Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas is here

Yesterday there was a knock on my door and when I went there was a package. The mail lady had left me a package from California, Guess who sent it? Yep, Kim.

Well, I can't wait until Christmas to open it so open I did and this is what I had.
Not the African violet, It's on the window sill. But see the cute little card. It says BELIEVE.

She made me a journal with a bird in a frame and all kinds of cute things on it.

See that orange squirrel on the window sill above it. That is the only thing I got from my Grandmother. It is one of those German cream pitchers very popular at the turn of the last century.

Here's a better picture of the Journal. It has a braided twine to hold it together.
The song on the corner is about a log cabin, I've been making the Kentucky log cabin quilt. She has a "e" on the top right corner for my name.
A cute little sign that says " If you truly love nature, you will find BEAUTY everywhere." How true. A bluebird flying and a cute little flower.

This is the inside of the cover. She has a nice little note there as to what I am suppose to do with it. Write in it of course. The paper is sort of soft and like parchment.

She also sent me 4 little ceramic bird ornaments that I promptly but on my little tree. Then for a treat a box of Chocolate Graham Crackers. YUMMM

What a nice Christmas gift from a wonderful friend. Tha
nks again Kim.


Marcie said...

That looks wonderful Eileen! What a beautiful gift from that clever Kim! Merry Christmas!

Kim said...

How funny, Eileen! I didn't know if you'd notice that Log Cabin song! LOL!