Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Basket Comes and so does Hubby

Last week I took my neighbor Patty to a quilt show, her first. She does a lot of different hand work but not much sewing. They had these 4-5 baskets stuffed with giveaways from companies raffling $1 ea. for a yard of tickets for $5. They even had people there to fill them out for you.
Anyway, who should win one but Patty. This is her on the right and the lady from the guild who happens to work at a doctors office in Boonsboro brought it down for her. So on Monday Morning she said she would have it and we went down. WOW what a basket. AND that big blue bag full of books.
Here again I uploaded two of the same picture. so you have to excuse me. Maybe you will see something different in the second one.
This is all of it spread out on her table
This is looking into the basket , An envelope with a $20 gift certificate towards long arm quilting., That one bundle I think was patterns
A roll of pattern for machine quilting, I got that. Lots of fabric. Books, did you say books. All kinds. There was one Thimbleberry book which I didn't think I had and wanted it. But then when I looked at home I did have it . Patty has a friend that likes TB also. I think she is still looking through them. This is the way that the table looked after we got though getting our hands in it. I did come home with quite a bundle
this is it. two different sizes of Thangles., some patterns, a couple books and a box of variegated threads by Coats and Clark and a couple spools of white Mottler thread and a spools of brown variegated Essential thread. The gals on the Juki group talk about it.The best thing though which you might be able to see if you enlarge the picture is a roll of 8 fat quarters in the prettiest bright color wheel colors and hands dyed from India. Several other rather large pieces of plain colors, blues and greens. Be good for setting children's blocks together. All in all it was a fun afternoon and great fun. Maybe have converted a quilter.
Guess I better mention that Hubby is home and in bed now asleep. Don't know for how long as he doesn't sleep that well. My Daughter came up this afternoon and boy did she get a tan on her Cruise last week She will be here for a couple days. At least while I go to town to get my hair done and a little shopping. Then Thurs.. A..M while I go to my Physical Therapy. Then on Friday our son is suppose to arrive for a week. So a nice busy week. But back to cooking.
Also have the Double Delight all sewn together. Just need to trim and add the border. Thanks for stopping. .

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Murder of Two Trees

It looks like I got two pictures of the same tree. The one at the back of the house was similar but it was early morning and darker back there before the sun came over the mountain.
Yes, we murdered two trees but they were dead already and bugging me. Never know when a big storm would come through and take them down although from the looks of the trunks they certainly didn't have any rot through them. This is the one right along the road as the picture was taken about in front of our house looking down.
Yes, you can see the Red Roof of our neighbors with the log house and that horrible red roof that can be seen all over the valley. Ive been trying to find a way to delete this picture as it is the same tree. Just imagine it is the other one.

This is the big truck with the bucket and at the back of the house . You can see the tree without any leaves and in the following pictures will see the limbs all come down. I didn't take any pictures of all the logs on the ground. Should have to see how big. The base of this tree is about 3 feet across and about the same for the other one. I can't imagine how high.
Here he is cutting the limbs off as he goes up. First he lets them drop and then when he gets the bigger ones he ties a rope and the hold it back and ease it down so it falls where they want it. This tree is only about 9 feet from the border of our property. Here he is cutting that large limb off I thought I had a picture of it falling. Might be in the next one.
Nope this is him starting on the smaller limbs. This tree and the next are still the one at the back of the house. after looking at them enlarged I could tell because of all the trees below. That is a big woods across a small road from us at the back. Another view, Not sure what is different. Can't really see these too good as I have no way of enlarging them until they are published and in the blog. Can see the progression of the cutting. This is the tree along the road all stipped and is ready to cut at the bottom and drop. Course they tied a rope about half way up and a couple guys on the other end kept it taunt until it was cut through. Here I should have gotten a picture of it on the ground. Just barely missed a new Red bud tree but the worker saw it and protected it with big logs.
Oh, and the owner was true to his word and replaced the Rhododendron they broke off last year when cleaning up after our big storm. Twice over. Brought me two good sized plants and planted them. Should bloom for me next spring. He had told me not to pay him until he replaced them. You know he was going to do it then.
OK I have been busy doing other things than watching them cut the trees down. Here is my semi-completed Double Delight. I have the bottom half sewn into the diagonal strips. Should be working on it right now. but--
I found the blue indigo with tiny figures at the local Quilt Shop and it's perfect. Will see what DD has to say about it. She is back from her cruise and says its the best way to go on vacation. Course she had no kids with her which helped.
She will be up sometime this week. DH is still planning on coming home next Tues the 28.

