Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some Sad News

I hate to have to write this blog but it has to be done. I have had so many email me privately wondering about Hubby. Well he is not doing good at all and I think the Doctors are going to pull out all the tubes and let him come home with an aide from Hospice. He so wanted to come home. He seems to have gone downhill very fast and why prolong something that is not good or will be good. , Our son is flying in tomorrow to spend a little time with his Dad. Hasn't seen him since last summer.

Now on to what I have been doing. Here is the second Schnibbles with this pattern for me . I finally finished the binding today at the hospital. I took this picture with it hanging on Hubby's wheelchair.
This is the one I have going now. It's called Tagalong,I still need to sew the inner white border on and then the pieced outside border.
This was made with Garden Song by Nancy Halvorsen. I had picked it because of the plaids, stripes and I think it has turned out good.
These are the blocks I have made so far for the 2010 Thimbleberries club quilt. There are some different blocks and I have them set here on the board where they go in the main part of the quilt. There are three more stars and another house. Not sure if there is more. But then there are the borders. Fun to watch it go together.
It's great the way our quilting helps to keep your mind in a good place. I really don't know what I would do without my quilting and my online friends. I need to talk  to someone I just come to the laptop.  Thank you all for being my  friends.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm OK

I've had a few of you wondering what was going on with me. I have been sewing. This is the last Jelly Roll block and now waiting for the next one.
I do have some pictures of the flowers that are coming up in the early spring.

This is the first of the Primulas that stayed good through the winter. There are more to come up and my Daughter brought me a new one for Easter. That is my shadow. I took pictures in the late evening.

This is part of the little garden I have at the back of the house. The creeping phlox are starting to bloom over that old stump. Lots of the other perennials are coming alive.

Here is a view from the other direction. The last yellowish creeping vine is really taking over but hopefully all the dianthus will come back. There are columbine and others showing up.

I have been very busy with my Hubby for this past month. He has been in and out of the hospital with really bad infections and is back there now for at least another 8 days. He came home this past weekend for a couple days but was too weak to be able to get around and without any help couldn't take care of him. Come to find out then that this infection has gotten into his blood so back to more IV's, Fortunately  they had left the Pic line in so he doesn't have to have a lot of sticking of needles that leave lots of bruises.

Here is the edge of the lower drive with the phlox that I planted last year. Those large leaves are the Pink Ladies that come up in Aug. My Daughter and I planted these a year ago and have come up all over the yard. Several up along the road. So hopefully in August we will have lot of Pink Ladies coming up this August when it is HOT.

This is the completed top of the blocks we swapped at the Quilters Hollow that I belong to. It has every ones signature in the middle of the block. I didn't make more blocks as I wanted just a small throw. Now to get it quilted.I have finished machine quilting a Schnibble's quilt but need to get the binding sewn on and whipped down so that will be for later.

Sure hope this comes out OK. With the new editor on blogger it is hard to see how it will come out. So I am fine just busy. Now must think about getting to the hospital. It's a daily chore and am keeping up with my swimming three times a week.  Thanks for sticking with me and being so concerned . Will try not to be so long posting another blog.