Thursday, May 28, 2009

Double Delight and more

First off, hubby had to go back to the hospital on Sunday. He lost a lot of strength and went down a couple times. I had to call 911 3 times in two days. It turned out that his kidney's were not functioning like they should have. So now on Thursday he is still in there and probably will have to go back to Rehab. Think he likes it better there than at home. At least it is easier on me.
This is what I've been working on this week and am sick of squaring these babies up. 120 3 1/2 inch squares. Now on to the next ones. Making 3 patches. 1 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. Need 130 of the light -dark-light and 260 of the dark -light - dark. These will make up the 130 - 9 patches. I just had to see how this was going to go together so made up one block of each. Looks funny this was on the wall I know but this is how they will go together on point. So I best get busy and sew some more strips together.
I wish I could think up crazy things to talk about like Kim and her spiders. Gee, they don't bother me . But we don't have big ones like she's talking about. What we do have is STINK BUGS. Not afraid of them, They buzz around and then might land on you. The only thing you don't want to do with them is squash them because they do STINK. Nothing kills them. So I do like one lady said in the newspaper. Put them down the toilet and they won't hurt anyone. They come out at night when the lights are on and buzz around the light. I've had them drop down on the quilt while I'm quilting.
To think some bright soul brought them over from China to eat something in the orchards of Georgia or some place in the South. They are graudally working there way North. They are suppose to eat plants but haven't seen an signs that they touched my african violets. Just go away .

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

And The Winner Is--

Here's a Dutch Iris and some Coral bells to Vickie D. Please send me you address and I will get this pattern out to you Tuesday. Yesterday I was looking at all the flowers that were blooming around the house and thought I would show you some of them. The Dutch Iris is on the south by the carport. This is a hill that I am trying to get vinca going on. Doing pretty good if the weeds and that grass would go away, Oh and the dandelions.I just love the color of this Primrose. It is a new one I got this year and just keeps blooming. Now with the hotter weather coming on it will probably stop. That is a soaker hose I have going through the perennial garden. So much easier to keep them moist. This is an over view of the perennial garden It has really filled in this year and the Dianthus are getting nice an big and full of blooms. Lots of Coral bells and columbine which have been gorgeous.
Another view That yellow ground cover I got the first of the season has really taken over, Might have to move some of it to my neighbors rock wall. She doesn't have any.Going around to the North side of the house I have planted two Rhododendrons with this pink azalea in the middle. It is just starting to bloom. The Rhododendron is a pretty lavender. This is the other one and is a dark red. These in the front that are just opening are the ones the the deer ate the leaves. I wasn't sure the buds would open . Here is another shot showing one that is completely open. Just wish this was around where it could be seen better.

Hubby has had some problems this week. Not as strong as he thought. I have had to call 911 twice to get him up. Hasn't really hurt himself except for scraping his arm . We are now going to get a ramp for the backdoor. He just couldn't make that last step.

I've been working away on the second set of square in square blocks for the Double Delight. It is going faster than the first set using scraps. Pictures later.

Thanks to everyone that wished me a Happy blogging. Hope I can make it to 300.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

200 Post Giveaway

First I thought I'd show you what I'm working on now.All out of my stash. This is the first part of Bonnie's Double Delight. After I saw it completed I just had to make it. Takes time though. Here are the first 150 blocks which partiaily make up one of the blocks.Her instructions are so good and easy when you use the Essy Angle ruler for cutting out the triangles. These are only 3 1/2 . Now to the giveaway. Remember when Kim and I were making these Pieces of the Heart quilts. This is the Chance of Flurries, Good for the east coast where I live.Here is my completed top. So here is the pattern and if you would like it leave a comment within the next few days and on Sunday the 24 of May I will pick a name and post on that days blog. You must then send me you address and it will be mailed out the next day.

In getting the picturess ready for this post I uploaded the Trees quilt done in the same way. To bad neither of them have been quilted yet. I couldn't figure how to delete it so figured I'd just show it again. Someday they will get quilted.

We're having some really nice weather now after about 3-4 days of rain. Boy is the grass and here weeds have been growing. I managed to get out and weed whack the bank this aternoon but it wore me out.

So far things are going fine, Hubby is really weaker than I thought he was but as long as he can get around a little it's fine. Oh, and I have an aide coming now twice a week t o bath him. A big chore off my hands. Sure miss my kids though.

Thanks for stopping and remember to leave a comment if you want this pattern. It was so much fun to do.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

He's Home

Friday morning about 10 o'clock my son arrived from Colorado and we went to the home to bring Hubby home. Imagine he wasn't even ready. But that didn't matter by 11 or so we were home and in the house and he did very well walking with the walker of course but sat in his lift chair for a long time. Till lunch time and he did come to the table to eat.

We had gotten a hospital bed for him compliments of the Ruitan club, on Thursday. So all was ready for him. So far so good. He has been sleeping in his bed at night. For the last couple years he stayed in his chair day and night.

Our Daughter came after she had finished with her school day and extra teaching for a home bound student. So the complete original family was all together for the weekend. What fun and what a big help for me. Here is a picture of them taken this past Christmas. She is so good helping with her dad. DS did a lot of things for me. First off, because they were calling for rain on Saturday, he cleaned out the spouting at the front of the house. It has covers but with all the trees we have and after 6 years they really needed it.