Of course the blue will be on the top and bottom also. I just cut the two strips to see how they would work. Am going to do my corners with the nine patches like Bonnie did.

We had a good rain last night and today is so nice but getting warm. I was out for a little bit. But now want to get busy and sew more blocks together and then the strips so I can get the borders on. Have no idea whats to come next. I know I won't have to much time in the next couple weeks. With Hubby coming home and our son coming for a weeks visit on the 31. Daughter in there some where and also our grandson Chris will be here for a day or so. Have to get back cooking. Anyone want a job?
Oh, the naked ladies are coming up. If you want to know more about these look at last years blog about this time or the first part of August.
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is the top of the tree that will be taken down either today or tomorrow. They are coming today and will take a day to take one of the trees down,I couldn't get this t0 move so have to stay here. More pictures to follow tomorrow. But first ---
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIM. In case you didn't know it already today is Kim's of KimsBigAdventure, birthday Go on over and give her greetings.
This is a new flower in the Perennial garden. My friend, Roben , gave me a couple last year from the farm. which I thought we Lili of the Valley,but when these buds started to come up and develop I couldn't quite figure them out. Asking her and describing the leaf. She finally said she thought it was a Hosta. Then sure It dawned on me that is what it looked like but the leaf was so much darker than the ones I have, or the one that the deer like so much that there was no flower this year but they have eaten lots of the leaves.

I have something different to watch today. The crew from the Tree guys are coming to take down two very big old oak trees that are dead. No leaves this year at all and look so naked . So before they fall on the road as one of them would or across the back yard of the neighbors we thought they ought to come down. He said the Gypsy Moth had gotten them.
See, this shows I am a beginner with these posts, or a slow learner.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Prize Winner

This is a picture of Patty's home taken from my yard. Really doesn't to it justus but you can get the idea.She's the one I asked to go to the Quilt show with me on Friday. We both bought a yard of tickets for a chance to win one of the 4 baskets chucked full of quilty things.

Patty called me yesterday afternoon and don't you know she had gotten a call from Nancy that she won basket number 3. She's not going to have to go get it. Well I would have gladly taken her back up but they said one of the girls in the guild works in Boonsboro in a doctor's office and she was going on vacation for a week but will bring it down the next time she comes to work.

Hope to get some pictures of it before she opens it. I'm sure she will share as she isn't a quilter "YET" To many other things in the fire. You should try and read her blog. She has more pictures of quilts from the show than what I got. Maybe I have started a new quilter .


Thanks for visiting.

Friday, July 17, 2009


No this was the other night. The sky was so red and I had to take another sunset picture. This is looking west off my porch. This morning I ventured up the super highway to Chambersburg, Pa. to a quilt show put on every other year by Chambersburg Quilt Guild. How did I find out about this show? Well a certain Nancy commented on my blog that we were neighbors, so of course I had to find out where she lived and she wanted to meet me. Then told me about the quilt show coming up and hoped I could get up. Sure since Hubby isn't home I'd try. In fact I had tried to go last Friday with my daughter but decided to check the website and get the address and oops the dates were July 17-18. So I asked my neighbor Patty if she would like to go. It had been several years since I had been up that way. She does not quilt but likes them but is a crafter of all kinds. So we set out about 8 this morning.
After missing the RT 30 off ramp I took the next exit and followed my nose as I knew going west you would hit Rt. 11 and that was main street and the Church where it was held was just a block off the square. We found it and a parking space and ---

