Monday, September 21, 2009

Boonesboro Days

Welcome to Boonsboro, Maryland. This is the sign at the street that turns down to the park. Course the building beside it is the town laundrymat.

Sorry I have been a week getting these pictures in and writting. Time just seems to fly by and when you get called about every fifteen minutes to get something, it's hard getting anything done.

Here is the butterfly I talked about before. Ours has swans on either wing. This stands a good 5 feet and is in a concrete base. Every butterfly that was made is different and made out of different materials. Some with designs made of glass. I'm just glad that Boonsboro has one.

Across the steet is the restored Trolley station. It ran between Hagerstown and Frederick. The tracks were where the street is. Probably why our main street is a little wider than a lot of old towns.

This is the front of it and hard to believe that 10 years ago it was a storage for feed at the Hardware store, now gone.

This is the main room inside, Turn around and there was a pot belly stove and the rest of stuff which was for the comfort of the station master. Didn't get any other pictures as there were too many people in the way.

A stroll down the road and we're in the park and this day it was packed with people and stands etc. This is the stream that run through the park. The water comes from a spring under an old home on main street.

One of the booths. This man makes old corn husk brooms and sells them.

This lady makes bird houses out of gourds. Really neat.

I really have been getting some sewing and quilting done. Here are the results of this past week.

This is from a kit I got at the retreat. We were each to make up a kit and then we exchanged them. Mine came from the other Eileen in the group and is called This and That. She had a package of Charms from Wildfower Serenade and two Kansas Troubles Fat Quarters. I machine quilted it yesterday and got the binding whipped down while watching the Redskins.

This I have shown as a top a couple months ago. Made from leftover HST It's all TB and machine quilted also.

I now want to get the butterflies pinned and quilted next. Kim is sending me some black wool for the antenna's

Hubby has been pretty good except for the nights that he can't sleep then wakes me fairly often. But we tried a sleeping pill last night and he only woke once and called. We just take one day at a time. Thanks for all the concerns. We are fine.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Twenty Butterflies Going every which Way

Remember when I went to Dayton on retreat? I had posted a couple pictures of individual Butterflies. This is the results. Done, all except the antenna's They have to have them but I need some black wool, that Kim is going to send me. They can be sewn down while quilting I hope.
This was one of the Buggy Barn designs in the Celebrated Craziness book. Some other neat designs also. These are just so much fun to make. Like putting a puzzle together.
I want to do this again using the full size block of 12 in. One of our members drew this out for me in a 8 in Size as that is the size of Layer Cake that I had and wanted to use. It is made out of Neptune some vibrant colors.
The nurse that comes to visit my Hubby saw the blocks and commented about the butterflies and the symbol for the new Arts school starting this fall in a refurbished theatre in Hagerstown. One of her girls was picked to attend. This is part of the school system. So If this turns out OK I just might give it to her to take to the school to be hung or auctioned off or whatever they might want to do with it.
This summer for a money making project different people designed and made large butterflies which were put on concrete stands and displayed all over town. Then auctioned off. One is now standing in the middle of Boonsboro. Not sure who bought it but I suspect Nora Roberts did for the town. Will try and get a picture of it tomorrow when I go down to Boonesboro Days in the park.
The weather isn't very good for it today but at least it's not raining. This is the other project that I have been working on. Our online group is having a swap of these All In A Row blocks from Kim Diehl's book Simple Comforts. There are some other really good patterns in this book.
I still have another set to make. A set consists of 5 blocks and I am doing 5 sets. Probably will end up making a few more blocks to increase the size of this quilt. But a new project .

Just a little about my life. Hubby has been doing very good. Only getting me up once a night. That I can take. I also started back to Water Aerobics on Wed. Then Friday we have found a lady that will come in and sit with Hubby while I go swimming on Mon. and Fridays. So next week it will be a full week.
That with all the Home Care people coming to see him, things are going fine.
He has survived getting those 3 teeth out and not eating much except soft foods. It's a chore thinking of something he can eat that he will eat. Lots of jello, pudding and ice cream here now. Hopefully by next week he can start to eat something a little more solid. The only trouble is the dentist did not think that our dentist will be able to save the other teeth. Time will tell.

So all in all things have been going fairly smooth around here and with fall coming I guess the next thing is turning on the heat. Although they say 80's again this coming week.
The dogwood tree has a lot of red berries and the leaves are turning a golden red. They are the first to start changing. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I finished the leftover runner. By this I mean these pieces were in a baggie that I had put back after finishing a swap. All the saw teeth were triangles cut off the corners of a piece. Don't know what now but then I also has all these 4 patches. Guess I made too many. Just played around with them after sewing all the HST before I had gone to retreat. I found some of the blue in the stash so finished off with the triangle ends. It is all machine quilted and I just finished whipping down the binding. Took it along to the dentists office this morning while Hubby had 3 teeth pulled I got the sides whipped down. How do you like what I did at the seam in the ending? Couldn't let some of those HST go to waste. I took this on my island standing on a chair. The wall is still full of the mystery blocks.
This is another angle. Could play checkers on it I guess.
Haven't had too much time in the sewing end. A little done on the butterflies but they will come along. This weekend might be easier. With Hubby not eating much but soft stuff that means I don't have to cook much. Made him some lemon jello and vanilla pudding so that will last a bit. He was not feeling good at all on Tues. and then had a procedure at the Urologist yesterday , eating a little but then this morning the teeth pulled has made for a rough week.
Hoping next week is better. So far the main thing is Water Aerobics is starting next Wed. I have sure missed it.
Then Wednesday 9-9-09 is my oldest granddaughters 21st birthday. She has just returned to her Senior year at Art School in Philadelphia,,
Happy Birthday Ashley. We love you and know you are going to do very well.
As I write this the western sky is so red. Almost as pretty as my heading picture.
Thanks for visiting.