Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Flower Garden

I promised you a picture of my next quilt, My Flower Garden. I didn't have a pattern so went to the library and found a book that had it in. Made a template out of cardboard but later found one made out of tin with sandpaper on the back so it would not slide.

I learned that it should be with a yellow center, then a plain color and then a floral and the green representing the garden path. Putting them altogether with muslin.

Everyone of thsse blocks are different and they are not really easy to put together. Needs a little practice. As you can see in this picture The bottom is scalloped around the flowers. Some people cut the blocks and made it straigth as it is easier to bind. I acturally sewed this binding on by machine but of course did the last by hand.

This is a picture of the hexegon used to make these blocks. At the corners are larger dots. You sew two pieces dot to dot. Then another one doing two sides..I meant a lot of cutting off and knot tieing. I always started in the middle and sewed the first row all around. then started on the second row. Just going from dot to dot.

Here's a closeup of one of the blocks. What makes this so much fun to look back on is that both of these prints were my clothes. I had a dress out of the outside print and I think a skirt out of the black with red flowers

Another closeup but also showing how I did the sides. Just partial blocks made a straight side but it is still scalloped with with the hexagon.
Just another closeup of the end. I have quilting inside of each hexegon. Didn't know about taking the 1/4 in in those days. Now I use the tape as I can't get it even otherwise.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at some of my older quilts. This went on our bed in our new home and then when it became impossible to sleep in the same bed, He's hot and I'm cold. I had an old twin bed in the same room and I bought a completed top at a house auction and quilted it. It's has much softer colors in it more like the 30's.

This is a crazy picture but it shows how I finished the corners.

A little trip back in time. I made this between 1964-66. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.


CONNIE W said...

Your GFG quilt is beautiful. I really enjoyed reading all about it. I am in the process of making one which I am piecing by hand. I only work on it now & then so it's slow-going but I have most of the blocks made, only have seven more, and then I can start on the path. I hope to someday have it fnished and tell about it on my blog.

Kathie said...

some day I will make this quilt too!
not sure I will do the edges like that though :)
is the template 1" across?
thanks for sharing another one of your quilts with us

Tazzie said...

Another stunning quilt Eileen. Thank you for sharing. I have always wanted to make one of these, but really don't think I have the stamina.

Marcie said...

These old quilts of yours are fabulous. They really speak to an era, don't they? This is such a time consuming piece. I commend you for completing it! I have made many of those blocks, but they never "turned into" anything!

atet said...

Oh wow -- that quilt is just great! I don't know if I would ever have the patience to do that. But, I sure would like to try!

Kairle said...

Simply beautiful, Eileen. Thanks for sharing this one too. I was two years old when you started this quilt. LOL!