This was the first thing we saw. Isn't this a peaceful looking stream for being in the middle of a fairly large city? The Church was beside it no chance for a picture.
We really went in a back door but found it. This is Nancy and I in front of her Wonky House quilt. Yep. Bonnie had been there this past year and had this class. Also another one called Scrappy Pineapple. There were several who had finished those quilts. Nancy is known at the Patchwork Penguin which I'm sure some of you have visited. If not go visit and see her Hexagon- Flower garden quilt she has in progress. She is doing it the English style. Was working on it in one of the rooms. This was just one of those quilts so cute I had to take a picture. I didn't get the name. Of course I had to take a picture of the Sunbonnet quilt, but this one was machine quilted. This was the best one we thought. I took several pictures of it. The technique is something. Paper Pieced triangles twisted. She calls it Butterflies and twisted log cabin. Her colors are all perfect. We both voted for this as Viewers choice large quilt.Here is a closeup of some of the blocks. Maybe if you click on it you can see it better. See the shading in the fabrics. Here's another one. See what I mean of the many shots. There is another of the border.
Now if I knew how to do it I could have written on the side but--
This is the border fabric and I'm sure this is where she got her colors. They are butterflies and she has outlined them in with hand quilting. and also in the main quilt light areas she has some butterflies . Just a gorgeous quilt. This as you see should have been turned but-- It was also a added quilt from the last show because of a drop-out. Won viewers Choice. I know all about the Baltimore album quilts and I have one started. and many of these blocks made but--. This of course was all hand quilted. This is her border which goes all around. Those tiny berries are about 1/2 in. All hand appliqued. So this is the end of my quilt show. It was a very good day and then on the way home it started to rain a nice steady rain. We needed it so bad. But by the time I went to the home it had stopped and some blue sky was seen and the sun came through for a bit. They said we were to get more.
The only thing bad about the show was only one vendor, the local shop. Nancy had said other years the vendors had been very disappointed in the business so they didn't even try this year. They did have a long table of items for sale including some scraps of fabric, patterns lots of hand mad items and of course a Raffle Quilt. All appliqued.
Then also they had 5 huge laundry baskets full to over flowing plus a bag full of books for each basket. These were being raffled also, and I expect to get a phone call tomorrow afternoon that I won one of them. After all I bought a whole yard of tickets for $5. This was a good money maker for the guild. They did not charge to get in. The items were all donated from companies such as Hobbs, Gutermann, Quilter's Dream,P&B Textiles. for a few. They are raffling each basket with the bag of books. One ticket was $1 like most of these things are. Will be worth another drive to Chambersburg if Patty or I win one.
Just a word about Hubby, He is doing good and has hopes of coming home on the 28Th. So will see if he keeps it up. Maybe my free days will soon be over. I really would rather be with my daughter right now as she set sail on a Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas for seven days., this evening.
It was a fun morning and then took an hours nap this afternoon. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


What a wonderful way to be greeted on your birthday. Since I got so many comments.and a couple with no address I figured a whole blog with Thank Yous would be just as good.

Had a wonderful time. My Daughter got up around 5 and caught my neighbor, Patty here talking. She had brought over a card and was helping me fix the size of the lettering on this lap top. I have a cataract which is causing my sight to go bad so have to have larger font.

Now on that subject, before I forget it, I was in the Social Security site this morning early and could hardly see the words. Up in the corner it said "for larger words". I clicked and it told me on most computers and Macs to enlarge the letters press CTL and the + until they are large enough for you to read. Sure enough it worked. Did you know that? One good thing the government did.

My daughter had come up to take me to dinner. I selected the Olive Garden,We had a new one close to the Mall and I had only been to one years ago in Lexington Ky. on our way west to Colorado. We both had Delicious dinners and were lucky as there were many people waiting for tables. I went in to ask how long, 20-25 min. She had given me the thing to let us know when a table was ready when one of the other waitress said if you want to sit in the bar area it is the same and they are cleaning a table , It's on a first come , first serve . So I went directly to it. No waiting for us.

When we were finished she asked about stopping at Joann's so as they were still open at 8:30 she looked around for some material with dice on it. Can't explain what she wanted it for but she has her reasons. She found it plus some with skull and crossbones fabric,for a scarf for her son's costume for the Renn. Fare where he goes with her every weekend and works. in Sept. and Oct. So she was happy.

I had also gotten a call from my son in the afternoon. He is coming on the 31 of July for a week. So all in all a very good day.

