and quilting on my log cabin quilt. Guess I could have put a picture of it.
Then on Monday I flew to Medford Oregon to spend a few days with my oldest brother time reminiscing

Now tomorrow Morning my granddaughter graduates from Teachers Collage in Greeley. She hopes to teach 5th grade. Hopefully I will be able to upload some more pictures. before I go home. Have two more weeks almost.  Thanks for stopping by.  
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pike'a Peak

 I did it, Here is what I wanted in the other blog.The scene  when I got up and went to quilt on the Whole Cloth quilt that my sister started for her youngest child. When she passed away my niece took  it back to Colorado with her to finish it for him. She is almost done but don't know if she will make it before the go to California in June. So this was such a pleasant place to sit and quilt with the sun coming in the eastern window. To bad about the house in the way . There is also another mountain on the othe side of that house.
I am at my sons now, high on Confer Mountain and we can see Pike's Peak out his kitchen window.I was sitting out in the sun about noon time. Sure felt good but couldn't stay very long.
 Here is the main thing I wanted to write about. This months Schinbbly. Now don't remember what she called it. I say Geese flying every way. Love the bright fabics. I probably won't get next months done as I am staying until the middle of May. Next week am flying out to Medford Oregon to visit with my oldest brother who turn 90 the 18th of May. Figured since I am fairly close I might as well.
This is my niece and her husband dicussing where to put their new house. They have bought 35 acres of prairie and he is going to build it. Has a saw mill down there with a lot of logs to cut. In the distant over Jim;s head you can barely see the cottage they are fixing up to move into at the end of the month.Those are some mighty nice big Pines lining the gulch. I spent a day last week out there with them.

I am here mainly to go to my Granddaughter's Collage graduation May 4. She plans on being a 5th grade teacher if she gets a choice, She has been living at home this semester doing her student teaching up here close to where she went to school.
Her brother also graduates from  High School but isn't going to paticiamat. He turns 18 next week.

I have brought my log cabin quilt to work on. Knowing I would be by myself during the day and would need something to do. It's coming but today fooling around on the laptop all afternoon. Deleteing picture and trying to upload to this new blogger. This laptop is working on it's last days. We went down to Best Buy yesterday to check out one my son saw on sale. They didn't have any ot but was able to order it hopefully to get here wwithin a couple days. So He can transfer all my stuff. This one is just too bid and heavy. It is 4 years old. That is my Mother;s Day and Birthday gift which is nice.

Now below is the same picture that was in the lastmblog. so just ignore it. I couldn';t figure out how to delete it. Thanks for waiting for me and hope it isn;t quite so long. Now maybe that I figured out how to get pictures in. I even got that pillow moved to the bottom.

Welcome to Colorado

 I don't like this new set up. Can't seerm to get the pictures in I want. Arrived in Denver on the 17th. A niece picked me up at the airport and took me to Colorado Springs where I stayed for 4 days. Sat. my son come down to get me and have been with him since then.It is so good to see my grandchildren.
Well I got this picture in but not the one I wanted. This is the pillow cover that my secret Pal on the Hollow sent me. That is called twilling. Hand done and beautiful  Thank you again Ellen.

I'm not sure I had shown this before. I know I had a couple blocks after the workshop with Bonnie. This is how much I have done now. My hubbies shirts. The border will be like the 9 patches. with a dark blue inner border.

I have the Schnibble for this month someplace if I can get it uploaded. This new blogger is no good
Tried to upload from Picasa but they don't do it any more. So this is it until I can figure this thing out.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Has Spung

 The wild cherry tree at the back of our property is in full bloom. It is old as you can see from the trunk of that tree. But the cherries are good. Even the deer like them
 Now this is the view out of the living room window. It's on the north and this is just a little window beside the fireplace and I can see it from my chair. Really has a lot of blooms this year.

The old one at the back of the house is just starting. It lost some of it's limbs this year so won't be as pretty as other years.
 This is what I have been doing this past week. A new design that our leader came up with. Cute  animal figures on this one.
  Then I can't forget to show our months Schnibble. I made this a couple months ago and have just started to quilt it. So this is the bare form. Been a long time since I made any houses. This was made out of scrapes of Thimbleberries.

I finally got back in the pool today and OH it felt so good. Been out for a month. Don''t know why, but today they had an open house , hoping to get some new people. We did get about three I think for either our arthritic class or the harder areobic class.
The class starts on the 3rd of April and goes to the end of May. Course I will miss a month in the middle as I am going to spend it with my son in Colorado and a niece and family in Colorado Springs. Also plan on going out to see my older brother in Oregon for a couple days while I am in Co. He will turn 90 the middle of May. But a very spry 90.

So back to the String blocks for hubbys quilt.  Thanks for stopping by.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Is Here

I know I have been away for a long time but now I tried to get some pictures uploaded from Picasa but it wouldn't work. So will try a different way. Sorry  this is sideways. You can still see all the applique. Some of those flowers were stuffed.
This is one of the quilts from the Lancaster Show that I went to last week. Have a lot more so will see.The border of that quilt. This is the quality of quilts in this show. The log arm work is out of this world. Not what the average person does.
This is the Pride of Baltimore. Another Baltimore Album quilt. The hand quilting is wonderful. Maybe you can see it by clicking on it.
This is the center  block. The ship Pride of Baltimore. Applique and the hand quilting.

I see they have a new way of doing this so maybe I can post some more of them. I have been making string blocks with my Hubby's shirts as I have showed in other blogs. Have maybe half of them made. But been trying to get some other things done. Like basting my Log Cabin quilt to be hand quilted. I plan on spending some time in Colorado this spring with my son and a Niece so wanted something to do. It might be the last quilt I get hand quilted.
Then I have also been trying to get some Kids quilts made each month. Maybe two or three. Seems each time I take some tops she has a couple of mine to get bound. Kendra Grove is our leader and has a long arm and quilts them. Does a fantastic job getting new places to put them. I also have fabric of my own to make some IF I get around to it. Trying to keep up with machine quilting my Schnibbles that I make each month.

Spring is really coming. Have had crocus and daffodil's that are over and now Narcissus in bloom. The dogwood will possibly be out this weekend if the rain doesn't delay them. Had a couple pictures of my spring flowers but with this new way of uploading I couldn't find them. Live and learn, if I can remember. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday Night Sew In

This is a little block, picture I made from a baggie full of scraps. My stylised Christmas Tree.
Now to the blocks for my version of Virginia Bound. I think I will have to rename it Maryland Bound as that is where Hubby was from and I went to as a young bride. I am using his shirts as he left us almost 2 years ago after too many years  of hurting too much.

So this is what I finished yesterday. The last three pieces to complete these four blocks. Have 16 complete blocks to go.

Now this is what my sewing table looks like. I have a Featherweight in it's table and an extension table. This is in front of my porch windows. Next is a big board on top of two sets of plastic drawers for storage of fabric and next to that is a 6ft. table for cutting. Makes a nice quilting porch. Of course at the end my TV etc.

Nice mess but workable. I have all the strips in this bin and the lid.

This is the Schnibbly quilt for this month. I used fabric from a plate of Patisserie which Carrie Nelson sent as a prize a couple of months ago. This is called I,S,T,H. Miss Rosies Name.

Posted by PicasaThe black amd setting fabrics are Thimbleberries. The red just out of my stash. I really like this little quilt. Thanks Carrie.

Maybe I have got through this post without loosing a picture. I still had a cute picture of Penny but maybe another post.
They have been calling for snow here with this big storm coming from Texas but now think it is going out the coast. What a crazy winter we have had. Hope to get out sometime today and rake some leaves. Can do a little at a time. So hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.