Monday, December 17, 2007

Quilts Around the House

Here are some more of the quilts I have around the house. These are three quilts I made several years ago which are miniatures put into a larger quilt. They are all designs by Elizabeth Carlson from Gaithersburg,Md. in 1994. Guess it was a long time ago.

I took a class from her for the first one to learn about making Minatures. Ended up making all three of her patterns. This was the last one I made. It hangs in the large basement room we have fixed up for the grandchildren when they visit and also has the furniture that we wanted to keep so was room down here. The walls are paneled so needed something on them.

This is over a small book shelf that has my old singer protable on it.

This is a closeup of one of the blocks with a lot of individual blocks. like the baskets and a trees. This was a block I substituted for a Texas Star block which I had made in one of the other quilts. It is probably about 8 inches altogether. This was the last one I made.

This one hangs over the single bed that is a match to my bed. upstairs. They were from My husbands grandparents home and were considered a Mr. and Mrs. beds. Old spool type.

This is a closeup of the Texas star block. You can also see some of the hand quilting I did on this quilt.

This is the block of little houses all in a row. This was the second of the quilts.

This is the first one I made and hangs at the bottom of the stairs so the funny angle of the picture.
Had to take it from the steps.

If I remember right this is called Bee Hive and it was a dozy to make. Nine patch with those little bees coming out which were all individually appliqued on. Was glad to get that block done.

Now to get on with Christmas gifts. Am trying to get the Snowman runner quilted.

Thanks for looking at some of my older quilts.


Kathie said...

Very nice, I love making little quilts. Made a few this past weekend as gifts , hope to be able to blog about them tomorrow.
I would have loved to take classes with her too!
Wonder if she still sells her patterns. thanks for sharing the pictures just wonderful.

pudge's girl said...

Oh my goodness. Those are wonderful. I walked the Quilt Festival in Houston this year through all those minature quilts, wondering about all that work for something that would probably end up as a hot pad or pot holder.

But setting them all together like that is brilliant. More gorgeous quilts as usual. I can't wait to see more of the log cabin.


Kairle said...

Beautiful quilts, Eileen! I've seen so many of your newer quilts, but it sure fun to see quilt that you made before I met you!

KCQuilter said...

Wow, those are fabulous little quilts!!! Love each and every one of them.

Kathie said...

I would love the pattern for this little quilt quilt!
read your new post offerning it to someone

Joyce said...

Is that the Singer my dad bought you? He has mentioned it before but can't tell me exactly (in our (sewing) words) which model it was.

Love it!

Joyce said...

I do have a Featherweight that I found at a garage sale before I was a quilter. They were asking $10 so I offered $5 and they said sure!

I don't use it but it works. A few months ago I put a bar of soap in the case so it wouldn't smell so musty. I need to use it once in a while.

Had a speaker at quilt guild give a great presentation about Featherweights so I felt convicted to not just have mine sitting.

Susie said...

Well look who's here! Hi Eileen. I saw your comment on Quiltville and recognized your pic right away. We miss you at guild. Love your blog!
Susie Stevenson