The the big project was running a new cable line to the bedroom so Hubby could have his TV if he was going to sleep in there. He kept the TV on all the time. So it had to be run the complete length of the house. Both of them worked on these. Then when he hooked it up the TVs all worked but not my Internet. I have broadband through the cable company. So he had to figure what was wrong. For someone who designs rockets and working now on the new space vehicles, this wasn't too big of a problem

Saturday DS said he would go out to Outback and get us all supper. Mainly a lobster for his Dad. So that was a big treat and another meal I didn't have to cook. DD did most of the dishes while she was here. Had to go back home about 2 on Sunday because of something else on tap . So far Hubby likes his bed and has slept pretty good. At least he hasn't woke me up yet.

DS leaves tomorrow and he will be missed. But he has to get back to work and his family in Colorado.

Now I see that this is my 200 post so tomorrow I will post a giveaway for the end of the week so stop back.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Result of Rains

See what I mean look at that plant on the left, it has spread far more than I wanted it to.These pictures look a little dark and I guess it's because I just took them at dusk. If you remember what this looked like last year, it has really filled out. This old stump is almost covered with 4 different colors of creeping phlox. I can't tell you what the white flowers , plant is. I went out to try and find the label but couldn't. I can't remember them.all.
Guess this picture is almost the same. Hoping you can get a better look by clicking.
The other day it was so lovely, laying out there trying to sleep, with the dogwood blossoms flying all around. The trees all so greened up. The weeds, grass, growing like weeds. It was so peaceful. I read a little, tried to nap and just looked at all the wonders of springtime. Here's more of a closeup of the phlox Also some columbine. I had bought several varieties last year and they have seeded all over. Love it. Looks like down here in the corner is the Colorado state flower, blue columbine. I think one of the other pictures have more of it closer.
Right here You can see a couple of them. The light yellow green plant in the foreground has spread all over. Sure hope the Dianthus can get out through it. It's gorgeous to look at but gee, I want a lot of different perennials and herbs.
Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I thought I would have to be by myself for dinner. Nope On IM Wed. night my daughter asked me what I had planned. Gee, wonder what she expected since her sibling brother is in Colorado. She and her son were going to a party today and she said since they would be part of the way here they would come up after the party tonight and take me out for dinner tomorrow. Now isn't that sweet? Hubby had asked me the other day what I wanted for Mother's Day and I had said I would love to go out to dinner. Now I know he didn't call her as he doesn't have a phone.
We might go to church and then dinner, I'm thinking if we go to the Chinese buffet we could take Hubby some hot sour soup.

This looks similar to one of the others. I can't really get a good look at these pictures until I get them on here. I guess there is a way but HOW?
I've decided to make Bonnie's last mystery quilt she calls Double Delight. I've liked that quilt ever since I've seen it completed. Since I have plenty of fabrics and strips I started digging and have found similar colors to what she did. Have started the first part. That's a whole lot of square in square's to make and there is another set next. I've only been able to print off the first and second part. This printer just doesn't want to print right. Wouldn't stop printing once the first part was printed, just kept printing it again. I only had one set marked.
At least I can always go to the site and see. Long ways to go though. I just wanted something to piece. I really don't need another quilt top. Can't help it can we. ?
Here is more of that yellow green ground cover. It has really taken over.

Happy Mothers Day to all my friends who are Mother's Hope you have a wonderful day with your families.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Project done and ramblings

Time to give an update on what I've been doing and how Hubby is doing in his rehab. Thursday I brought him home and the Occupatiental Therapist came to see how he would do when he came home.
He really surprised me. Coming in and walking with his walker of course, straight through the kitchen to his lift chair in the living room. He really has missed this chair. He sat for awhile and the the OT said to get up without rising the chair, and walk to the bathroom. Which he did. Sat down without help and we went to the kitchen. He said he would call when he was done. Nope He got up by himself and started to walk back to the kitchen.
I had pulled out his high topped chair with high arms and wanted to see if he could get up out of it. Rested awhile and got up with no trouble. He certainly has come a long way in the month that he has been in rehab. He really wants to come home.
Before I went down for him I had a phone call from the nursing home saying that he was scheduled to come home on May 15. Just perfect as our son will be here that day to spend a few days with him.

Now here is my most recent finished project. This is the Pineapple Blossom blocks that the group I'm in swapped for out Friendship quilt for the year. I made a few extra block to get the size I wanted to fit my table. Hubby had complained that the quilt didn't cover the whole table. This one does. The blocks are just six inches and it takes four of them to make one of the stars. Fun figuring a design with them.
I just finished machine quilting it this week and got the binding all down yesterday. Was anxious to get it on the table. Really like it. You can probably see some if the pencil lines in the border where I have the Bishops fan. It's not perfect by far but is finished.

Friday, I had a second injection in my back but this one doesn't seem to be working very good. He was trying to work with the right leg and center back that had been hurting. Just a trial and error thing. So will see.

We have had 3 days of foggy rain and enough is enough. We needed it but lets have a little sunshine now. So back to the hand quilting. I am getting a lot of that done on the Sunbonnet quilt and a lot of reading. Just finished the new Elm Creek book - "Lost Quilter" So good.
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