Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Memories

Here's a few of the ornaments that I have from my husbands home. His Father and Mother had a Country store that they had built before they married in about 1918. My Father-in-Law built the store first while my Mother-in-Law taught school as long as she could as at that time they didn't allow a teacher to be married.
How times have changed.

Then he built an ajoining store
They evidently had bought boxes or ornaments by the dozen. As we still have some of the badly beaten up boxes.

This is a pair of small peaches like ornaments. Later I have some pictures for Kim to post of others.
On one box it said 10cents ea.

This is the very first angel I bought at the dime store. I had the box for most of the time and think I had paid about $1.25 for it on sale.
Used it up until last year when I bought a new one. This has several lights on it and my daughter asked where it was.

This is a picture of a couple of the old trees, a celluloid

Santa and a couple of the reindeer that my Mother-in-Law always had out. Later I'll show you what I do with them when I decorate. Also another of the old ornaments

Here I have made a Christmas tree out of bulbs put onto a knitting needle I learned to make this in1949 Christmas the very first year I was married. I used to have a small ornament for the top but it got broken

What things we don't remember about thinking back over the years. More will come as I get the Christmas tree out.

I had also sent a picture of the little tree on my porch after I finished decorating it but Kim didn't put that in. Maybe she didn't think it showed up enough, Maybe later.

We at least got missed by this first snow storm in the east. Instead had almost an inch of rain.

Have a great day.

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Kairle said...

What wonderful ornaments, Eileen. I'm sure they bring back years of memories as you unwrap them each Christmas. Thanks for sharing!