Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vintage Stitches

Finally this quilt is finished. Now the front and back have been done for two years but as you can see it is big and when you see the back further down you will see it is a reversible quilt. So I didn't want to hand quilt it. Needed an overall design done on the machine but not by me.

We have another member of our group whose name happens to be the same as mine, She is much more quiet though. She got a frame last year after moving into a new home with room and when I said something about getting someone to quilt this she said she would as soon as she got bigger poles.

So about a month ago she said she had her poles and to send it. Which I did and within a few weeks she had it done.
This is the top. The large light blocks in the center have designs significant for each month. Some of the women embroidered the blocks . Some colored them in, Which is what I did with the second set on the back. The tumbling blocks is a printed fabric

Here is the back. I did this differently than the pattern called for.

Here is a closeup of part of a block and I think you can see the quilting which is a Pantograph of large swirling feathers

Here is the April block for Easter. I colored them using regular crayons and heat setting them.

It seemed to take forever to get the binding on this. It is queen size and I'm very glad to have it finished.


Kairle said...

Really nice job, Eileen. Thanks for posting a close up of Eileen C.'s quilting. She did a great job! Another one finished!!!

dot said...

Beautiful quilt. It looks so warm and inviting. Enjoy it!!!

atet said...

That quilt is just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

canquilt said...

The quilt is beautiful. I love the tumbling blocks fabric. I like it so much I bought a bolt not long ago. I knew that it would make a beautiful backing or border.

pudge's girl said...

Lovely, you are really prolific and the backing, how clever.

Quiltsmiles said...


I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Beautiful quilts, family and the life you are leading. Sorry over the loss of both your husband and sister. I'm hoping that time has eased your loss.

I love this quilt you called "vintage stitches". What pattern is it? I love embroidery and quilting and this would fill the bill in both categories. It's gorgeous! You can contact me through my email address of:
Thank you for your time and kind regards.
PS: the e in my email stands for my first name and my mother's name...Eileen. And would you believe one of my brothers married an Eileen!

Anonymous said...

Do you by any chance have the block patterns for the Vintage Stitches quilt? I would like to make this is different fabric and cannot find patterns. Thank you,