Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Vintage Glass Ornaments

Silver bells, and red and gold These acturally ring

Seems that I sort of messed up yesterday. Here I see that Kim had put these pictures into two different posts and I didn't notice.

.I wanted to show you some of the old ornaments that I have from my Husbands home.

See this is a whole box of 12 ornaments, different colors. I'm sure they bought these at the wholesale house. Notice the odd hanger. Those you pinched to hook on the tree. The one on the left has most of the color gone now.
Here's another box. Red and green. This box had the price $1.25 box
Now this is a box of big ones. Unfortunately the one eye on the left is gone. Box marked made in Germany which most of these were at this time.

These are the ones I really love. A Santa, The clown, have several different colors, And a different Santa. I usually try to put one of each on the tree. But since I have a small artificial 4 ft. tree which I put on the drop leaf table in the living room there isn't too much space

Another picture of the clowns and Santa's and the box that the live in.

More later


Angie said...

What absolute TREASURES you have there! I'm sitting here drooling all over the keyboard over those!!! They are all BEAUTIFUL! :>)

Marcie said...

Hi Eileen, I love looking at all your old ornaments. All things old are now in fashion again! Those glass ones are so fragile. I love the darling tree skirt that you received, as well as your other sweet gifts. How fun! Stay warm!