Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Slept late this morning, I guess my body knew I wasn't going any place. Today is my day out but--

Got up and the road was white and since we have quite a hill to go down I wasn't going . It has been beautiful all day. Mid 20's but when I cleaned off the short drive that we have , after the snow plow came through and pushed more leaves than snow over the drive. It still started to get white.

Been fun watching the birds fight for the suet, sunflower seeds and the millet I put on the lower drive for the ground feeders. They know something.

So I decided it was a good time to make those Cinnamon almonds that Kairle had given the recipe for last week in her blog. I'd gotten two pound bags of almonds when I was grocery shopping.

Course the Hubby wanted to know what I was making when he heard the mixer going. He doesn't really like nuts anymore because of his teeth. Terrible to get old.

Oh, these are so simple and GOOD, I like to have a little dish of nuts here by me when I read or am quilting. Better than chocolate to me.

So try them. I know they would make great little gifts.

Tomorrow I'll have a couple snow pictures for you and something else Just need Kim to upload them.


Red Geranium Cottage said...

I was slowly reading and scrolling and hoping for snow photos!!! Can't wait till tomorrow!!

Kairle said...

I'm glad that your almonds turned out well, Eileen! I bought another bag of almonds so that I can make some more!