One of my comments that was about the Double Delight quilt I showed blocks for in a couple blogs back, a gal asked where she could find the pattern. Since she didn't have an address that I could email her privately I figured I would tell her this way, Hoping that she reads this blog. It can be found at http://www.quiltville.com/, Bonnie's website. There should be a link on the sidebar with a picture of the block. You can print it all out. It was presented as a mystery quilt to her followers. She has loads of patterns there using scraps.

No pictures today just a lot of talk. You are all so special to me and Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Something New

I've been waiting for these to bloom, I brought this plant down from the other house but it has taken 6 years to bloom.I've always called it a butterfly weed but my neighbor has much larger, purple blossomed butterfly weed and it seeds itself every place.

I think I found this in the wild and must have seen it in one of my plant books but am not going to look it up,

It's growing at the bottom of my back steps. Does anyone know the exact name for this.?

Hubby seems to be doing better. He's gone to the PT floor twice now and yesterday said he walked twice as far as the day before. He's looking forward to coming home in a couple weeks, before the end of the month. So guess I better get on with my sewing. I do have time to sew when he is home but usually have to get up more to get something he wants or get him some food. I told him I was going to have to learn how to cook all over again. I have been eating some very good Frozen meals. So much better than they used to be. Too easy to stick in the microwave and in 5 minuets have dinner.

I have mostly been trying to get my gifts done for the retreat in Aug. Want to get most of that stuff out of the way and can go back to working on the Double Delight. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two Special Birthdays

This is Sara, Her birthday was yesterday July 8Th. I tried to get an old picture last night to do this post. To wish her a Happy Birthday. Don't know if she reads my blog or not. This is a photo I just took of her graduation picture last year. She has now finished her first year in college in Greeley Co.

Also Happy Birthday to my sister's youngest Daughter, Roann who lives in Colorado Springs, We are the closest of the 3 daughters. She is the only one that quilts. She does read my blog sometimes. So Happy Birthday Roann, Hugs to both of you.

Roann has had more to do with Sara than I have, since she lives closest to her in Colorado. Starting with the Easter when Sara was very young ,Roann had them all down for dinner and stated quite a tradition with them for Easter and going to my sons for another holiday. This was the first of his cousins he became acquainted with as an adult. I was so happy for this. Thank you again Roann to being like a grandmother to her and Chris when he came along.

Things have been going on the same. DH still hasn't gotten more PT and his feet were swollen again yesterday. Will he ever get home again? That is the $64 question.

Then here is a couple pictures of the "T" quilt I just finished machine quilting. Took it to the Home to get the binding whipped down. It is large, so draped it over the couch to get this picture. These blocks are all signed with the person who gave me the little piece of fabric. We did this at both the Annapolis and Bowie retreats, so it is a combination of those two guilds. Many belonged to both. Dated 1995. So guess it is about time it was put together and finished. A few of the people have passed away. So is very special. This is a closeup of one of the corners to see the braided border and how I quilted it. As if I had been hand quilting. It is truly a scrap quilt.

Until the next time. Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th to All

Here's the Lillies I wanted to show you. Yesterday afternoon when I came home from the nursing home I looked at the back and saw the sun shinning on them and 3 were in stages of being open. So grabbed my camera and went out while the light was good. Course not the best backdrop but that's the house.

I also had a message waiting for me on the machine inviting me to Roben's home to watch the fireworks from the park. Now our town is rather small but they sure put on a big town fireworks. The night was cool and sunset gorgeous as always.

This morning I was up at 5 to get to the LQS by 6 or so for a sale. 35% off till 7 am. I wanted to see about some border fabric to this quilt top I can't show. My Daughter didn't like what I had put on as it has a white background and the setting fabric that I had used was off white. Frankly at a distance you can't tell the difference. I came home with 3 pieces of 2 yd ea. Hung them up beside the top to see what they looked like. Both look to yellow beside the top. I want something that goes with the blocks and sashing which is red , white and blue. Very patriotic.

Now the rest of the day I think I'll nap and then get working on the little gifts I'm making for all that attend our small retreat. More about that later.

Do hope everyone has a save and wonderful holiday.