Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Prizes and finished quilt, finally

Wanted to show the prizes I received from Carrie and Rosy for doing the quilt George for Le Petite for July. I had managed to get the top done before leaving on my cruise.

This is a closeup of the little pattern and kit which she also sent. Everyone that entered was to receive this special prize. Just wanted to publicly tell Carrie, Thank YOU.
This is the bright quilt which I finally got quilted.
. The top was done as a strip quilt. When I was on the Just Quilting group and I understand it is still going. So if you think you helped with this quilt or another one like it. L.et me know. Would be fun to hear from you. I want to put a picture of it on Facebook as I know of a couple gals on it
If you click on it to get a better picture and see the colors better.
Now as you can see, Penny liked it. She was siting there washing and I took a video of her. This morning when I got up you could tell she had fun with it over night. The bottom here that was on the floor was all messed up.
I have since put it on the bed to see about the size. Only about a good twin bed. Maybe if one of my grandsons go to collage next year would like a bright quilt.
Had a good visit with my daughter this weekend so now back to sewing on Kids Quiltts. Thank for stopping by
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I've Finally Found Them

The majestic mountains of Delani. Probably the best view you can get of Mt. McKinley. The locals call it Delani. We were lucky and had a week of very sunny and clear weather. This was taken at the McKinley lodge which they say is 40 miles for the mountain.
This is my last kids quilt. I have it ready to take back today. Washed and all. This picture doesn't have the border on it yet. That's how long I have been trying to get this picture up.
Then back to my trip. I had told you we found a wonderful quilt shop in Skagway. I had asked the lady if she stayed all year round. No she and another gal only spent the 4 months of tourist season. There was one who lived there all year and kept the shop open.
They had lots of animal prints and co-ordinates. That is what drawn me to this kit.
Normally I do not buy kits but this one was complete. The pattern has fussy cut 7 in blocks to go in the stars.
Yardage was supllied for this as well as the blue with the bear. They go in the alturnate blocks. I am planning on taking this to the Kansas City retreat our group is planning. I have cut the animal blocks out as it will be easier to just make the flying geese and put the blocks together.

This shows the bear fabric. It is terrific. Look forward to working on this. The light blue and dark blue border has bears in it as well as the light tan inner border. Love this fabric.

I also bought a panel of all the things, animals for Alaska. The lady had fussy cut them out for blocks and made a large quilt. My daughter said I should border it and quilt and use it as a picture on the back of the couch, Probably have a picture of that at sometime.
This is what I found when I got home. The naked ladies coming up. There was another clump against the carport also. Warmer there I guess. Then a loner out in the yard. I had thought we would get a lot of blooms this year because of all the leaves this spring. But only one down along the lower drive.
Today I have Kids Quilts meeting so we are going over there. Want DD to see the set up this lady has. I need to get some more fabric to finish off one of the kits. Plus a border. Then DD has a meeting this evening at one of her fellow HS classmates. Working on the next reunion. Then she will head home.
Not sure when she will get back. but that is fine. She will be very busy with school and then the Renn Faire starts mid Sept. for 6 weeks.
Hope all are having a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mount Rainer

I was trying to get both of the mountains to show you but this is the only one that came through. Taken from the plane on our way from Vancover to Seattle all of a sudden this big mountain came into view. Had to be Mt Rainer.You will need to click on it to see it clear. I didn't realize we were almost to Saeattle. What a sight. I had started taking pictures as soon as we got in the air and I saw the mountains of Vancover and so got a good many of the city and country inbetween.
I also wanted to show you the kit I had gotten in Skagway. Guess it will have to wait until I get it sewn together. I have done some of the cutting as I figured it would be a whole lot easier than at retreat. Will save the sewing for there.
I also had a surprise package in the mail the other day. You know I've been making the little quilts every month for the Le Petite and this last month there were not many that made them and Carrie who usually gives at least one of the prizes. Decided that everyone would get a prize. Two plates and a little gift for. Primitive Gatherings. So nice of Carrie to do this. Now to o decide what to make with them. Would love to make one of the patterns in her second book but they all take
two plates. Maybe I can find someplace to get another one like the one I would really like to use.
I don't think it is out yet.
This weekend has been nice as DD found the time to come up before her hetic schedule of school begins. Today we went shopping for things to decorate her room with. So had fun and got very tired.
Maybe the next time I can get those other pictures. I put them someplace that I can't seem to pull up with this blogger . Found it was easier using Picasa so will have to take more pictures and put them in there. So until next time and thanks for stopping.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Home From 2 weeks in Alaska

This is the only bear we saw. The first stop on our
trip through Alaska, The Lodges all belong to the Princess lines and are wonderful. After a full day of travel we were ready to go to bed.

This was our transpertation for the next morning in Fairbanks. It took us up the river past many homes and buisness of Fairbanks. This is the way the first residents got to Fairbanks. We saw where they are breeding and training the dogs for the Idinarod.

Flowers were beautiful. This is a old cabin of the original Alaskans. The young people that told us about life 100 years ago for their people. Most of them were students saving for collage. After our morning on the paddle boat we were left at the store where they had a family style dinner for us. Stew in huge pots , hot bisquits and pies. Course then there was a huge shop to look around in and spend your money.

Then onto buses to go to gold mine. What fun. A ride on an old train to the mine. The owner was a middle aged women and she explained how they were finding gold in the piles of dirt dug from the mountain.

If you click on this picture you can see the gold flecks. This is a time consuming job , but fun for travelers to do. I found $15 worth and had it put into a container on a necklace.
They gave us each a bag of dust to try our hand at it.

When returning from the gold mine we stopped at the oil pipeline. This is the group of women that was with us . They had husbands also except for another pair of females. I went with my husbands cousin who is also a widow. All except us two were from West Virginia. Fun group.
There was 25 in our group.

Sorry I have taken so long on getting something written. The first time I put pictures in it was terrible. Then didn't seem to be able to work with Blogger at all. So waited.

Now I want to show you the two mountain pictures but they will have to wait for the next post. I also have some other pictures to show you. Found a really neat quilt kit in Skagway.

All is well here and I have been trying to finish up some projects and kids quilts so will talk to you again soon. Thanks for being so patient and still visiting.

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