Sunday, December 30, 2007

Family Matters

This past week is exactly that "Family Matters"
Christmas Day is always a little sad for me as my daughter's other family, Husbands, has always gotten together for Christmas. So after they were married we started having our Christmas on the 26th.

This year we were fortunate, due to some family changes on my daughter-in-laws family they came East instead of her Mother going to Colorado. So it was a win win situation. I told my son when he said they were coming to be sure and save the 26th for us.

They were the first to arrive. Son, Daughter-in-law and Sara, 16 and Chris, almost 14.

They at least helped get the table ready. We would be 12 altogether. The kids set it and then Daughter and her family arrived. Hubby and kids, Joe, 21, Ashley, 19, Angela, 18 and Dan, almost 14. The three older are in college.

I said before they came they were going to help. and they did. This is a picture of all the kids acting up in the kitchen before dinner. They did this for some reason. I came out to my porch and got my camera. We called Joe to come get in also. So this is the group.
The first two on the left at DS's from Colorado. Chris is the one I showed a picture of a couple months ago that got his very blond hair dyed purple. At least now it is a deep blond.
The other 4 are my DDs. Great kids really

This is the three girls doing the dishes after dinner. They had quite a routine set up. Ashley was washing , Angela, drying and Sara put them away and they were done in no time..You can see how the big window opening over the sink looks out to my sewing porch

Since this was the first time that all the family had been together in my home, the other time had been at the beach. I was sure to get some pictures. I had asked my neighbor to come over and snap with my camera.
So here we are. Hubby in his chair and me with the bare feet. The two boys on either side. They are only 2 days apart in age. and Chris has finally caught up to Dan.
DS is in back with the dark beard and Jeanne and Sara. Then in the red is DD and her hubby with the white beard. and the rest of them.

Hard to tell when we will ever get together again. Sara will be going off to college in the fall to Northern Co. University at Greeley.

Joe the oldest GS will graduate from Salisbury University this spring.
Ashley is in her sophomore year at University of the Arts in, Phila. and Angela is a Freshman at University of Western Florida in Pensacola.

They all went home that night except DS. He said he'd stay overnight if I could take him back to Fairfax, and his MILs home on Thurs.

So this past week has been very busy. But what a wonderful time. The kids all get along so good together.

Family is very special and so are all my online friends and bloggers. I love to hear from you all.

Happy new Year.!!!


Anonymous said...

Eileen what a nice family. I know that you are proud. So glad that your DH was able to enjoy their visit. BTW I love the bare feet. Girl after my own heart.

Linda Z

Joyce said...

How terrific to see everyone! I know you had lots of fun, but I bet you are tired.

Thanks for the heads up to find the pictures! We lost all our bookmarks last week. Ugh!

pudge's girl said...

What a lovely family! You must be very proud as one can see from the mile wide smile. And you should cherish this special moments. Happy New Years to you and yours and BTW that "little quilt" you whipped up for New Year's is pretty gorgeous too.