Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Quilts Around the House

Kathy, the other day, said she would like to see how others used quilts in their homes. So I took a few pictures for a start. Not only do I have quilts I have loads of needlepoint that I was into in the 1970's. Had to go to something else. LOL

four years ago we sold our home that we had built in 63 and moved down the hill into one built the year after ours by the same contractor. It is native stone. The gentleman that lived here for 30 years by himself died and we were able to get it. The main thing I was after was that screened in porch to make into a quilting room.

Any way we had to do a lot of work. Entire new kitchen, dinning area. Had a great cabinetmaker, former student of my DH's and He did all the work. Great cabinets and I had to fight with DH to have my washer dryer in the kitchen

Here it is and there was this strip above under the cabinets that needed something. First I made a runner with flowers that I use in the spring- summer. This was made with some swap blocks and is great for the winter. I have it put up with push pins now but am going to put some velcro on the back. That's what Kim does for the ones over her bed that she changes out

This is on the wall of the dinning area. I had these needlepoint bird pictures so when I first got into Thimbleberries, I saw the birdhouse pattern. Think it works well.

On the wall next to it and going into the living room is this old Oak bookcase that we use for glass. Last year when the gals had a retreat in Utah with Kairle , Kim made up these kits of pumpkins and apples and feeling sorry that a couple of us couldn't come sent them to us. So after I made them had to find some
place to put them. This vacant spot on either side of that very special lamp.

This is an extra special quilt which Kim sent me this year for my birthday. Isn't she special? It just had to go over my bed. It is an applique and I had said I really liked it. Sure didn't think she would give it to me. She is one special lady.

Thank You again Kim. for everything


dot said...

Love the quilts but would have never thought of putting one over my washer/dryer. I like it!!!

Kathie said...

Your quilts look wonderful and I LOVE that quilt that Kim made.
What a treasure and what a friend.
I have that on my list of quilts to make someday.
I have a quilt hanging in our powder room, yes it was suppose to be a table runner but looks great there.
If I remember I will take a picture later and show you! thanks for sharing your home and quilts with us.
Love the idea of one by the washer and dryer, have to go see if there is enough space where we have them!

pudge's girl said...

Your quilts are marvelous. That may be the most gorgeous washer dryer I ever saw. The bookcase, cut glass and quilts, oooooohhhh!. But my favorite is the quilt on the bed. I am trying to finish a Christmas quilt, small, will send you a pic. Mary

atet said...

Those quilts are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Kim said...

How sweet of you to say such nice things about me, Eileen! Your quilts look wonderful, but then I'm sure you know that! LOL!

Marcie said...

Hi Eileen! Your home looks lovely. It is fun to see your quilts and treasures in your home. All that nasty weather missed us down here, but the temp sure dropped! Hope you are warm and comfy!