Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall in Western Maryland

This is my rocker at the back of my property and the view looking west and the woods that below to the neighbors. I love to sit here and read in the afternoon . So peaceful.
So then a few days later a different view with the yellow coming though. I finally got all 4 pictures posted together. Just needs some practice.
Then yesterday I  just had to take this out of my window. This is what I see when I sit and sew on my porch. The close tree is the dogwood which is old, old and in the foreground by the bird feeder are about three small dogwoods that we have tried to keep growing. There was two blossoms on one of them this past spring.
This is what I have been working on the past couple weeks. See all those half square triangles. Takes a lot of time. But really is worth it.
It is the Thimbleberries Club quilt for this year. Is just 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide. That is how big my board is and the room. It will be a while before I get this quilted.

Have enjoyed being able to drive myself as the Doctor said I could drive and also I can now start swimming again. So that is what this last week has been. Busy as I had my  last week of physical therapy. I presume that means I am almost back to normal.  I still have some backaches when I am walking to long. So it just  means I don't go  shopping very long or sit down for awhile.
I still have a date at the Doctors office the day before Thanksgiving but also have to get X-rays of my  back to take with me. So  maybe I will get pictures of what he did to my back.

Something else that I am doing today along with My Hubbies cousin who is also a widow , we are going to see a travel agent to find out about a cruise to Alaska for next summer. That should make a very rainy warm day much better.

I have also been getting Bonnie's last mystery quilt, machine quilted. It is on my Juki in the basement. Find I  can get a good bit done in about an hour or so. Didn't get down yesterday and guess I won't today.

So yes, I am doing well  and have to get some more quilting  completed, Thanks for stopping by even though I don't have that much to say or post to often.   Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Paganini

Yes, this is my first Schnibble quilt for this year. Happy Paganini. Happy is the name of the charms that I used. It is by Me & and My Sister by Moda. I loved all the bright prints, polka dots and strips. Was so glad when I went to my Local Quilt Shop where I had gotten the charms to find they had a good many of the prints so the one I picked was the blue print. If you click on the picture you will probably be able to see all the prints.

More good  news today.  With a visit with the Neurosurgeon. Asking the main question, can I drive. Yep. Oh, boy, finally  after almost 6 weeks having to ask for appointments. Then the next question, How about swimming. There again he said that was good excersise. So I am ready to go next week

My daughter is coming home for the weekend to try and get some rest as her back is hurting. School has been rough so far and she is just doing too much. Coming home  will be good for me.

The next thing for me now is to finish off  the TB Club quilt for this  year. I have the blocks done and am surprised that it is here at the bottom .

This gets several boarders. The first is just a small on of the main print. Then  there is a bigger one with sawtooth all around on both sides so that will take a while to make.
How do you like these very different trees and fences. This is done in the dawn prints so light background like the dawn.Posted by Picasa

More to come. Thanks for stopping by.,

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black Hills

Yes, a little strange title for me but I have just finished reading the best book, I just had to tell you about it.

Black Hills by Nora Roberts. Not just a love story but a story of two people starting when they were young and ending in a thrilling tale of the Black Hills and sacred Indian grounds.
A story of a girl who loved the wild animals and wanted to save the injured and start a compound for them and for teaching others about the beautiful wild animals.

It is a fairly new book having come out in 2009. I read mostly the older ones but love her adventures which in the past year the books I have read have been about Alaska, South Carolina and Now the Black Hills of the Dakota's.

I have been sewing but don't have any pictures yet. As you can see from the sidebar I have joined up with the Schnibble group for this coming year to try to make all 12 quilts that they ask for. I already have made at least six or eight of them and now have started on the New Pagainni , That's the first one that needs to be made by Nov. 1. why don't you join in. They do give prizes out. Kim did all of them last time and did end up with a prize.

I am progressing nicely. Have been doing without the cane even a little. But still need to get my legs stronger. PT at 8 in the morning and first thing 10 minutes on the step machine can really get you going. They usually end by doing some massaging on the back and then put on the electrical stimulation and a big heat pad for close to 15 min. So ends up good.

So hope things are going well for all of you. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Plan C Schnibble's

Here is the thing that has taken me so long to complete. It is called Plan C and it is the Mini. Each row is sewn together before sewing it up. So it had to be kept in order. Sure was fun.

Then of course the border. I didn't have quite enough of the orginal charms because I didn't read right. Do you to that also. Just go ahead thinking you are right?
I cut a lot at 2 1/2 in. instead of 2 inches so I didn't have enough. But filled in and I doubt you will notice.

Want everyone to  know that I was doing good. Have graduated to a cane and yesterday she said I could go downstairs, but to be careful. But My Juki is in the basement and also some plants that I want to make sure are being watered. I can also walk outside in the back and check on my perennial bed. Probably full of weeds. I didn't have a chance to even  turn on the soaker hose to water it. But I think what is there now will be OK. Will have a lot of work on it in the spring. Sure hope I am able to do what I want. I know I just have to take it easy.

So the rest  of what I have done are in the next blogs. I think maybe I have learned what I did wrong. Hopefully by the next time I have pictures. Thanks for stopping by.Posted by Picasa

Jelly Roll quilt

Ah, at least I have a picture in this one. Will have to see about the other one.
I finally was able to get these blocks sewn together as I have had the larger print since I was in the hospital. A friend in Kansas City was able to get it from her local shop, since it is a Kansas Troubles print. That's what the Jelly Roll was and all the other prints I have used.
Now I have an idea of another border but that will be in the next blog. Since the pictures I sent all went into seperate blogs.

I have been having Physical Therapy three times a week and each day goes a little further. On wed. I asked about using a cane and she had me walk around some walkways twice and decided I was doing well enough. So stopped at the store and got a cane.

So am coming along. Have two more weeks yet of PT. Next Friday I see the Doctor again and am hoping he will say I can drive. I don't like having to depend on someone else all the time.  Thanks for dropping by.  Posted by Picasa

Jelly Roll Quilt addition

Here is what I am thinking of doing for an outside border on this Jelly Roll quilt. Have a lot of KT charms and enough of that outside print to use. I might end up move them around a little. Wanted to make a few and get them up so I could get a few comments about what you all think.

This was fun doing and then trying to figure out just how to put it together. Twelve blocks is really not enough to make a very large quilt. This will probably be just a large throw or twin size. Maybe one of the grands will like it. Have two boys yet to go off to collage.

I don't know how I can get that Schnibbles quilt picture. Can't seem to get the post back now to edit it.

Now will publish this and then the other one which should be first to be read. Sort of strange I know. Sorry.

Would love some comments about maybe suggestions about other borders. thanks.Posted by Picasa