Monday, October 31, 2011

Rare Oct, snow Storm

See how the sky looks foogy? That is the way it was snowing. This is just when it started early in the morning of Sat. Oct, 29, Too early for snow. But I am sure you have already heard about this storm.
This is looking from my carport towards the road. That is my lower driveway. Going to my backyard.

This is the backyard and the limbs from the Tulip Poplar. that were the first to come down. Large leaves that had not started to turn and come down. The same tree that the top had come down in a bad storm we had about three years ago. These are on the end of the driveway. More snow.
The electricity went out at 1:15 Sat, I went outside to look around and took my camera. This was taken from the basement door. That tree loaded with snow is the Hemlock. I got the broom and got it off before those limbs came off. The top came out of a Maple tree just above the hemlock
Posted by PicasaJust had to get a picture of these trees before the sun melted the snow and made it fall. Sun. came cold and sunny. Sun  was just coming over the mountain. Can you see why these limbs would bend and crack and fall over the wires. We live in an area that has about 15 homes, farms and the line comes through woods directly from the power station and usually are about the last to get repaired.
At least I have a good generator which at least gives me light and the microwave to heat water for coffee and dinners.and water for the use of the toilets.  But leaving it off at night means a cold house in the morning. Also this time for some reason the cable company was not repairing it until electricity is back. I guess I should have said something to them that some of us have generators that makes it easy for using the laptop IF it is working. So I am at a friends home that has WiFi to get some news out to my friends and this blog written. I miss sewing. I must get the belt fixed on my treadle so it could be used without electricty.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

West River Quilt Retreat

What I saw when I got there on Thurday Morning. No one else was there so I took my Subway out to the Gasebo and ate it while enjoying the river and the sailboats. So relaxing
This is the building that we sleep and work. The whole front room has windows out the other side with a view of the river.
Like this which I took the next morning when I was up early and the lights from the boats shining on the water.
This is a view of the main room on Thurs, when only a few quilters had arrived. Mine is the back table in the middle by the closed doors. I put up my tablecloth over them for my design wall.
I took this shot on Friday evening of my daughter, in the bright shirt, talking to one of the older members. She came to see me and of course had to talk to all of the older members that she knew. They asked her to stay and do the game of brown bags which is so much fun. I ended up with a small ironing board to be used on a table like so many of the Kansas group had gotten from one of the vendors. So Cool, but when I got home and tried it on my folding table it didn't fit. It also had a message board on the back so could be hung when not in use.
This was my progress by Friday afternoon. Lots of flying geese. This is the kit for the Thimbleberries Club quilt. Called the Quilters Garden. I bought the kit in Excelsior Springs, Mo. quilt shop where the locals have their Thimbleberries club. Loved the blue which is the center of the star and will be the outside border
Posted by PicasaThis is how much I got done at the retreat. so now have them hung on my design wall and need to get busy sewing on the few geese I finished and then making more for the four star blocks I have to do. Then the little sashing around all of them with the blue and dark green cornerstones.

Home on Sunday evening but first stopped in Crofton to see my brother and sister-in-law who was visiting their oldest daughter. It was his 88th birthday. So very special. It was a beautiful day the trees had really changed color and when I got home found the driveway covered with leaves and they are still falling. Winter is coming Thanks for stopping by 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall is here

This is a veiw out my windows the other day. Yes, that is fog and the dogwood turning colors. Now the leaves are almost gone. It is going to get cooler this week.and on Thursday I am going to the Annapolis quilt retreat down on West River which runs into the bay.
I see that I had already showed this one but I have it finished now.
So here is the comopleted one but not quilted. A nice throw, Love these blocks
Sormeone said I should get more pictures of Penny.  It would be easier if there was someone else here t
to snap pictures. The best ones would be the way she sleeps on my lap. She is still going into the quilt hoop and sleeping behind it. Usually hidden.
This is one of her walking and it is a little blurred.
This is the kids quilt that she gave us at the last meeting. It has been given back to her to erquilt. I will get it back to bind, Brought 2 more home yesterday. But no hurry to get them done.

I have the suetcase packed with the newest Kit I bought in Kansas City. All cut ready to put the blocks together later in the week. Will be fun to get reaquainted with some of the old members.
Another Kids quilt. The colors don't show up to well . I'm not fond of this pattern.
Posted by PicasaA quilted Schnibble. George. Guess you know why this was the first one that I got quilted. Love the colors in it.

Will try and get some pictures at the retreat. I know several years ago I got a terrific picture of a double rainbow. This time of year there should still be some sailboats. 
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Retreat in Kansas City and Otherthings

This is the basement entrance to the home to me and my Fellow online friends from the  Quilters Hollow. This is a Methodist Retreat Center and way out in the woods not far from Lawson , Mo. The upstairs is composed  of 6 bedrooms with sleeping for 5-6 each with thier own bathrooms. Very nice and a large living area and small kitchen.  You can see from the trees that fall was coming.
The dining room was in another building and we took a walk one afternoon  down to the lake.It used  to be the swimming hole but now they have a swimming pool. It was rough walking down for this old lady with a bad back but was fun and we came back by the road. Course that was dusty and rough with gravel.
We had 23 campers and this is the room which was the whole basement and lots of tables and good lighting. Those of us that flew in had sewing machine made available thanks to the local members. I had my choice of a Featherweight. Thanks Barbara. Was much appreciated.
This is Helen who picked me up at the airport and gave me a bed the first night. We spent the day on Wed. shop Hopping.They have some wondeerful shops around Kansas City area.
I spent the few days sewing up this quilt kit that I had bought in Sika, Alaska. It was the first good kit I had bought and  then what did I do? Bought another one,Couldn't resist. It was half price and is the Thimbleberries Garden Club.
When I got home Penny was so glad to see me she doesn;t let me sit without her on my lap. Then the other day.I saw one of her secred hiding places.This is the quilt I am hand quilting and I leave it like this on the chair next to my lounge chair and I put my  laptop on it.
See how it ia blugged out. She crawled into it through the hoop. I thought you could barely see her head. Try clicking on it and see.
Then we had a swap of these 6 inch blocks at the retreat. This is how I laid them out on the board. I have since sewed the  blocks into rows but not the rows together. Neat aren't they.?
Posted by PicasaSince I have been home I havc completed the bindings on 4 kids quilts and sewn up blocks for another one.  . Also cut the strips to have them ready for the next retreat next week. This one will be down where I used to go on West River. with the Annapolis quilt guild.

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