Saturday, February 2, 2008


Just wanted to show you what it looked like outside yesterday morning. This was the first picture I took.

Can you see the ice on the trees. The fog stayed around all day and got much worse. All the trees by the afternoon looked silver.

This is the Oak tree in the front which never seems to get rid of it's leaves. See the icicles.
By this morning all was gone and the sun came out and was really nice. Except!!

I went to Curves and had some other errands to run but before I got to the grocery store my DH called and said to come home. the electricity was off and He had to get up. He has an electric lift chair as his legs aren't strong enough to help him get up.

We have a generator which I run once a month, so when I need it will start. So I got it started and the few things that are hooked into the genrator working. Which happly is my TV and MSN.

I went on back to do my shopping etc. The electric company said it should be done by 12:30, It was 10 AM then. Well by 1 pm it still wasn't on and the generator was showing empty but still running. DH said I should turn it off and go get more gas and see if I could see where the electric company guys were working. We live in the mountains and our wires come across alot of woods and farms. Not a long line. About 10 homes. So not like the whole town was down. So out I went the other way to see if I could see them. Yep, There they were. One guy up in a bucket stringing wires. I saw another on the ground so asked what had happened and why so long. A tree had fallen over the lines and took them down. Probably was hard to get to and of course would have to have gotten the tree out of the way. So this was probably a result of yesterdays storm. Finally came on about 2 PM. Thank goodness.

Well with the horrible day yesterday I decided to go ahead and sew up the first set of strips for Bonnie's Super Bowl special. Reading her blog every day as she is having quite a time with moving etc. and still keeps making quilts. I had a lot of strips and plenty other fabric to cut and had the 4 sets cut and put in the order I wanted to sew them. So that's what I did yesterday.
Here they are laid out. Still folded up. I wanted to see how the colors worked out. I had used about half Thimbleberries and then dug out some blues from the other stuff to lighten it up.

So this is it all stretched out on the board. I have them sewn together now so am all ready for tomorrow and getting started on the next one. It will go down. She calls it Scrappy Bargello. Love it. More to come.


Anonymous said...

love your scrappy bargello.
I am like you in many ways. I am an Acct Payable Mgr. have two children and 5 grandkids. I love to quilt,knit,crochet,paint and any other craft out there. I have fun teaching my nieces "essentials" like cooking and sewing and canning. Love your site and your quilts.
I live "nearby" in MA


pudge's girl said...

You are famous! I just saw your log cabin ala kentucky on Judy Martin's website and still you quilt through the superbowl. Here is your link:
It is a small world and you are a great quilter.